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  1. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    Santorelli is older... but you know what's the best part?  He didn't cost any assets and he's being paid 900k.  Vey costed a 2nd rounder and with a salary cap of 1 million.... which will go up with the Q/O during RFA.  Schroeder was initially slated to go top-5, but fell due to size.  Prior to turning pro, he was expected to be a player with skills and styles similar to Patrick Kane.  Retroactively, he didn't pan out, but many on CDC were already calling him a bust way before he go let go.  Perhaps due to the Chicago Wolves influence?  Regardless, his leash was much shorter. When it comes with Vey, you have to figure out who you have currently, who is upcoming and who was just drafted. Two years ago, it was Henrik, Kesler, Santorelli as the primary centres.  Richardson, Dalpe, Schroeder, Zalewski the revolving plug-ins.  Gaunce was drafted the year previous and Bo Horvat was the upcoming wonderboy.  The season after.... Kesler gone, Horvat with a good chance of stepping in, Henrik still 1C, Nick Bonino brought in, plus Shawn Matthias from the Luongo trade, there's still Richardson and even the mysterious Cory Conacher (borderline NHL, AHL star).  Even excluding Horvat, the Canucks had 4 NHL centres, 1 NHL/AHL centre, 2 bluechip centre prospects (prior to drafting McCann)... plus Mike Santorelli who is local and have expressed that he wants to stay in Vancouver.... and they wanted to trade a 2nd for Linden Vey?  That totally serves no purpose whatsoever.  Vey isn't really suited for a 3/4C, he isn't a 1C and you have Bonino as the 2nd line centre.  If the Canucks were hoping to bridge the transition for Horvat, Gaunce, McCann.... who better than Santorelli who is in the prime of his career, who is cheap and free?  Even going forward and Vey is part of the rebuild... what role is he supposed to play?  Henrik is still tops, next in line is Nick Bonino (or eventually Brandon Sutter).... Horvat with one of the centre slots.... so Vey with the remaining one?  Was he actually expected to replace Bonino instead?  If so, what's the point of JB mentioning that Bonino was the key asset required for Kesler? I'm not mad that Vey is with the Canucks, I'm mad at the poor management of assets and planning by Jim Benning. 
  2. Sweepstake?  the only way it would make sense is if he reaches UFA and then signs with the Canucks for league minimum. 
  3. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    If Vey seemed like a sure-shot top-6 NHLer, the Kings would have obviously kept him around.  Unfortunately, the Kings probably knew that he's skilled, he doesn't really excel in any one part of the game.  Is he great a faceoffs?  Nope.  A top-tier shot?  Nope.  Elite vision and passing skills?  Not really.  Strong skating + stickhandling skill?  Doesn't excel either.  Not to say he's a bum, but there are tons of players with similar skill sets..... very close, but just not quite there. Santorelli played very inconsistent earlier in his career, but his time in Vancouver changed his outlook.  He realized that he can't just hope to be a top-6 player, that he has to do whatever it takes, beyond his comfort level to stay in the NHL.  Thus he really worked on his faceoffs, played a gritter style, and more than willing to be placed anyway in the lineup to play (he was a spare defenseman under Torts).  As for whether or not we'd all be over Linden Vey if he was a Canucks draft..... highly doubt it.  Schroeder and Jensen were first-rounds with seemingly higher skill sets and physical attributes (hence them being drafted in the first round).... yet by the time they reach 21-22, lots of people on CDC were already writing them off and calling them busts.  I can't imagine any prospects given any leeway.... save for Kassian and apparently your love for Vey.  As for Vey's supposedly role in the rebuild... not sure where you got your rose-coloured goggles from. 
  4. The thing with the outdoors is that Vancouver doesn't really have anything unique.  A large park within a city... not really unique.  Grouse Mountain?  Perhaps if you're gonna do the Grind, but a hike up the mountain is the same everywhere.  I've hiked up some mountain trail around Kyoto to see some ancient Shinto shrine.... either than the weather, the vegetation, and the path being more worn, the trek wasn't different from anywhere else.  When I have to suggest places to see/visit for family/friends from Korea/Japan.... most are usually quite a deal away from Vancouver.  With the exception of tourist traps in the city, everything else requires some form of transportation.  Maybe the Grind, the Chief and and Capilano Bridge.... but if someone is visiting to see the wilderness... then it's off to the interior, the Island, or up the coast.  Not really Vancouver itself. 
  5. Chris Higgins Talk

    Well.... I remember hearing how Alexandre Daigle actually didn't really enjoy playing hockey all that much.  Hence he never realized his full potential.  Yet, he was still skilled enough that he still played hockey for a living up until 2010.  Then there's Bobby Hull who mentioned that he loved playing hockey, while his son Brett just only liked the game.    Most of society probably don't really enjoy their jobs, but tough it out.  Imagine getting paid millions to do something you don't really enjoy and is very demanding.... most people wouldn't mind doing it. 
  6. To play devil's advocate.... unless they're actually inciting violence or ordering others to rape people.... they're technically not doing anything wrong.  That's not to say I wouldn't mind punching them in the face... but we can't ban thought crimes. 
  7. Well.... any large company supposedly dealing with US suppliers should have a lot of US currency on hand, lots of hedging against currency fluctuation, and perhaps even a stockpile of spare parts.  So.... RoBeLus must be: A - Gouging Canadians B - Incompetence in dealing with international suppliers C - Both A and B  
  8. ham-juice appreciation thread.

    I came to this thread expecting more pictures....  
  9. They totally have a BS reason too.  I think they were citing the low Canadian dollar... even though they operate almost exclusively in Canada, paying Canadian workers in Canadian dollars, and all customers playing in Canadian dollars.  I believe they are not raising rates in provinces with a legitimate 4th competitor like Manitoba and MTS, surprise surprise. 
  10. Where would Kassian have fit in this rebuild?

    Kassian would have been in and out of the lineup, probably in the spot that Virtanen has now.  Until he understands that he needs to play a very rough and tumble game, he'll never be a NHL regular.  Every player in the NHL probably wishes to be the guy that stickhandles past 5 guys and score, but the fact of the matter is that certain players have their assigned role.  He has got to be a very north-south skating player, driving and crashing the net, being the net front presence and finishing every bodycheck.  He can't believe and play as if he's the winger version of Joe Thornton, someone very soft around the perimeter making pretty plays. 
  11. He kinda reminds me of Mike Weaver.  Not the biggest guy in the world, but plays bigger than what his stature is.  Not a flashy guy, but does the simple things right.  Not the first guy you would put out to protect a lead in the final minutes, but not worried if he is out there.  Not an offensive dynamo, but very underrated to escape notice.  Biega will be earning very good coin for the next 2 years (relative to those overseas and in the minors).  Who knows, if he performs very good over the next 2 season, he may even be up for a decent raise next contract. 
  12. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

    Yes to Bowey.... just for the fact that Don Taylor can say something along the lines of "The deadly Bowey - Bo combo!"
  13. LA isn't great for transit, nobody is ever arguing that... but you're like the first person on CDC that has endorsed the skytrain as a convenient system.  The skytrain is crap compared to every other top-tiered city in the world.  Ever traveled around in Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Hong Kong, NYC or London?  You earning more money in Vancouver than elsewhere..... then you're a rarity.  Most of my peers and people I know earns much less locally than they would have elsewhere.  You are very fixated with LA.... but it's impact on the global stage is still greater than Vancouver.  Just because Vancouver has a few relatively nicer aspects doesn't mean it belongs in the A+ city list.
  14. Chris Higgins Talk

    Wouldn't be surprised.  Sometimes the hockey life isn't as glamourous as we all think it is.  Wake up early morning for practice, then off to the gym, reviewing plays, etc.  "Off-days" are probably spent at the gym or with the training/medical staff for treatment.  Your meal plans are probably laid out by nutritionists and dietitians.  Then there are meetings with sponsors, marketing departments, and other events around town you gotta attend to.  You're basically living out of a suitcase for half the season too.  All that and we haven't even included the actual games yet.  They put in more than the normal 40-hours work week like the rest of society, probably closer to 60-80 if you're factoring in travel too.  Plus, Higgins is also a married guy with kids, so you still have to deal with the normal family things like the rest of society... except you're only home half the time.    Chances are Chris Higgins and many players in the NHL are still in the game because they're good at it (good enough to make a very decent living) rather than the actual love of the game. 

    The original one or the SE?  You can just buy one directly from BlackBerry assuming you're just gonna buy one outright.