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  1. Hey guys, I been trying to play two sim leagues and I just don't seem to feel motivated to keep this one going. Its not fair to fill a spot doing nothing. Sorry guys but Ill leave the league next time I sign into ps3.
  2. Ill take boston. PSN; Twobitz Skype: IslandTy
  3. I apologize. I was unclear. I was stating that I have a team in the CTNSL and would also like a another team in this league. As in two teams in total, one in each league. I see no need to run two teams in the same league. Definitely enjoy the SIM league and GMing more than playing guys. Although if guys want to play the odd game in a different mode I am all for it.
  4. Id like to join up for this sim league. Playing in the CTNSL as well but hoping to run a second team in this league.