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  1. Eric Staal was a good signing for Minnesota.
  2. Pfft... jokes on that scammer... I release videos of myself on pornhub all the time, lol.
  3. It would be very unorthodox (and sketchy). Not even sure if it would be legal. I guess someone just tutoring would be fine.... but to administer the exams too. Lots of red flags there.
  4. Ask Quinn to tell Luke to bomb his draft interviews. Then the Canucks can pick him later in the draft, lol.
  5. It's a bit more complex than just having US forces in South Korea. If a conflict breaks out, US is required to take command of the ROK armed forces as well. That being said... it's dumb to ask for more money. If Trump really wants to earn money for the US, he should be selling weapons non-stop to the South Korea. Like maybe sell them a few more THAADs to really give the middle finger to the Chinese.
  6. For Canada: To own and purchase a gun, a PAL or RPAL is required. A PAL is valid for all non-restricted weapons, a RPAL is for restricted. All handguns are restricted. As for which shotgun and rifles are restricted.... it's literally arbitrary. There could be 3 guns... all with the same ammo and same performance... but one could be non-restricted, one restrict and one prohibited as well. Heck... there's even a case where a little .22 rifle (hunt small animals) one is completely non-restricted and another is prohibited simply because the colour is different. With restricted firearms, it must always be stored safely with the combinations of: trigger lock, bolt action removed, locked in a safe, in a case, etc. You can only take it out in public if you are on the way to the gun range, gun store, gun smith, etc. You used to require a special document called a Authorization To Transport (ATT) when you go out with it (along with your license). You must more or less go from Point A to Point B directly. If you say went to the range, then went to the restaurant with your buddies after for dinner and drinks, after you went to your buddy's house to fix his computer, and then you decided to go to Superstore to pick up some milk.... prepared to be fined $10000 and perhaps up to 2 years in jail. You can easily be charged for other paper crimes, like if you have your license in your wallet in your jacket, but you left it at the range by accident... and you just so happen to be pulled over by the cops.... you could easily be sent to jail for a couple of years. What else... you can only discharge a firearm in a designated area. Massive find and criminal charges if it discharged anywhere else. Lots of rules a legal gun owner has to obey. When applying for a license, they will check your criminal record to see if you have any violent past incidence. You may even need to send them contacts of your former partners to make sure you're not some abusive a-hole. Where you hear the media sprouting about how it's so easy to buy firearms in Canada, it's complete falsehood.
  7. Hence, I actually do strive to understand your opinion, since you are more knowledgeable than many others who sprout opinions without facts. While we differ in opinions somewhat, I am strong proponent of responsible ownership. Considering that gun ownership has more or less remained the same in the US since it's founding... but shooting has increase (or at least it appears to be).... there is something else that is changing the equation. I'm thinking it is more societal and environmental. More lead and micro-plastic particles in the water and food.... both are known to cause problems with brain functions. The huge decrease in testosterone in men in the US... with studies that abnormal hormone levels really mess up with guys physiologically. The amount of pharmaceuticals being prescribed and dumped into the water system. More stimulation of the senses by social/multimedia... etc... I hate to sound all Alex Jones... but add it all together and whole thing is messed up, and gun control won't fix that.
  8. IIRC, it used to be a right, but it was struck down through the courts when the Charter was brought to Canada. I'm not 100% sure as I'm not a legal expert.
  9. Maybe I read a different source from you, but perhaps it's mentioned in some article, but no every single one.
  10. Just make it that buyout doesn't cap towards the cap. Players can get the money they signed up for... and the team can continue to do whatever with minimal repercussions.
  11. Umm... this isn't a news thread... it's a "Mass Shooting" thread. What do you think the narrative of this story has been? Has there been any mention of mental health? Any theories about school bullying? Any explanation on why this happened? The answer would be no. But you know what are some talking points in many of the reports.... the gun debate and on other (unrelated) shootings. So yeah, if there's some running mantra of "Ban/restricting firearms", I will definitely put out my opinion as someone with some knowledge about firearms and firearms fact. Am I an expert, nope... but I certainly know more than many on this board. There is a big difference when it comes to "regular" killings and firearms related killings. 30+ killed from a firebombing attack.... barely any mentions in this part. A shooting in the US where a couple of people lost their lives... suddenly a huge cadre of pro-gun control folks come out of the woodworks about how "we gotta do more to restrict guns" to protect people. If you don't notice the difference in attitude and tone, whatever. I'm just pointing out that there is and hopefully some will start using their head rather just following along with their emotions.
  12. Unless the gun somehow fell off the table and killed two individuals... the main focus should be on the actual shooter/murderer. If this student used a knife and stabbed 2 others to death, this entire conversation would unfold differently. It shouldn't be treated differently though.... murder is murder. Doesn't matter if a gun, a car, a knife, a bomb, etc., was used. More emphasis needed to understand "why?" and not "how?"
  13. Unfortunately there's little recourse left. When the government is outlawing regular protest, violence is usually the next step. Most of the city is already on-side with the protesters... the lawyers, the civil service, many businesses and corporations, students, fire department, medical personnel, etc.... the only key exception are the police. Maybe it's too late for redemption, but if many officers just switch side en mass.... that would really change things up.
  14. Just remember some key details.... The shooter couldn't have purchased the gun as the shooter is only 16. Handguns are required to be registered in California Shooter is male and is Asian Shooter was wearing all black If I have to take a guess.... student obtained a gun illegal to take revenge on students he felt has "injured" him.