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  1. The Canucks didn't have more fans back then, they just had more bandwagoners.
  2. Translation: Instead of putting your money where your mouth is, you want taxpayers to do so. BTW, I'm all for green energy if they have sufficient investors, able to raise funds openly on the equities and capital market, plus able to be competitive and self-sustaining with minimal government incentive and regulations. But government funded eco-friendly company.... Solyndra....
  3. Weird that they can't just celebrate that when both teams go head to head.
  4. My dog is couple of hammers short of a full sack and is also a little SOB. Young or elderly, he treats everyone walking through the door like a perpetrator. Now I'm worried when I have kids.....
  5. Senate reform should be a higher priority. A United States style senate would do wonders for the balance of power. BC, AB, SK, MB, YK, NWT, NVT.... equating to 7/13 of the seats would definitely keep check on the positions held by East. FPTP, Proportional, whatever.... would not be as big as an issue anymore. Although a Proportional + US senate system would do wonders. More "fringe" parties will have their voices heard (eg. Greens) but they won't be kingmakers. Senate will protect regional interests. Unfortunately, this will serious demolish the power currently held by Quebec, so chances are nothing will ever be changed.
  6. And claiming that according to their count and stats.... 2000 people used the bike lanes today too, haha.
  7. My dog always remembers my ex's family. Does make walking in the park awkward when bumping into them.
  8. Holidays are usually done date and then month. You hear more "4th of July" than "July 4th". The "25th of December" rather than "December 25th" At least what my (most likely confirmation biased) memory remembers.
  9. Rant....
  10. Not really... From small to big. yyyy/mm/dd works as well... from big to small. mm/dd/yyyy just doesn't really make sense from a consistency standpoint.
  11. Trump hires experienced and established individuals for his cabinet = OMG!!! so much for draining the swamp! More insiders! Proof that he's just maintaining the status quo. Trump hires people he has strong ties and background with in the private sector = OMG!! Nepotism! He's giving his family/friends all cushy jobs. So much for draining the swamp! Trump hires newcomers = OMG!!! Why would you ever hire someone from the outside who may or may not know what they are doing. He should be hiring someone with experience! I'd bet that he could hire Hillary Clinton to one of his cabinet post and people would still be complaining, lol.
  12. Lots of details also available to say the economy has gotten worse. But regardless, the economy is like a water balloon that constantly grows or shrinks. Any pushing and pulling (monetary policies, regulations, tax rates, etc) just simply skews the shape of the balloon, but not necessarily the quantity of water inside. One can mold it to all sorts of shapes, but at some point it will always thrive to return to its original spherical form. Too many forces pushing and pulling will just rip it apart. Obama, Clinton, both Bushes, etc.... and all Presidents for the last century has had a hand in squeezing and inflating the balloon.... I just hope that Trump will be smarter and to be more hands off (insert jokes here).
  13. Unemployment rate can use very inaccurately. It only calculates those looking for work against those who are working + searching for work. If you decide to stop looking for a job like if you give up, go back to school, etc... you are no longer included. Eg. 100 people total in this town, all working or looking for work. 90 of them are actually working. This mean the unemployment rate is 10% (10/100). Lets say that none of them found work, but then 5 decided to stop looking since they rather go back to school, be a stay-at-home parent and/or wants to troll CDC full-time. The calculation is now 5(who are still looking for work)/95(working+looking for work) = 5.26%.... unemployment has went down 4.74%!!!! Progress made, right? Nope, since the actual tangible numbers hasn't change, just the numbers used to calculate a specific ratio. Plus, all job are not created equal. A 75k job is more valuable than two part-time jobs at McD. Eg. 1 accounting manager earning 75k lost her job. She now works part-time at BK and part-time at Wal-mart.... both around minimum wage. Net job increase is 1.... but we all know she is now worse off than before, even though the stats says they've added more job in the economy.
  14. Traffickers are just the symptoms of the problem as they just exist to service demand. But it's true that they need to find a way to make their effort and evidence gathered more useful for law enforcement. If they really want to make a difference, they need to team up with the police, perhaps some detectives to double check all the information, make sure all the proper steps are taken, and then provide an officer or two to show up as well during the meet up with the pervert. The police should be ecstatic about a bunch of individuals providing free labour towards an investigation. Chances are, they are more concerned about protecting their "turf" than anything IMHO.