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  1. Good luck @Tigs!! Apologies to anyone who I've ignored and for the inactivity. Have had a big few months which has me extremely busy and therefore I go weeks between logging into CDC. I'd love to be back in an AGM role eventually. Good luck to all GM's
  2. Sorry to everyone I may have been ignoring and for my inactivity. I have had a big few months life-wise in a positive way but resulted in me being extremely busy and am also out of the country without the usual time I may have. Good luck fellas!
  3. PIT assigns Ryan Sproul to the AHL (no waivers) and recalls Brandon Manning.
  4. Sorry, Frk is already down. PIT waives Taylor Fedun and activates TVR from the IR.
  5. Frk Hoffman.
  6. Anyone seen Olli Maatta this year? Would love to see him.
  7. We also assign Brandon Manning to the AHL (no waivers) & recall Taylor Fedun.
  8. PIT assigns Hudson Fasching to the AHL (no waivers) and recalls Jakub Vrana.
  9. Have Salomaki on the IR and Fasching isn't producing. Connolly can serve as another body in the interim.
  10. Pittsburgh places a claim for Brett Connolly. If claim is successful, we will waive Matt Carole with the intent of sending him to the minors.
  11. Pittsburgh moves Trevor van Riemsdyk to the IR http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/injuries
  12. Looks like the liquor was calling the shots, Ran.
  13. Brandon Manning has turned into an actual producer for a few games. Has 7 more points than I expected so far.
  14. Sorry should be good now