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  1. If someone is offering a 1st rounder for Markstrom... take it and run. As good as Markstrom is, he is still unproven in the post-season. He did play very good with Utica in their Calder Cup run, but the NHL is a different beast. Not saying Demko is automatically the guy, but since Jacob is already 29 years old, he may only have another 5 years left of high level hockey in him. Unless Markstrom really enjoys staying in Vancouver and is willing to take a team friendly contract (5 million x 5 years, limited NTC for a few of those years), it will be better to start thinking about succession planning. Having Demko as the "goalie of the future" and then have a very competent and established backup goalie (a few millions in cap space saved can be used to bolster the team) isn't a bad way to hold down the fort should another team really want Markstrom.
  2. Hopefully this doesn't start a trend like....
  3. Considering that mass murder isn't really a "normal" mode of thinking for the average person, mental health issues should always be a factor to consider. This isn't to say one is automatically suffering from schizophrenia, depression or whatever.... "mental health" is a very complex issue and should be addressed more seriously regardless if one commits murder or not. Unless someone is like a terrorist or whatever, people just don't wake up one day and go "Oh hey, I'm totally gonna shoot a whole bunch of people because I feel like it" or "Look! There's a gun lying around, so lets go postal!" More need to be done to re-evaluate society as there are tons of factors that goes into play to push people over the edge. Money, family, job security, substance abuse, faith, work-life balance, bullying, environmental factors, etc.... those are way way way more important to fix than firearms accessibility. Unfortunately there's too many barriers to fix some of the above... but gun control, that's a lower hanging fruit and makes people feel like warm and fuzzy, allow many to feel good without actually doing anything productive.
  4. To be fair, Daigle has admitted that he doesn't even really enjoy playing hockey. He is just skilled enough to make a living from it.
  5. I'm just now half expecting CRA to go in and tax the guy for "generating income-equivalence" or something.
  6. It's not really speed per se... it's interactions and situational awareness. Whenever I'm driving in the US or in Japan, it always feel less stressed compared to driving in Vancouver. Maybe too many people locally are driving with a "I don't give a **** about others on the road" mentality? A tad unrelated... one thing I always found kind of weird, and it perhaps speaks about the competency of the skills of the drivers.... lots of folks tends to speed while driving on the bridge, but slow down when driving in a tunnel. I mean why the discrepancy? If anything, tunnels should be safer as you're not supposed to change lanes and you just simply drive straight. Maybe it's the cover that is making people more apprehensive.... but it's not like people don't drive at night.
  7. Yet at the same time, large investors like Warren Buffett and Bill Gate have invested billions into CP and CN rail. Some of the biggest drivers of growth for both stocks has been the increasing use of rail as a method of transport for oil.
  8. If Hall will re-sign and take a bit of a discount, then probably. Hall is the player who can generate offense by himself. Not saying Boeser can't, but he is more of a finisher than a driver.
  9. They currently don't have any control over his development now. IIRC, European players aren't subjected to CHL rules as long as the player was drafted outside of the CHL.
  10. Considering the size of the US armed forces... probably lots of vets and reserved mixed in. They don't have to be outright conducting guerrilla warfare... they just need the numbers and sufficiently well-armed to be an pain in the posterior. Assuming the US has 300 million and a third of them are armed, thus 100 million people. Assuming only 5% of them are outright willing to put their lives on the line. That's still 5 million individual of different levels of expertise. Plus having US soldiers attacking US citizens.... highly unlikely IMO. Many of the veterans of the post-cold war conflicts were originally just civilians thrust in positions where they had to take up arms.
  11. I'm just more worried about coaches in the position of power to make or break a player, taking advantage of them.
  12. It's already happening right now. All they need is some relative that's a legal resident to "own" the property... and then have some contract in place outside of the purview of government. Wealthy folks are the ones least impacted as they have the means and resources to find loopholes. There's a reason the same wealthy folks are able to minimal their tax liabilities too. Using residency as a requirement is useless when this is a very transient city with huge influx of immigrants. If anything, the emphasis should be on tracing the source of funds. If a student with no income is buying up a penthouse in Coal Harbour, the government should really be tracking down on the source.
  13. Considering that a ragtag bunch of zealots are able to inflict relatively significant casualties in the Middle East to US/NATO/Coalition forces.... it's safe to say that similar could be done. Armed citizens probably won't ever be able to outright overthrow the US government... but it should hypothetically be so much of an annoyance to the power-that-be so they have to be a bit more honest in their actions. At least that's how I would interpret one of the uses of the 2A.
  14. 2 pretty decent games by LE. Perhaps this may be the start of his resurgence. LE is a very complimentary player... he's only as good as his linemates. Wouldn't be a bad idea to have him play with Horvat or even EP more often.
  15. A firearm should always be used as a last resort. Using a firearm is like a smoker of 30+ years going for chemotherapy.... the person should have quit smoking long before it got to that point. Unfortunately, we live in a society where we rather use cures than utilizing preventative measures.
  16. No amount of rules, laws, regulations, or any cure.... will solve stupidity. A simple trip to Home Depot to buy some quality locking mechanism, high-durability doors/frames, and some video cameras could have prevented all this.
  17. Probably has to do with his medical condition making him consistently weak and unable to fully train/recover.
  18. I'm all for responsible gun ownership. There was nothing responsible about messing around with a loaded gun while in a moving vehicle. I have always believed Spiderman's quote when it comes to owning firearms... "Great power come greater responsibility". It's always these type of stories that grind my gears.
  19. I wonder what he has been smoking....
  20. There will always be loopholes. All they need are legal residents as fronts to own the places.
  21. Maybe they are prepping leeches and hoping to concoct some method to somehow absorb all them miasma from OJ's body, lol.
  22. Of course, just there's a slight negative insinuation against Trump... which while there are lots of issues with him... as this is a bipartisan bill, Trump couldn't even have vetoed it if he wanted to. I understand whatever politicking is done between Democrats and Republicans... but both sides should be circling the wagon in regards to the pro-democracy movement in HK. If anything, Bloomberg News should realize that a democratic society tends to be better for business, especially compared to a regime with opaque legal systems, corruptions and poor financial oversights.
  23. It's disappointing that the headline had a negative tone against Trump, especially when this is a bipartisan effort from the houses. The headline should have been, "Trump signs bipartisan bill supporting HK pro-democracy movement".
  24. As far as we know, the LBI could be this....