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  1. I'm game.. let me know
  2. So basically just your opinion?? zip it
  3. I am not paying him to babysit my kids.. I am paying him to put points up.. His mess of a life outside of hockey is his problem.
  4. I respect every opinion you have. . That is exactly what this forum should be about. My opinion is that we got exactly what we needed and and McCann got a great chance and they got a great young centre then needed. P.s My thoughts are.. GuD is going to be a massive impact player for years to come for the Canucks.
  5. We traded could haves... For a gifted young PLAYER that is.
  6. Its seems to me that people are so focused on D-men right now. That they are missing out on the bigger picture. Yes we needed to upgrade the D. But not at the stake of the offence as well.
  7. (In theory) Isnt this what every on wants?? On paper this looks great. How often does " on paper" turn out? .. I work in a job that screams "on paper", but usually that is farthest from the truth in the end.!. I would rather sign Loui and lose than not sign hin and stil lose.
  8. I find this whole thread crazy! We have been complaining for years our defence sucks. Then, when we get something resembaling an decent D core. NOW , lets trade them. Mind boggling, Assests. blah blah blah. Trade high.. blah blah. We still need to field a team and trading away mediocre assets , will not help us move forward. I for one, is glad JB is in control and not CDC.
  9. Because he hasn't put his time in.. Hasn't proved much. 36 pts? 7.5 mill can get you more that that.. I find this a asinine contract coming off an elc? Florida just F-themselves. People say he will be worth it in a few years? Then pay him in a few years. No need to sign him now to that mess of a contract. Mental contracts like this make me nuts.( DE Pietro, Daigle Yashin... List goes on..)
  10. Glad you pointed this out. Find a new team.. All 34 posts on here are negative.. Go back to watching baseball. Does not describe you.
  11. I am happy Hall lost EDM. Wasted skills being on that team. I for one, hope he thrives big time.
  12. "Hamhuis" NO TEAMS- But we are NEGOTIATING "Hamhuis. NO
  13. We need defence.. Period. To grow a good defence, it has to come from the draft. No team is going to trade their best defenceman away..(unless a ransom is paid). I personally think JB did a great job. Trading proven assets(young and valued) for picks is a step backwards.. .
  14. Do you know what a NO TRADE CLAUSE means?? You spout off in a lot of threads. Canucks should do this/ should have done that. You seem to ignore contracts..
  15. Why didn't they then?