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  1. Maybe they'll have it like that unoriginal Creed movie and have the son of Goose making it to Top Gun.... then it'll be like those Rocky movies, lol.
  2. Went both the games on Saturday and on Tuesday. It's so exciting to watch Davies with the ball. He's very thin, so he appears small, then suddenly he just walks around defenders because his limbs are so long, catching them unprepared. He's got a good head on his shoulders, he doesn't really seem to fake or dive like many others in soccer. He just gets up and get/give a little tap to the opposing player and move on. None of those flopping and acting like someone who just got shot and then suddenly getting up yelling at each other while nose-to-nose, all those hand gestures, etc. Just think about it... in another year or two when he's like 18... he'll finally start maturing physically. Imagine his running going a little quicker, his shots being harder and him having strength to just push players away to create space. Alphonso will be a gem.... I don't know will he be EPL good, but while I (and probably lots of Caps fans) wishes that he becomes a star and the face of the Whitecaps, I kind of want him to be purchased by a Euro league to maximize his development (and for the team to cash a huge cheque).
  3. Edler has the possibility of getting his game back. Some teams may want to take a chance at unlocking it. Tanev is as good as he is ever going to be. Minimal offensive skills, but really good defensively. Edler is like getting a lotto ticket where you can win between 1 to 10 dollars. Tanev is like just giving up that ticket to receive 5 bucks.
  4. Tony Blair... isn't he a guy in the Simpsons? :D
  5. Wait.... so I can quit my job to start my MBA... and then not only get student loans and student grants, I can also get $24k? Hmmm....
  6. Redoing the 2004 draft... who would you picking 1st overall? Malkin? OV? Cam Barker? lol
  7. It was outside the venue. It'll be like someone detonating a device at Terry Fox plaza or in front of Roger Neilson's statue. Security forces aren't going to be searching every single individual in a public area.
  8. Seems to be only Muslims that are "self-radicalizing". It's Islam that needs to be fixed.
  9. It's not just actual stats from the defense group, it's the style of play. There's a reason why the Sedins explode offensively pre-Ehrhoff and post-Ehrhoff. Not saying Ehrhoff made the Sedins, but it's certainly very dismissive to claim that the Sedins only gave their "benefits" one way when in actuality they both complemented each other. Ehrhoff provided speed, quick transition and is dynamic offensively. Help QB the PP and brought to the table something Edler and the Twins didn't have. It's pretty much the same how why Alex Burrows was able to enjoy a lot of success.... and it's not because he rode on Henrik's and Daniel's coat-tails. Burrows provided grit, net presence and speed.... something the Sedins lacked. It's call chemistry and synergy. Bringing something extra to the table, making the sum greater than the parts.
  10. I believe they do allow refugees to come in... just most don't want to. Yet Japan is still one of the largest donor of aid to refugees and stuff.
  12. Also, the majority of those gun deaths are related to criminal activities or domestic abuse (accidents as well). Intention is key. Gangsters aren't shooting up the neighbourhood parks while praising the menu selections at "Allan's Snackbar".
  13. Well... that was 2009-2010. His 2010-2011 was equally as impressive. Just goes to show how important chemistry is. Ehrhoff, Edler and the Sedins all peaked together.... safe to say they all had a hand in each other's success.
  14. Yet Melania is more news worthy? Just when I read the news, I want the news.... not just some random excerpts about ice cream or holding hands or whatever cheap-shot headlines to garner clicks.