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  1. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Please tell me aswell
  2. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Anyone got a gif of his goal?
  3. Forgive me if this has been done over and over again but i can't find one of these thread anywhere. Question is pretty simple, what prospect do you think will make the team next year and if so what role / line do they take on. Personally i see either Virtanen or Shinkaruk making the team next year and going on the 3rd line with Horvat while either Mccann or Gaunce take on the 4th line centre and play the role that Horvat is playing now. What do you think?
  4. Adding assets

    With the trade deadline and playoffs coming in about 3/4 months what realistic players can we bring in and get rid of to give ourselves the best chance of winnings the cup?, in hopes that it works out like the Jeff carter trade to the kings 2 years ago.
  5. sure, haven't checked this topic in a while so sorry for the delay, also nhl 14 ps3 or xbox?

  6. Custom Cover for NHL 13 and 14

    and a bo horvat and shinkaruk one
  7. Custom Cover for NHL 13 and 14

    Can you do a kesler one.