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  1. Considering the rush to build condos lead up to the Olympics and afterwards.... you hear lots of whispers of shoddy build qualities, lots of firms cutting corners, etc.... I wonder will there be another leaky condo fiasco locally.
  2. LOL to those lambasting Jim Benning for being unable to sway his own nephew.... even though Matt Benning's father is an ex-Oiler....
  3. Won't the hijab potentially affect peripheral vision and hearing? Supposed the RCMP has strict standards in regards to vision and hearing, it'll be weird to let some wear something that can potentially put them into greater risk or great possibility for misunderstanding.
  4. I dunno.... wasn't he the guy on the bench messing with the ball in the final minutes during the Amway Championship, forcing the ref to give him a yellow..... probably gave the ref extra incentive to not blow the whistle? Doesn't really scream leadership....
  5. I'm very mixed on this. The Burqa is still a symbol of repression, whether in actuality or just something of the past. I'm as pro-liberty and freedom as you can get, but at times you feel that sometimes society/the state must mandate what's better for everyone. Back during the US Civil war, there were probably black slaves that volunteering chose to fight in the Confederate Army.... but no one really believes that was the better choice. Having the choice to choose something "less right" by societal standards isn't necessarily a positive thing. But forcing freedom/liberty onto others.... hardly a free or liberating idea....
  6. The only way I can think the team can justify having a juggled lineup is if players aren't training/working hard enough and the need to light a fire under them. But if that's the case... the team has a way way bigger issue. One thing I noticed since beginning of the year is Pedro Morales playing the role of a defensive midfielder instead of trying to pressure offensively. It's akin to have Henrik Sedin to be a checking centre..... a waste of talent.
  7. I don't think a change in management or coaching will really make much of a difference if they have to work with an internal salary cap. While coach Robinson has made some strange coaching decision, the team is starting to remind me of the Dave Nonis era of the Canucks. A few good/decent pieces, but with the coaches forced to scramble things ups hoping something will work.
  8. If it was some white guy American refusing to shake hands of some black-skin competitor.... everyone would be screaming bloody murder, claiming that all Americans are racist, etc. Now some competitor from an area where antisemitism is strong... refuses to shake hand with someone who is Jewish.... suddenly all those apologist comes out of the woodwork. The Olympics is a time for people to be proud of their country, to be proud of their athletes and to be a venue for people to connect with others they normally wouldn't do. Those who fail to acknowledge that and to use it as a platform for bigotry and hatred are the real losers.
  9. Ehrhoff. Just to see if there's any remaining chemistry with Edler and the Sedins.
  10. The ROK-US Mutual Defense Treaty. Also from the initial UN mission back in the 1950s, it has now evolved into the ROK-US Combined Forces Command.
  11. North Korea pretty much collapsed after the landing at Incheon. They were saved due to the Chinese "volunteers" and with the influx of Soviet airforces. While it ended up in a stalemate, the casualties by the Chinese and North Koreans were way way way above those suffered under the UN flag. Plus, the US weren't able to fully deploy their vast resources into the conflict. Just finished up WW2, helping to rebuilding Japan and West Germany..... the Korean War was more or less just a side conflict for the Americans. Heck, it took them over 50 years just to admit it was more than just a policing action. The reason the US doesn't want a war is because it's too costly. Seoul is like a 45 minute drive from the DMZ.... think of how many billions of dollars worth of damage a conflict will cause. South Korea doesn't really want a war because it's a civil war. Many South Koreans still have family on the other side.... roughly 1/8. Then there's the potential refugee crisis and vast amount of resources required to rebuilding North Korea. South Korea, the USA or even Japan can wipe North Korea off the map... not a matter of if they can... just whether if they really want to do it.
  12. From DS9....
  13. I know China ain't poor like the old days... but the average Chinese family is considerably poorer than the average Japanese family. The only way I can think of China being success in developing hockey would be if they mandated some sports program where they identify kids at a young age and train them non-stop.... ala their Olympic teams.
  14. Mass stabbing in Japan..... 15 killed with another 45 injured. Guns, knives, bombs, cars.... violent people, those with perceived grievances, etc will always use whatever they can to inflict the most pain onto others. Instead of just simply saying it's due to: religion, 2nd amendment, left/right, poor/rich.... we need to look at ourselves as the cause for misery and suffering.