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  1. Consistency and doing the little things right has always been items that hinders his growth. I've always been critical of him, hopefully he can keep up this pace.
  2. Hate to open this can of worms... but different ethnic and cultural groups do have different levels of IQ. Minorities tends to be the victim of crime and also in lower socio-economic situations. Putting a "barrier to ownership" may perpetually and incidentally prevent some groups from exercising their constitutional rights... a very dangerous door to open regardless of intentions.
  3. Yeah, I remember the first time seeing someone building a home/fort with those shipping containers way back when.... made perfect sense. Stainless steel, can withstand heavy stress/weight, very modular, can stop small arms, relatively inexpensive, etc. I'm surprised it's not more common as a building/housing material. Plus learning that you can storage eggs indefinitely buy dipping them in mineral oil.
  4. Sheldon Brookbank.... brother of former Canuck Wade Brookbank and also cousin of Geoff Sanderson.
  5. Unless they're willing to take Baertschi plus a B prospect in return.... I doubt the Canucks are in a position to offer what the Preds are looking for.
  6. I'm a card carrying Conservative, but I'm tempted to vote Liberals next election just to give Davies the boot.
  7. Don Davies of the NDP somewhat defending Meng. You know what's sad about Canadian politicians like him.... his twitter feed is full of news about other protests globally... but nothing at all about the HK protest. Sometimes I question the loyalties of such individuals.
  8. Okay... almost 20.... but still a young rookie regardless. He was a skilled 2-way centre with good speed and Gudbranson was a tough stay-at-home defenseman. Tough defenseman aren't uncommon, same with defensive ones. The team at the time badly needed centres. Bo was the next one up, and while they still had Henrik, it was obvious that he won't be around forever. While not to say McCann would have replaced Henrik, the team needed a succession plan. I'd figured it be like the 2009 Flyers, with Horvat being in the role of Mike Richards and Jared McCann being in place of Jeff Carter. Instead, the Canucks opened up one hole in an attempt to plug another.
  9. There's a reason that people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are some of the largest investors of the rail system in Canada. Regardless of all the rhetoric of "environmental concerns", pro/anti-pipelines, etc.... oil will be coming out of Canada and into the global markets. Bill Gates funds groups that are against pipelines... yet is a major investor in the rail companies that transports the same oil. A good way to maintain the status quo and rake in tons of cash.
  10. I think you are referring to the recall waivers where if a player gets recalled from the AHL, a team can claim that player for 50% of the cap hit. I believe that was removed back during the '05 lockout.
  11. When he signed, he was getting $3 million for his defensive abilities plus another $3 million for offensive output. The problem is that there's no offense, thus he's only worth $3 million. Once the playoffs rolls around, I get the feeling that Eriksson will be getting tons of ice-time. Green will be sending Horvat out to shutdown the opposition and thus LE will be playing alongside of him. One benefit of Eriksson being scratched a lot, he's an older player and thus will be more fresh when it's April.
  12. Were there actually any real character issues with McCann? Either than Bartkowski's mom going off-the-record and Brandon Prust's complaining that rookies needs to "fight their own battles"... I don't remember hearing any horror stories. Casting off a 18 year old rookie immediately after the 1st season.... it was a huge blunder by JB.
  13. But hypothetically speaking... Some rich investor from some East Asian country comes in and buys lots of land, stocks and bonds. All (or some) earnings are declared and taxable. Would that person be allowed a path to citizenship?