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  1. I never understood why they can't just force all fish farming on dry land? I mean.... it's not like the fishes were gonna swim up and down the stream anyways. Any escapees wouldn't go anywhere.
  2. I believe there's a video on youtube breaking down the actual cost of operating an Uber. The depreciation of the vehicle, taxes, percentage sent to Uber, fuel costs, etc.... unless you're just focused on those premium times, you'll actually be losing money.
  3. Lots of congestion regarding buses to UBC.... almost like as if something like an extension of the Millenium line to UBC would fix such a problem....
  4. People has been saying he's too old for the past 10 years.... he still going strong, lol.
  5. If I had 28 million.... Surrey wouldn't ever be on the list on places to live.
  6. Yep, a lot of "You're either with us or against us!" thinking going on out there.
  7. Umm.... the aboriginal guy who doesn't want illegal immigration also gets harassed....
  8. Another attack in Finland and in Russia.....
  9. It's a guy thing. I remember reading/hearing some report about how girls can actually get over their previous relationship. How they spend a lot of time wallowing and talking about it and so on.... so they can fully heal after a breakup. Guys... we never talk about breakups, at least not at the extent that girls do. All feelings are bottled up inside for the appearance of masculinity. Thus any lingering feeling, especially heartbreaks, will fester on pretty much forever, never going away. I got rejected by a girl 10 years ago and I also got into a very very platonic relationship by another chick (language barrier was too much and timing wasn't right)..... yet sometimes my thoughts drift to them. I'm already happily married and with kids coming.... but still I also think about the would have's and could have's with those two that "got away". My recommendation.... find a very good girl buddy (non-romantic) that you can talk to. Helps a lot.
  10. I always thought that refugees are folks who are really in trouble..... like running away from a war, being actually oppressed due to race/faith/sexual orientation/politics/etc. Canada should be barring these so-called "refugees" from entering from the United States. Whatever that is going on down in the USA, the actual day-to-day lives of the regular person hasn't changed since Trump took over... so there is no threat to anyone. If a person could/should be deported from the US... then beat it. There's a reason the US doesn't want you there (no legal residence status, criminal, etc).... the same should be applied to Canada. So far it's like 7000 claimants arriving to Quebec in the past 6 months....
  11. Violence won't solve anything except to harden their resolve and to escalate the situation. Sure, it's just pushing and shoving now with a few knuckle sandwiches... but what's next? Someone bringing pipes and bats, then the knives and eventually people pulling out guns? Those hate groups needs to be shamed and humiliated into the abyss. The whole, "A true victory is when they realize they were wrong to oppose you in the first place...."
  12. As long as they're not uttering threats, acting hostile or damaging property.... let them do whatever. On that related note, we should keep a tab on who they are and try to find ways to disassociate from them in every way.... like don't shop at their stores, don't hire them for work, etc. While I'm all for free speech and against violent counter-protests.... accountability is still key here. You want to act like a moron.... get ready to suffer the consequences.
  13. Darn, a little late.... I thought it was some Korean Buddhist that did this. Another Truck of Peace.....
  14. Come on folks... we shouldn't let our legal system and societal norms oppress their way of life. I mean get with the times, it's 2017. /s
  15. It's called perspective. Plus, protecting free speech is also about protecting speech you don't agree with. I think those MF should go to hell.... but they're free to sprout whatever crappy ideas they have and have them criticized in the light of day. That is the most profound issue, but isn't the only one. The growing economic divide between the north and south, the rights of the State vs Federal government (slavery may be wrong, but many feel it should be decided on the State level), tariffs, etc. It was more than just a pro vs anti slavery.... just dig a little deeper.