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  1. Vote: #nucks He seems the most suspicious to me but I am also mainly going off what Baka said. I have been busy. I am free now though.
  2. Holy hell I missed a Arrested Development themed mafia... I will never forgive myself.
  3. How am I signed up I haven't posted anything. Its like you read my mind though
  4. I gotta go with the flow Vote: Kaka
  5. I know right. It is what has got her this far though.
  6. Can we get this done already i want to now who 112 is lol. Vote: 112
  7. Got to head out and run errands then i got to go to bet as I work early tomorrow but tomorrow is friday so ill be more active after 2:30 tomorrow.
  8. I still think 112 is sketchy and has a power we want to get rid of. The mafia is all but decimated and if we know who they are they dont pose as much of a threat as 112 and her mystery power. Vote:112
  9. I missed BW list and I agree with him. Zfetch is fighting hard this round. Unvote: 112 Vote: Zfetch
  10. I feel like 112 has more of a dangerous power when Zfetch like a regular mafia or something.
  11. Both 112 and and Zfetch seem sketchy to me but 112 outed herself first then Zfetch came strongly to her defense... Got to go with my first vote cause i feel 112 is more dangerous the Zfetch. Vote: 112
  12. Vote:112 totally a mafia
  13. I love everything that just happened
  14. It has been a while since I have played and im tired of BW pestering me. I am in as well
  15. Vote: Matthew Brazal