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  1. If anything, this pipeline should be used to give a big middle finger to many autocratic oil producing regimes like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, etc.
  2. It's akin to recording names in your address book. It is also useful if you have contacts overseas. Sometimes just reviewing your itineraries on your travels, you may realize you might know someone there. It's a good way to have a guide to show your a off-beaten path.
  3. The problem is that some people equate "I hate it" as a qualifier for hate speech.
  4. The HK government using the pretext of sending someone to Taiwan to push this new law. The Taiwanese government has already rejected the new proposed regulations and says it will not recognize it. They have also made 3 separate attempts to negotiate for the suspect in question since.... no reply from HK. This is all China slowly clamping down on HK. As for China kidnapping HK citizens, they've done it a few times. Even one or two dual citizens too. China doesn't recognize dual citizenship.
  5. So many supposed Raptors fans flooding out of the woodworks.... kinda reminds me of when the Canucks were making their run. I kinda wish the Raptors to lose... just so I can see how the bandwagoners react.
  6. Politicians (and related parties) stealing money and find other other shady means to enrich themselves? Say it ain't so!
  7. Much like how the Bruins won the Cup against a decimated Vancouver team that was on the brink of having to prep for Nolan Baumgartner or Yann Sauve to be in the lineup.
  8. Queue the "Elias returning to Sweden someday soon to play with his brother rumours", lol
  9. Stanley Cup Champion, Michael Del Zotto*
  10. Almost nothing makes me happier than watching Marchand in tears... I hope someone has a picture of it.
  11. China is already censoring. Journalist posting pictures of the protest is accused of spreading false rumours.