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  1. There ought to be some relationship thread on CDC. Also.... the poster asking question should definitely include age. 16 year old asking for relationship advice is totally different from say someone 30 asking for advice.
  2. I always felt that Karlsson would be the type of player that is capable of re-energizing the play of the Sedins.... as their best years coincided with a pure offensive defenseman who was capable of being the PPQB. But since Daniel and Henrik has retired, there isn't a need to find someone to "fix" them. That being said, a Norris-calibre defenseman feeding passes to Boeser on the PP, or springing Virtanen on breakaways is always enticing. Plus the possibility of returning Edler back to "Automatic Alex" would be nice too. Edler always plays like a #1 defenseman.... when he isn't expected to be the #1 guy. That being said, it's way to expensive to get Karlsson. The only way I think can think it's feasible in terms of asset management is if somehow Erik Karlsson elevate the plays of players around him, like maybe somehow padding the stats of guys like Sutter, Gagne, Eriksson, MDZ, Hutton, etc... and then Benning trading them for packages similar to what Burrows and Hansen got. If Benning trades away the equivalent of two 1st rounders (as the picks portion of the trade).... but somehow at the TDL he is able to receive the value of two or even three 2nd rounders.... suddenly the trade doesn't seem as lopsided.
  3. In my circle of friends, most people in their 20's and 30's are living at home with their parents. When I say most, I mean like 9/10. The only ones I know who moved out are: have a generous down payment from their wealthy parents, got their homes about a decade ago before the rapid increase in prices, or are international students just renting.
  4. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Gaunce is actually pretty decent in throwing hits. Many times he knocks players onto the ice. Just he isn't the quickest skater, thus he can't throw those more thunderous checks like Virtanen or Archibald. Doesn't really make you go "Oh wow! Look out!" Just those hits that takes the player out of the play for a bit.
  5. To be fair.... maintaining NATO requires all members to be pulling their fair share as initially agreed upon. If NATO wants the US to stay, maybe they shouldn't give Trump any reason/excuse for wanting to pull out. Just to put things into perspective.... the non-US portion of NATO has a larger combined GDP than the US and more troops. If they spend to the minimal 2%, they would be spending more on the military than the United States. Forget about the big bad Russian, Putin should be more worried about the EU going rogue and invading Russia, lol.
  6. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    Alternatively, has there really been any player that's been rushed too soon into the NHL? We always hear about Brule, Yakupov, or Martin Brochu not having an easy go when they got their shot with the big club. It's more likely that players that sink just aren't good enough to be regular NHLers. Sure, sometimes certain situations is more beneficial for development, but that is all dependent on systems, coaching staff, etc. A poorly run AHL team will be way worse for a younger player than a NHL club with good coaching, strong culture, leadership, etc. I remember hearing on TSN1040 about Virtanen on whether the AHL is better or not for him... one of the host mentioned a story he heard from Dale Tallon on his decision on what to do with Byfuglien.... who was a decent defensive prospect with decent numbers in the WHL and then the AHL.... nothing earth shattering. Had some games in the NHL, but nothing spectacular... eventually Tallon just realized that you just gotta throw him into the deep end of the pool and let him sink or swim. It works for him.
  7. What are the holdups and stumbling blocks anyways? Shouldn't it just be akin to having an EC relationship rather than the EU one?
  8. But logically speaking, it's nearly impossible for Canada to reduce its carbon footprint. For all intent and purposes, the population growth of Canada is similar to those of developing nations. Countries such as France, Germany, and other developed nations.... their population growth has stagnated or even declined. Japan's carbon footprint by just doing nothing and having their population decrease, so it's not really fair to have a broad expectations without accounting for independent factors. The onus for protecting the environment should be placed on countries with higher population growth, high rate of industrialization, and low environmental standards.
  9. [Discussion] Bring Hamhuis back?

    Only if one vet gets moved. If the Canucks can somehow get a favourable return for Tanev, MDZ, or Edler, then having Hamhuis would be a useful player to stabilize the younger defense core. As a third pairing guy who can still play 20+ minutes per night at times, and for key defensive situations, there is still a role on the Canucks for him.
  10. Edler is probably the most tantalizing piece for potential suitors. He got size, smooth skater, heavy shot and great passer.... just seems "off" for whatever reason. He can play like a #1 defenseman.... when he isn't expected to be the #1 guy. When there was Ohlund, Mitchell or Hamhuis..... Edler isn't matched against the top lines. Salo and Ehrhoff on the team, Edler isn't the prime offensive threat on the blue line. When he is flying under the radar, that's when his game excels. I don't really feel that Tanev's value is that high. His playoff experience is very limited. Sure, he was in the 2011 Finals for some games, but that was over 7 years ago now. Not a lot anything since. Same with Edler, but he is more of a complete package (even with all his inconsistency).
  11. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    All the poor manner and disrespect people have reminds me of a quote I read a long time ago.... "People are so incompetent and intolerable, it's a wonder civilization ever came to be."
  12. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    Always found it stupid that translinks goes off to those "research trips".... and do their best to recreate the wheel. Why not just copy and emulate what Japan does.... and then purchase their 2nd hand stuff or just tag along with a bid when they are procuring stuff.
  13. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    Did that person actually apologize or just ran away? My petpeeves... people not moving in or removing their bags. Usually during rush hours, there's still like a third of the cars available, but nobody moves over or remove their bags to let others by. That lack of situational awareness is astounding. Often I just barge my way through, since there's pretty much no other way to get on. My goodness, I miss Japan.... way more people, way more packed... but people know what the hell to do when using public transit. Sometimes I feel that people should need a license to use public transit.
  14. To Canucks: Weber @ 50%, 1st, Drouin To Canadiens: Eriksson Get 'er done Benning!