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  1. It would be a funny twist of irony if he will be served nothing by fajita for his entire term, lol.
  2. The Travel Thread

    All tourist places are like that. You can be in the shopping district of Paris, Tokyo, Madrid, wherever.... and there will be Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, etc.
  3. [Signing] Canucks sign F Lukas Jasek

    Does playing with the Comets in the post-season burn a year off his ELC? Will it make him be exposed in the expansion draft?
  4. Tell me about it. I'm currently on critical care leave for my son, and will switch over to parental leave after that...... I tried opening a line of credit on a fully paid property, with EI and rental income, and they're avoiding me like I'm carrying the plague.
  5. Because it's way easier to push around the law abiding little guys than those gangster punks who may put up a fight at times or find nefarious ways to get even with you.
  6. I'm just wondering if the authorities are able to figure out where the stuff initially came from and who is the one facilitating the smuggling. The women caught are just drug mules..... the real prizes are the original seller and the main buyers.
  7. Korean peace?

    There were previous high level meetings between Kim and Xi within the last month. As far as we know, Xi could be have been tearing Kim a new one, since his antic are weakening the Chinese in the region. Additional US military assets installed in South Korea, the Japan ramping up defense spending to as much as the United Kingdom (should they decide to match percentage of GDP spending as China, they would be 3rd in the world), etc. China could be potentially losing lots of money and clout if North Korea doesn't rein it in. From China's perspective, while they initially feared an unified Korea with Pro-US South Korean leadership, chances are the Koreans will be licking their chops to take a swing at Japan first than China (a third of traditional Korea is within China's borders). Reconstruction is very expensive and time consuming, and using Germany as an example, almost 30 years since reunification and parity between East and West Germany is still far apart. South Korea being less economically robust compared to the West Germans and with North Korea far stagnant than East Germany.... rebuilding and reintegration will probably take at least a century.... and a century is more than enough time for China to claim Korea into their sphere of influence away from the Americans. Since there were top level meetings between the US and North Korea, it's suffice to say that Trump did play a role. If Trump is able bring back the majority of US troops back from the ROK, it will be great for him domestically. He can claim that peace has officially been declared and that he's bringing the boys home, unlike the previous Obama regime that left Afghanistan and Iraq before the job was finished. Trump's detractors will adamantly claim that he's just a blind pig stumbling upon an acorn.... his supporters and most importantly, the swing voters, will view Trump as someone with a method to his perceived madness.
  8. Baertschi produced as a top-6.... just his production has been overshadowed by injuries and the sudden emergence of Boeser. Granlund on the other hand, he really took a step back this season. He'll need to prove which year is where is really is at... the final year under WD or the first year under TG.
  9. Korean peace?

    I wonder how much of this has to do with Xi's term being extended indefinitely. Kim Jr. and Xi are friendemies..... and now Kim can no longer just wait until the next Chinese leader to come around to play games with. If he wishes to stay in power, he'll need all the help he can get from the Chinese and if they say jump, he should be answering, "How high?" As for Trump's role in all this? Who really knows? Perhaps his unpredictability in whether or not he'll attack may have convinced Kim that it's better to just declare peace. If there's a peace treaty, it would look really bad for the US to preemptively attack. Alternatively, a peace treaty between them will probably mean the end of the UN (mostly US) presence in South Korea and the dismantling of United Nations Command and USFK. Forcing the US to leave.... theoretically making it the prime time for North Korea to attack should they wish to continue with hostilities.
  10. Top LGBT Rights Lawyer Sets Himself on Fire

    Flamboyant, in every sense of the word.
  11. Bob Cole upset with being left out of playoff broadcasts

    Getting players' name correct shouldn't be treated as some monumental task..... it's just about being prepared and professional. Once you have difficulty keeping up with the many names, it's a sign that the job as passed you by.
  12. So I guess now the Russia - Trump ties aren't true anymore? US now being more involved in Syria should be a good thing for those wishing for the continued US international projection, right? Those claiming that Trump is using the Syrian conflict to boost his domestic numbers..... should Trump not do anything? Lots of people keep saying that US needs to do more, so now they do and it's a negative? Yet if he stood by and did nothing, he'll be portrayed as someone not wishing to offend his "Russia friends".
  13. Congrats Bo on making WHC Team Canada

    Step one of his Triple Crown.
  14. From potential Vezina candidate to the doghouse in a couple of years. If the NJD are willing to part with him for a bag of pucks, I hope JB jumps on it.