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  1. Yep. The US and Taiwan has an agreement where the US will defend Taiwan. If they choose not to honour that, that will probably also mean the end of NATO, ANZUS, US-South Korea, US-Japan Alliance, etc, since no country would trust them anymore. Whatever stance you have for/against #45, on US first policy, or whatever.... ending these alliances will automatically means the decrease in defense spending and lots of jobs lost in weapons manufacturing.... so it's never going to happen.
  2. It is interesting how the narrative has changed over time. The "flatten the curve" motto is pretty much never spoken about anymore.
  3. I heard on the radio that it has been published by the NHL (I can't seem to find the source right now)... but Makar with 15/18 first place votes.
  4. I should have worded it better... he didn't say "fix society".... I meant that he intends to fix some of society's ills. As for the vote pandering part.... it was just a couple of weeks back when Joe Biden said when asked why black voters should choose him instead of Trump, "If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black." I'm always cynical when politicians says they'll do something... because government for the most part are just the extension of society, like a dog's tail... and the tail doesn't wag the dog. If you have the best system in place to help the black community, but it all boils down to societal pressures. There is a Charles Barkley interview where he mentioned when talking to high school students about what they want to be when they grow up.... for predominantly white schools, the students talked about growing up to be doctors, lawyers, etc. For black schools, they talked about growing up to be sports athletes and rappers. Or even some of Chris Rock's old comedy specials, especially his part about the difference between black people and "n----rs". Education is more or less the ultimate equalizer in terms of outcome. Some segment of society values it way more than others, and the one that values it more tends to do better than those that doesn't (eg. Asians vs Blacks). Until the stigma of being an "Uncle Tom" is removed from black society or the general acceptance that a non-nuclear family unit (2 parents instead of just 1) is acceptable, the black community will continue to be lower on the socio-economic level.
  5. He was VP to the first POTUS of colour... but nothing has really changed. Biden is just pandering for votes. Be wary when someone from the upper echelon of power said they're going to "fix society". Change has to occur from the bottom up, not from the top. If people voted more in civic elections, donated time/money to local issues, sign petitions, be more engaged in their local community... that would do more than any vote for POTUS, protesting, etc.
  6. Congrats with Hughes for an outstanding rookie season and being the #2 for the Calder race.
  7. Except Republicans are generally more pro-2nd than those more likely to vote Democrats. If there is another civil war... it'll be the Democrats losing again.
  8. Yep. If Loui was making $3 million, he would be a decent enough player with minimal complaints. But as a $6 million player.... the bitter taste of not meeting expectations will overshadow anything he will ever do in a Canucks uniform.... short of him scoring series/cup winning goals.
  9. The US was able to elect someone of partial African-American background to the POTUS. Surely the same grassroot effort can elect a set of city councilors, assembly person, etc... that cares about whatever minority group is being unfairly biased against. The problem is that civic participation is low. Heck, even someone like Colin Kaepernick admits to not even voting in civic elections. As much as protesters complain about the Trump, the Federal government, etc.... the fact of the matter is that local government as the most impact to a person's life. If half of a city's councilors will be doing their darnest to make sure the police are held to the highest of standards, to ensure the courts will prosecute criminals, to make sure social programs really goes to those in needs, etc.... that will do way more than just protesting for the sake of protesting. Unfortunately... it takes lots of time and lots of effort..... way more than walking down a street and chanting against whatever is the fad targets whether it be cops, Trump, Republicans, structural racism, whatever.
  10. Well.... it's more of the police instigating most of the violence in HK. In the US, aren't the police chiefs, prosecutors, judges or whatever... elected or at least appointed by people who are elected? Does seem like a good opportunity of someone to campaign on "cleaning house". Not saying people shouldn't protest... but there are lots a person, a community can do constructively to change society for the better. Going to Best Buy to boost a TV isn't the way to do it.
  11. This should be evidence enough that the US has a VIOLENCE problem. HK can have a 2 million people march with relatively no violence... but it appears a vast amount of protests in the US are being used as an excuse to riot, loot, vandalize.
  12. As for my avatar... I'm a sucker for gyaru's.
  13. Depends on the brand and type. I always enjoy the mayo and okonomiyaki sauce ones.
  14. Well.... He peacefully protested against Kaerpernick (who himself is a hypocrite). Wasn't like Pence went to his house and burned it down or threatened him with violence. In any case.... MLK is probably spinning in his grave right now.
  15. It's cool because they are also supporting the protests and demanding justice... just they don't believe that people should be rioting and looting stores. I always believe that's what a firearm should be for.... a reminder to be civil and polite to each other... should never be used to harm others. Kinda like martial arts.... you learn it so hopefully you never have to use it. Anyways... I'm usually very pro-police... that not every single shooting is unjustified.... but good that they arrested this POS. Hopefully they convict him and place him in general pop.