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  1. Considering that archaic homosapiens has been around for half a million years and they were not too dissimilar to modern humans that arose around 200k years back, I'm not surprised if they ventured further out that originally hypothesized. Boats and travelling along the coast is the greatest variable on how far early humans were able to travel. Not ocean-faring, but just simple rafts going along rivers and along the coasts.... it's estimated that humans could have went from Alaska to the tip of Argentina within 2 centuries. So humans reaching the new world earlier... not really a big stretch.
  2. The latter half is just an opinion by the author. When the person himself in question, Timothy McVeigh, says he doesn't believe in the Christian God and his last words were, "I thank whatever gods may be/ for my unconquerable soul, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul," it doesn't sound very Christian. Agnostic maybe, but not Christian. He is the source, no 2nd hand accounts or some interpretation by whoever.... McVeigh says he's not Christian and he should be taken at face value. So to tie him to some supposed extreme Christian movement to create some false equivalency to modern day Muslim Jihadist is just faulty.
  3. It's easy to make your own protein bars. I used to make protein chocolate/coconut bars.... just pretty much protein powder, coconut oil, vanilla extract, some grounded oats, etc.... then bake for like 20 mins and you have yourself some tasty protein bars. On a different note... When do people don't go to the gym (hours)? I treat the gym like meditation area.... some smooth jazz music, etc....
  4. Take away the emotion and you can clearly see it's a good idea to trade Tanev. It's not because he's worthless, but because he's a prized commodity. A defense-first guy, who is good at blocking shots, with a good 1st pass and has Stanley Cup experience. The Canucks potentially turning a college FA to potentially a 1st rounder (or equivalent).... it's like finding a random scratch & win ticket on the ground and finding that you won $5000. If Vancouver was contending or even contending for the post-season, then it's not bad keeping him around... but the Canucks will be battling at the cellar for the upcoming season and the one after. There's no point in keeping a player entering his prime where his value is at an all-time high.
  5. Maybe those countries affected should look to the head of the UN Women's Rights Commission for help.
  6. Good idea, except you gotta find ways to be more competitive than their current supplier, Russia. I can never understand why Japan is always being overlooked by Canada. Sure, they're not as strong as they were back in the 80-90's... but a country that is trying hard to ween itself off nuclear power (or at least want to develop safer nuclear) and is in desperate need for hydrocarbon fuels from friendly sources (Russia is difficult due to Japan tying up with the US) and also needing more quality lumber for homes due to their insulating nature and ability to withstand earthquakes/shocks, etc. They are still a bigger market than South Korea and doing business there is way easier than the maze that is China.
  7. I hope they have a FM option too. Most phones can receive FM stations... much better than spending data just to listen to the radio. With this new station.... the return of Dan Russel? lol
  8. Well.... some of those problems weren't even started by Trump. The issues with the Russia started during the Obama reign... funny how for the past previous months the MSM kept harping that Trump is a Russian stooge..... now Trump is an obstacle in re-establishing relations with Russia? North Korea is the one sabre-rattling with their nuke program and constant mentioning of the destruction of South Korea, Japan, and the USA. The situation should have been resolved in previous administrations. Syria.... it's not like Trump started the whole fiasco. Trade war with Canada.... both sides aren't clean in all this.
  9. Wouldn't happen if there's some 2nd amendment equivalent in Canada.
  10. He'll probably play in the Olympics, spend more quality time with his new family.... then after 2 years when maybe the Canucks are way more competitive, he'll return.
  11. Loud jazz music = problem Loud construction noise = no complaints
  12. I don't think that the US has any influence in this. I mean.... Libya was the Chair of the UN Commission Human Rights back in 2003. I think the votes are usually just involving a few dozen nations, it's not a UN wide vote. All SA need are a very like minded authoritarian regimes to vote with them and that's it.
  13. When your country is suffering from economic decline, where cultural/racial integration is failing, and getting constant terrorist attacks from people of a certain faith.... It just doesn't scream out as a country that should be accepting migrants at the moment. In the future, sure... but not now.
  14. The Saudi's and sympathizers: "Omgzz... Ur all zo Raczist!@ U all dun undrst4nd woMan dun no how 2 drive becazz they cant no how. woMan luv to cover up 'n 2 B wiz man outside 4 theyre prot3ction.
  15. When some overweight pipsqueak says they're gonna "kick your ***!"..... the best way to deal with it is to say, "Bring it".