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  1. Lots of details also available to say the economy has gotten worse. But regardless, the economy is like a water balloon that constantly grows or shrinks. Any pushing and pulling (monetary policies, regulations, tax rates, etc) just simply skews the shape of the balloon, but not necessarily the quantity of water inside. One can mold it to all sorts of shapes, but at some point it will always thrive to return to its original spherical form. Too many forces pushing and pulling will just rip it apart. Obama, Clinton, both Bushes, etc.... and all Presidents for the last century has had a hand in squeezing and inflating the balloon.... I just hope that Trump will be smarter and to be more hands off (insert jokes here).
  2. Unemployment rate can use very inaccurately. It only calculates those looking for work against those who are working + searching for work. If you decide to stop looking for a job like if you give up, go back to school, etc... you are no longer included. Eg. 100 people total in this town, all working or looking for work. 90 of them are actually working. This mean the unemployment rate is 10% (10/100). Lets say that none of them found work, but then 5 decided to stop looking since they rather go back to school, be a stay-at-home parent and/or wants to troll CDC full-time. The calculation is now 5(who are still looking for work)/95(working+looking for work) = 5.26%.... unemployment has went down 4.74%!!!! Progress made, right? Nope, since the actual tangible numbers hasn't change, just the numbers used to calculate a specific ratio. Plus, all job are not created equal. A 75k job is more valuable than two part-time jobs at McD. Eg. 1 accounting manager earning 75k lost her job. She now works part-time at BK and part-time at Wal-mart.... both around minimum wage. Net job increase is 1.... but we all know she is now worse off than before, even though the stats says they've added more job in the economy.
  3. Traffickers are just the symptoms of the problem as they just exist to service demand. But it's true that they need to find a way to make their effort and evidence gathered more useful for law enforcement. If they really want to make a difference, they need to team up with the police, perhaps some detectives to double check all the information, make sure all the proper steps are taken, and then provide an officer or two to show up as well during the meet up with the pervert. The police should be ecstatic about a bunch of individuals providing free labour towards an investigation. Chances are, they are more concerned about protecting their "turf" than anything IMHO.
  4. Talk about ignore all the information given stating otherwise. But hey... other places in the world ruining their environment, along with the human rights abuses, etc. due to our attempt to be "green".... out of sight, out of mind, am I right?
  5. Playing his 9 nines within the first two months, thus keeping his ELC intact. As for using up his ELC, It can be good or bad, just depends on how well the player develops. Bo Horvat will be commanding a huge pay increase earlier rather than later due to his ELC being finished earlier. Yet Virtanen, within the same perimeters won't have strong as a leverage due this poorer body of work. If you think a player will take a longer time to develop, then you should quickly burn up their ELC, thus weaker leverage for negotiation and arbitration. But then again, if Juolevi turns out to be the next Karlsson or Lidstrom.... that's a good problem to be having anyways.
  6. Owning sports team is for vanity, not for return on investment. Net income of $30 million, but the team is valued at $700 million..... that's like a 4.3% return on asset last year. Plus he owns one of the more financially stronger teams. Most of the other teams are losing money or just barely treading water.
  7. With the players like Stecher and Tryamkim now seemingly legit and useful blueliners, I hope this will allow the Canucks to not rush Juolevi. Perhaps let him remain with the big club next season, with like the Bo Horvat treatment. Sheltered ice time from October to December, loan to the World Juniors, then see how he performs and how he plays/trains when he returns. Maybe have him paired with someone like Gudbranson, a good defensive player that can "look out" for a rookie. Or pair him with Tanev, someone who can quickly cover his rookie defensive blunders, and to allow him to focus on his offense. 3rd pairing, 2nd PP time, final 30 seconds of the PK.... roughly 12 minutes per night. Give him more responsibility if he warrants it. If he's not ready.... send him back to junior for another run at the Memorial Cup.
  8. Assuming the technology is available, financially feasible and actually cleaner. Driving a Tesla that's powered by coal-burning power plants isn't really helping the planet.
  9. I don't believe anyone is ever against wind or solar power... just there are some "hidden" costs and financial feasibility issues that needs to be addressed. Solar/Wind is hardly clean due to the mining/manufacturing process of certain rare earth metals required for important component. Just so happens that China is the world's largest supplier of REE.... and we all know they aren't the cleanest. Due to the lack of ready and available sources in North America, solar panels and turbines are very costly to made and to buy... thus it isn't common to have those installed on our homes or in general. I know governments tend to subsidize or give tax rebates, but then you have to figure out whether it's the best value for spending out tax dollars. Would spending all that money into research for more efficient energy resources be better? How about new technology to make the oil sands/fracking cleaner? Will essentially forking over tons of money to the Chinese to keep their dirty mines and factories going, just to have more "eco-friendly" choices domestically really be better for the planet as a whole? Nobody seems to want more nuclear plants or hydroelectric dams, and "clean" sources are expensive and not really all that clean..... oil may just be the best compromise we have.
  10. I guess the materials for your bike was manually dug out by hand, forged by a skilled metalsmith, assembled by hand and then packed and then carried to your local bike shop? I'm all for a cleaner planet, but you gotta zoom out and view the bigger picture. The oil sands is the lesser of two evils here.
  11. Remember when everyone was bashing Luc Bourdon? It was at least 10 times worse than whatever that's sent to Virtanen's way.
  12. Very disappointing to see TFC or the Impact being in the MLS finals. Both teams that really opened their coin purse for talent and are now reaping the dividends of their investment. With the Lions and Canucks in a lull.... if the Whitecaps signed some major international(s), goes deep in CONCACAF Champions League and then use that momentum and win the MLS Championship.... you can expect a major bandwagon effect in this city, a la Canucks 10/11. More success means more ticket sales, more merchandising... thus more money to be reinvesting into the team.... rinse/repeat. Maybe they can somehow parley that into a brand new waterfront stadium.
  13. Isn't the "golden rule" for minimum age for your date is like.... divide your own age by 2 and then plus 7? And besides, the law is the law. If you try to engage in sexual activity with someone below the age of consent.... it doesn't matter if the child in question says it's ok... the law says it's illegal.
  14. Another Trump motivated attack, amirite?
  15. A lot of the vacancy are probably in located in far off places like Inner Mongolia. Hangzhou is a more vibrant city and central to the main economic regions, thus more demand.