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  1. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    I never understood why some of the sports commentators kept pointing the fact that Pettersson's size was a reason. That somehow him being bigger and stronger in the future would prevent injuries such as what happened. I guess in their world, being stronger means your head get stronger? So Eric Lindros, one of the biggest and stronger player to play the game... didn't retire due to concussions.
  2. [Waivers} Canadiens De La Rose

    That explains why he's on waiver. Maybe the Habs always thought he was a Francophone.... only to find out he's not, lol.
  3. Paul Bernardo to seek Parole Wednesday Oct. 17

    For his head.... either one.
  4. Who goes on Pettersson's line to protect him?

    A "bodyguard" is useless. You need team toughness. Someone runs your star players, you get Virtanen to drive to the net hard and pull of those Dustin Brown specials. Have Edler throw a huge hit, even if it will create an odd-man rush. Have Gudbranson to just grab the opposition's top player and then just pummel him. I remember hearing from one of the sports station that the best way to police the game is to have the star players on the team telling the "energy guys" or fringe players to stop making those types of hits and plays.... since usually it will be the stars suffering from the retributions.
  5. The Case of the Missing Saudi Journalist

    Then his dismembered body accidentally books and board a plane back to Saudi Arabia and then accidentally gets cremated.
  6. [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    First for recall for the centre position.... ahead of Gagner and Gaunce.
  7. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    Horvat, Virtanen, Gudbranson, Roussel, Sutter, and even Edler..... they are all vets, leaders, and/or on the team because of their "truculence". For Horvat, if he wants to be captain, he should be the first in line to fight. Toews fights, Mike Richards fought, Trevor Linden fought too. Unless you're a player that really really shouldn't and can't fight at all (Henrik, Naslund), he should be the first in line to throw haymakers when he's on the ice. Virtanen is supposed to be some Bertuzzi equivalent. Bertuzzi stuck up for his teammater, even jumped over the board to defend Jovo (who himself was pretty big), etc. If Virtanen doesn't want to play a rough and tumble game.... then the Canucks should have just picked Nylander if they wanted a skilled guy who doesn't want to get his nose bloodied. Gudbranson was traded for to create a "work-safe" environment. He shouldn't be expected to do it all, but at least something would have been nice. Roussel and Sutter.... they are vets and should be aware of their roles. If they are unwilling to defend a young rookie, their character should really be questioned. Do a tic for tac. The Panthers throw down Pettersson? Maybe Sutter should "accidentally on purpose" run into their goalie when driving the net, etc. Edler.... I'm not expecting him to fight... but he used to be more engaged. I remember years back during a shootout with Calgary, one of their player took a slapshot at Luongo. Edler was up next and his immediately just took a hard slapper squarely at Kiprusoff at point blank... and goalies do feel them. Alex is very proficient at making hits, so he should have just thrown some very big hits against other Panthers players to send a message. Maybe throw a big open ice hit on Barkov or Trochek. In the last few seasons... the team always talked about "moral victories" and "push back games"..... I guess they're all just meaningless talking points.
  8. Who goes on Pettersson's line to protect him?

    "Hey.... here's my thread about my opinion on the Moore - Bertuzzi incident....."
  9. The Case of the Missing Saudi Journalist

    Make you wonder about the end goals of certain organizations. Canada with one of the world's largest reserves of hydrocarbon, yet Canada imports oil from Saudi Arabia. The vast amount of anti-oil politics going on.... I wonder how much of the money are from the Saudi's and their allies. Hate Trump or love the guy... he's in a tough bind. It wasn't too long ago that Trudeau was handed the portfolio of the arms deal with the Saudis. That was just for like $6 billion (?).... so to have contracts reaching up to $110 billion. To put that into perspective, that's almost 10% of Canada's GDP. I'm all for reducing trade to non-similarly aligned countries.... but everyone really needs to put their wallet to where their mouth is, to think with your brain and not with your emotions. You want the world to chastise the Saudis? Canada can start by building more pipelines and promote greater extraction of oil.... or start transition to cheaper energy like nuclear. While this case is garnering news... this is like a regular occurrence in places like China. Journalists, human rights activists, lawyers, etc... they "disappear" often, but with minimal notice in the West. If I was in charge, I would totally just negotiate the sales of arms to redirect to the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan. The only ones really losing will be Saudi Arabia and China.... double plus for the world.
  10. Well now we know... It is OPEN SEASON...

    Virtanen seems more like a bigger finesse player than the prototypical power forward with truculence.
  11. I'm just wondering how many goals the Manchester goalie scored.
  12. The only way he will return is if all our youngsters develops as expected (Boeser being a regular 40+ goalscorer, Horvat is as good as Mike Richards/Toews, Hughes the next Paul Coffey, Virtanen a Dustin Brown/Bertuzzi), and the Canucks just need an insurance backup goalie for the playoffs.
  13. Maybe the autograph he got was a forgery, lol.
  14. I just wish the world can just tell China to just shove it. Have some concerted effort to sanction China. You want electronics... Japan, Taiwan, etc. You want cheaply produced clothing.... Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. Governments and companies needs to see dealing with China as a long-term detriment rather than just some quarterly/annual revenue boost. I remember for year hearing about how the world needs to help China to open up by via trade and stuff... instead this just reinforces China's poster and stance. Instead of using the gift of globalization as a means to transition to a more humane governance.... they use technology and western techniques to further brainwash their populace and to virtually enslave them.