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  1. Thornton and Pavelski are both centres and they used to play on the same line. Kesler started to flourish offensively when he was on the wing with Mats Sundin. Talented players are usually talented enough to adapt their style of play when needed. Maybe Horvat could be that powerforward alongside Pettersson or Hughes. Or maybe Pettersson be on the wing of Hughes as EP is one of the quickest player in the NHL already. There's no reason to pigeonhole a player to whatever position they were drafted at. A little tidbit of information.... did you know that Brent Burns, the 2017 Norris trophy winner, was actually drafted as a winger? Jacque Lemaire saw a huge 6'5" 230lbs powerforward and then suddenly decided to convert him into a defenseman.
  2. Yeah it's about speed... but also about power. The days of literally blowing past a defenseman is basically over. Draped as in a defenseman requiring to hook or hold him to prevent a scoring chance. I can't believe I have to explain this.... So, how often does Virtanen drive to the net to create a scoring chance? I mean he's a very skater and a strong one.... Bo does it often.
  3. So... what does that make Tyler Motte? Even less ice time and even more hits. Powerforward is a style of play. When was the last time he drove to the net while having a defender draped over him? When was the last time he was tired of the team's losing and apathy and just dropped the glove to pound another guy? What about him crashing into the net?
  4. That begs the question on why the Canucks would choose a player who isn't a powerforward, not overly physical or gritty.... instead of other players who are just skilled and with high IQ?
  5. Not sure why this is blamed on "right-wing".... as if bigotry and hatred is specifically on a political spectrum. I mean technically speaking this could easily be treated as left-wing attack since maybe him attacking a specific religion is part of the communist doctrine. This attack is just pure evil and/or insanity. I hate extremism in all forms, whether it's based on religion, politics or whatever. Times like this, I sort of really wish there's some god or divine being that can literally make such perpetrator burn in hell for all eternity.
  6. As someone who has had experienced similar, it's pretty much the worst feeling anyone can feel. At 26 weeks... you can clearly see all the fingers, toes, facial features... it's a little person. RIP to the little one and condolences to the Kane family. Apparently preemie birth rate is growing, like 1 in 9 births. The bright side is that side is that survival rates are climbing too.
  7. One thing you can't fault him is that he does have a distinct personality. Sometimes when listening to TSN or SNP, they all sound like cookiecutters.
  8. I have a few rules in place for teams I can cheer for in the post-season. Canucks first and foremost. No other Canadian team. No other rival teams. No expansion teams. So not really a lot of teams save for teams like Detroit, NJD, Washington, etc.
  9. Small steps. Unlike China, the Japanese actually have disposable income similar to North America and Europe. They have pretty good sports development programs as evidence by their men and women's soccer teams, their Olympians and especially their baseball. Hopefully Japan will develop more players into the CHL, KHL and other feeder leagues.
  10. A lot of Canucks fans always act out like the angry ex after a player leaves town. Pavel was constantly disrespected and shortchanged by the Canucks organization = he's a primadonna Hodgson was misdiagnosed initially and later probably should have gotten more playing time as Kesler was still recovering from his injury = he's a primadonna Tryamkin wished to return home to be closer to his family = he's a primadonna Palmu wanted more development time, thus returning back to Finland = he's a primadonna Dahlen wanted more development time = he's a primadonna Anson Carter deserved a raise and term = he's a primadonna Kesler didn't want to be part of a rebuild again = he's a primadonna Probably many more too. Some day in the future one of Horvat, Pettersson, Boeser, Hughes, or some other top prospect will wish to leave for UFA to their hometown or to play with a sibling or something and they'll be labelled as a player with bad attitude as well.
  11. Gaunce isn't as bad as many stats line readers would say. He does pass the eyeball test in his limited and defensive role. It seems that he's not important as he is only a late 1st round pick by the previous GM, thus not really part of Benning's plan. Gaunce plays well in his role as a 4th line player and on the PK. He skates hard, doesn't get caught late on shifts, finishes his checks, reliable defensively.... the type of little things you want for a 4th liner. He is already a very strong 2-way player in the AHL.... the next step is to stick in the NHL.
  12. Couldn't the Canucks give Edler some agreement that if he's traded the Canucks will re-sign him in the off-season? I mean... didn't the Kings trade for Lecavalier with the agreement that he retire right after the season is over? Sure some non-written agreements are allowed?
  13. No pure offensive dman since Ehrhoff left.
  14. My bad, I was just going by draft year. I guess Pearson was a late bloomer.