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  1. Cut time for Virtanen?

    He's bulking up...That's how it works to maintain size and power.. Last 3 weeks he will reduce Carbs and cut down to playing size and weight
  2. You are arguing about semantics,, Why? Just to argue? you have added nothing to this convo other than to derail it? You (I hope) no how I feel about you, Why not continue the original posters points.?
  3. I am very aware of what it means.. Big diff "i was there" and 1st hand knowledge. Research boy before piping up.
  4. To bad he didn't hit em I the junk,,, wouldn't be having this convo..You still have not added to the original convo. All you did was pipe up.
  5. Not once did I say I was there/ or infer I was, I am 47yrs old and my father was a tank driver on Juno beach. So, Yes I do have internal knowledge from a person whom was there... and I will put my knowledge of military and politics up against yours any day.
  6. Side note.... US is considering leaving NATO... What does that tell you? US wants free reign to do as they please?
  7. When you are as old as I am, and have first hand knowledge of Juno beach in a tank. Then Put up or shut up.. Sabre,
  8. I will just start with the first on your list...How is Algeria in the WEST? And Morocco is either African and/or middle east.( sorry). Give your head a shake with this list!!! Everything on this planet is west of somewhere!! Really..Russia?? what globe do you look at in the states?? Ohhh wait.. government issued.
  9. Have I once at all said that the bombs they have can reach North America?? Or that they were as powerful?? I just said they had them. They have enough to wipe SK off the map.... If NK was a threat, why wouldn't the US go in and kick ass? If it so easy? Everwhere US has gone since 1945 they get ass kicked. Mogadesu(sp), Korea, Vietnam, Afgan,.... ++++
  10. Please elaborate? The west?? Only west was Canada from 1939-1954. US didn't even declare war until after Pearl harbour. and that was on Japan.. Germany declared war on the US.
  11. Nuclear Bomb says Hi. And don't believe everything your government spits out.. I certainly don't when it comes to my government.
  12. Far from it.. That's just dirty pool!
  13. I love a good debate.. I hope you dont think I am attacking your point of view.. Cheers

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    2. SabreFan1


      @SaintPatrick33 He wrote that before he dropped an insult in the thread.  I dunno if he still feels the same way.  :lol:

    3. SaintPatrick33


      Well either way, you both offered views that are relevant to the topic at hand. It should not matter who I agree with, but if you offer differing views I can truly understand the topic at hand and attempt to empathize with both views and then make a rational choice in the matter.


      This is the true nature of discussion. :) Insults can be attributed to the passion you both exude. 


    4. SabreFan1


      @SaintPatrick33 I'm not too worried about being insulted.  I just don't want to go back and forth with insults with somebody who seems to be actually claiming that he's in his 80's and fought in WW2.

  14. If the US was so tough.. Why did they not finish the job in 1953?
  15. All for show, propaganda