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  1. The Salmon Kings didn't win any ECHL championships
  2. Until he actually plays a playoff game, it's all just wishful thinking. As far as we know, he may those players who plays worse in the post-season due to all the clutching, grabbing and more physical play.
  3. If he was over his head, sure.... except he's not "drowning" when he's in the lineup. If Vasily is unable to keep up, then you will know where he is act. So far, it seems more like he has got to "pay his dues" because that's how it's always been. "How it's always been" isn't a reason, that's just an excuse.
  4. Being able to get a regular shift is irrelevant to learning to be a pro, unless he's really messing up off-ice and he's being benched to send a message. There has been no indication he is doing something poor off-ice... and it seems that he is able to keep up on-ice when he does play... thus there's no reason for him to "pay his dues". Pettersson's ice time wasn't curtailed when he was in the SHL. He was given an opportunity to succeed and he took it. Podkolzin doesn't seem like he's given the same opportunity. Not saying he's going to be a top-line player as a 18 year old... but at least let the kid into the pool to sink or swim.
  5. Very low... and going lower. Apparently expecting for standards for teachers to prove they can actually teach is racist or something nowadays. Case in point... The school president of Detroit couldn't pass the English proficiency test and has a GPA of 0.98 during college. The email sent by the guy:
  6. I dunno.... I've met tons of self-proclaimed "hardcore Canucks fans" back around from 2009-2013 that had no idea about 94. I guess it all depends on the definition of fandom. I watched most games even when the Canucks are losing. I still go buy souvenirs and merchandise even when the team are in the tank. I still put up my Canucks car flags when they're in the post-season. I don't consider myself a "hardcore" fan. Just a regular fan that goes through with the good times and the bad times.
  7. Meh.... this "cultural appropriation" outrage thing has gone way too far. I'm no fan of Tru-dope.... but this is stupid, as well as whatever happened with that US politician caught in a similar situation, other celebrities, etc. Dressing up as a different nationality/ethnicity isn't offensive... unless the actions done with the outfit is offensive. Wearing certain clothing articles, styles, etc.... that's definitely a no-no.... yet eating ethnic food is okay? The mental gymnastic done by those crazy cancel trigger culture is.... That being said, this technique has been used against politicians on the right often.... thus if that's the new playground politics are played at, it's unfortunately fair that JT or anyone gets lambasted as well.
  8. Wasn't the NDP supposed to be champion of the labourer, working class. The typical steak and potato types. Protecting jobs of those working in the lumber, mining and manufacturing industry. More focused on family, jobs and workers rights. Those who wore plaid because it's like their everyday work attire.... Nowadays the NDP represent the yuppies, progressives, environmentalists, and urbanites. Those hipsters who always wear plaid because they're trying to be "unique".
  9. I never understood the purpose of "paying his dues". Either you're good enough to play regularly or you're not. It's like saying Pettersson should "pay his dues", thus he should be playing in the AHL, then playing on the 4th line on a Canucks.
  10. That's only if she can even get her PR to apply for the program. She applying for PR as an immigrant in her field is a crapshoot... thus she would have had to either go via the international student way (lots of money) or she would probably need to work at some random job for sponsorship (like for near minimum wage at Tim Hortons or something) for like 2+ years. Then after 2 years, she may be able to take the exam that you mentioned. So "wasting" like 3-5 years for maybe a shot at being a pharmacist in Canada doesn't make much sense in her case. Thus she went back to Japan to set up her own pharmacy. I can understand making sure English proficiency is key, but you'd assuming being an actual pharmacist in another 1st world country for 5+ years should allow you some accelerated route in Canada. Like maybe having the exam tied with a PR or something, eg. if you pass, you get a PR. Since most immigrants are moving into Canada at their prime years, Canada should be making it much more streamlined. Instead, it's cumbersome. I remember having a prof in college that taught literature, I believe he was from the UK. He mentioned how he wanted to be a high school teacher in Canada but noticed that there were a bunch of courses he had to take first. There were a few literature courses on that list that he actually taught in post-secondary... so he asked the school board if he can get an exemption for those courses, since he is the one actually teaching those courses.... they said no
  11. Definitely agree. There should be certain countries where degrees should be recognized, at the very least like if they're from the EU, Japan, South Korea.... but apparently it's not the case. I've met many international students who has degrees back in their home country, but aren't transferable and thus they eventually just left Canada once they realize there's no future here for them. One of my closest friend is a pharmacist... but not recognized in Canada. She would have had to re-do her entire education in Canada (at international student prices which is like 3x) if she wanted to be a pharmacist. Now she moved back to Japan and is setting up her own pharmacy. A loss to Canada as there are shortages. Another of my friend had to do a few "intro to mechanical engineering" even though she was already a manager back in South Korea. My wife is a school teacher... but since she will need to take a few semester worth of courses to get her teaching license to be recognized... plus you gotta "pay your dues" by being a TOC or whatever, she is just just not going to bother. She'll probably just rather do the Education Assistant program once our kids are able to be sent to daycare or something. Sometimes I wonder if there is some concerted effort by the powers that be to just milk international students with their extremely high tuition fees and to force them into minimum wage jobs while they are on their student visas, working holidays, and hoping to get a PR. Immigration is always good... but not when they are perpetually stuck in economic conditions that are worse than the average Canadian (which isn't that high to begin with).
  12. Maybe there's a statute of limitation? I do remember some female wrestler or something for China (or was it Mongolia) that competed in the Olympics during her younger days, but competed for Canada after like 20 years after back during 2008. Or maybe I'm really mis-remembering.....
  13. Hope he goes to prison for it. And may we hope his farts never make any sounds again, lol.