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  1. Canada's run in the Gold Cup is over. They have already met and exceed expectations... but it always sucks when Canada loses. Didn't really notice Davies as much. Maybe the nagging ankle injury? The centre-back seems overwhelmed most of the game. Canada will need to have that upgraded.
  2. I've always wondered.... do refs in Europe get paid way more than in MLS? I mean the MLS already pay massive amount to over-the-hill players from Europe... why not do the same for refs? A great way to legitimize the game more and helps train other refs.
  3. It all depends on the rate of return you require. Some REIT, income trusts and other dividend stocks could fetch you 5% or more annually... but bigger the risks, bigger the rewards. Most energy companies looked like great investment vehicles back in 2012..... not so much since many have either removed their dividend all together, had their stocks crushed and/or went out of business. But @nuckin_futz is correct that you need over a million dollars to survive off dividends/interest alone without dipping into your principle. This is all assuming you don't need to pay additional rent/mortgage, inflation remains stable, expenses remains the same, etc. If you don't have a business calculator, search for PV / FV / I / N / PMT calculators online. You can plug in numbers to figure out your returns, how much you need, etc.
  4. I'm pretty quiet when I go to the games, since I'm intensely watching the game, seeing which players are taking shortcuts/giving extra effort, stuff behind the play, etc. What I don't like are fans that yell and scream expletives (especially when they know there are kids nearby), getting all drunk and rowdy, or wants to party rather than to actually watch hockey.
  5. Because I believe if I were to purchase gift cards with my CC, some may be considered as cash advances. I'm just asking because I need to min-spend for a new card for points... but I don't really want to spend any extra money, lol.
  6. Would you happen to know if purchasing with a CC be considered as a purchase or as a cash advance?
  7. Alternatively, do you have proof of this person's intentions either? The scuffle was already happening for like 5 minutes or something. It's not like some person got bumped into, felt threatened and then use the spray. The fighting was already happening for a bit.... more than enough time to one to flee or to stay away from the situation entirely.
  8. Self-defense doesn't really hold water when you intend to get involved in a potential volatile situation. The result and weapon used is irrelevant, it's the intention. If she was using a conceal-carry firearm, I doubt you would be defending the action in its entirety. This is all assuming the person who use the bear spray is a women to begin with and was carrying bear spray as a self-defense tool rather than using it with the intention of causing harm.
  9. Possible... but it's still a weapon that was used outside of it's original intentions.
  10. You're right, only a few people are wearing masks... yet aren't really engaged in the actual violence, lol. Sure... Neo-Nazi and Skinheads are scum... but when was the last time you ever see them in number out and about protesting and vandalizing? I don't ever recall have any skinheads/nazi-wannabees protesting in Canada. I mean actual Neo-Nazi... not "I don't like them.... they're as bad as nazi!" types. In one of the video.... some of the "Christian" folks got bear-sprayed. That means at least 1 person went there with a weapon with the intention of using it.
  11. Lots of details online of them being violent. Just check out any of their forums.... they're very militant. But I can agree that they could just be the very fringe... and squeaky wheel gets the grease. Considering the Christian group is the one being actively targeted by self-righteous individuals wearing masks to conceal their identities.... if I had to put money on who initiate the initial act of violence, it'll be Antifa.... and I probably wouldn't be earning much either as the odds wouldn't be great.
  12. It's true, it doesn't state who actually initiated the violence, but violence does seem to be the MO for almost every single Antifa counter protest. Not saying those Christians can't be violent, but their intention is to address the government.... Antifa is specifically addressing the initial group.
  13. I'm as open in belief as one could be.... but while I do not agree with the message of those supporting their version of Christianity.... they should be free to express themselves without any fear of violence or retribution. Those Antifa are as fascist as any Black/Brown-shirts they claim they are against.
  14. Good for Mike. A chance to play overseas for more money and to play alongside your brother. He's still young enough that he could make a return back to North American hockey.
  15. The Sedins weren't even considered as stars even when they won back-to-back Art Ross.