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  1. It's called the rule of law. She is allowed her due process. China is not a friend and as crappy as the USA has been, anyone with any sense of rationality would pick the US over China 100%. The CCP is just trying to bully Canada. Meng has access to the best legal team money can buy.... if she is really innocent, she should have no concerns whether she makes it to the US or not. If the US drops the ball, they will be receiving blow back, not Canada. The legal system has to operation outside of whoever is in power. Interfere now and Canada will be admitting that they're no different from the Chinese and their "rule of law", which is none.
  2. I hope that he takes the upcoming season off... or Benning should do what Gillis did for Malhotra, just say they don't believe it's safe for him to play.
  3. Wouldn't be a bad idea. Whatever complaints Eriksson gets, he's will never hurt the team defensively. It would also make Horvat the go-to line to shut down the opposition's top line.
  4. Huge PR and legal battles going on. The Obama admin preemptively used the EPA to prevent the mine.... even before the US engineering corp had the chance to even analyze the project, which shouldn't have been done. Took a long time for NDM to reverse via the courts (I believe the guy who signed off immediately "retired" and just left the country too). Trump being elected helped boosted price... but there was also a coordinated short campaign done as well which tanked prices. After just waiting for the past few years... the US engineering corp finally gave their report and it's sort of a greenlight. Still a PR battle happening.... a powerful lobby group is against it. The funding of the lobby group... very "interesting". North Dynasty is still an "exploration" and "development" company... so high risks, high reward. Could easily be worth $0.... or $30 per share. Disclosure... I'm a long-time investor.
  5. I do remember Pyatt in the series against Dallas. While it was Linden's show... I did notice that in a tight-checking series, Pyatt was being a physical beast out there. Finishing every check, pasting guys along the boards every chance he got. Could have been a dominant top-6... except he's a slow friendly giant most nights. As for Jake.... he's fast and does have an edge, just seems like a deer caught in the headlights at time. Maybe he doesn't have the processing power to play at an elite game.... but when that's the case, you need to simplify your play style. If you can't run the team's offense, give the puck to someone who can or dump/chase/bang. Defensively weak... backcheck as hard as you can, finish every hit when you can, just get in the way of the opposition.
  6. Making a political statement is only part of "helping". The real change comes from gathering grassroot support on issues and actually voting in all elections from municipal to all the way to federal. Some celebrities or athletes don't even go out to vote, yet act all "woke". It makes you wonder what is their real purpose.
  7. Judging with hindsight, an extra year in the WHL wouldn't have helped much. He still has a few tendencies left over from junior that doesn't work in the NHL.... like shooting while skating along the wing (only a few elite players can do that regularly), circling back to the red line to receive a turnover instead of coming back to defend, not hustling to the bench for a line change, etc. Those are usually "coached away" in the minors or in the NHL. JV first year was just him "learning to be a pro" and just playing a more physical 2-way game.... both that he still have trouble with 5+ years after being drafted. Virtanen was drafted to be a truculent player... and so far he's not that. A hit here and there, but far less than what he can physically do. JV isn't required to put up the offense, since if the Canucks really need more offensive players, they could have easily brought back in Sven Baertschi who is way better. Jake has something Sven doesn't have.... size, speed, and no history of severe injuries. As of now, Jake Virtanen just seems to be a speedier version of Taylor Pyatt with a better shot and lesser defensive acumen.
  8. In theory, their centre group should be strong if everyone is healthy. Sutter fits the role as 3C if there's a need to tighten things up. Gaudette can be the 3C if you need a bit more offense. Beagle as the 4C.... no issue save for the salary. Sutter does seem a bit off when playing the wing, and Gaudette does seem to be a bit better on the wing instead of centre. Why doesn't TG just continue the Sutter-Gaudette line with Brandon as the centre?
  9. A lot will depend on his performance for the play-in and hopefully play-offs. If he plays like a sieve, he will be offered a low contract (or even left to walk). Should he playing at his peak... cha-ching...
  10. The cynic in me wonders if all the attention the US is getting is just a distraction from even greater issues happening in China....
  11. Some update.... Apparently the RCMP has known for some time the guy has been smuggling drugs and weapons from the US for a while.
  12. The markets are going sideways, literally.
  13. Even if you use a pellet gun or airsoft gun instead of an actual firearm, you can still be charged as if you are using a real gun.
  14. Hate that the pandemic mostly affects the innocent folks... but hopefully this will eliminate the upper echelon of North Korea.
  15. Maybe an exception for like-minded allies. If a New Zealand company bid, I don't see a problem with it.