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  1. Hi Awalk, CGY sent you a deal in game of the Blockbuster variety. Gets you younger and highly skilled.
  2. Looking forward to the upcoming season fellas! If anyone is looking for a 1st line RW please PM me.
  3. Hi Boys! Happy trade deadline day/weekend.. Looking to bolster CGY's lineup for a good playoff run. Looking for 24-26yr old players with bite to their game. Will trade a roster player plus a pick but only for an obvious upgrade in the above age bracket. Tight window but if it's a fit give me a PM. Busy as mo fo this new year, seeing the new rules / UFA ideas. Makes sense gents. Puts a bigger priority on us HGMs keeping our picks to build through the draft! Not a bad thing!!
  4. I like the raffle in this case, but both options are good by me.. Anyone looking for a Goalie? Howard 87ovr is OTB 1 yr remaining
  5. A lottery for the players Dollar and a Dream listed sounds like a good way to go! : ) Edit: we must not forget the 4.5* Goalie as well.
  6. Welcome to the league Tampa! My Skype name is 'PureGM' (note we only Text Skype, it's free - NO CALLs) Simply friend request me and I CGY will connect you to MTL DET EDM NJ. You can make a seperate Skype with your CDC name and NHL GM Team logo as your Icon. Your anonymity will remain while your Negotiating ease will rise to new heights. Dallas get on it, your GM life will never be the same : ) CGY is in the market to swap some assets, let me know who you might like to make a move for - preferably on Skype ! : )
  7. Hi boys, CPU trading adds a new twist, but I would also agree that this should be something used as a last resort. There are plenty of GMs put there and we only need a few more active ones on Skype to really turn up the trade offer heat. Already we are able to create deals amongst the small but passionate collective that we have. Dallas is recent proof that a Human GM can rise to the top building strictly from Trades with each of us.
  8. MTL and CGY had a blockbuster at the trade deadline. Subban 91 + 3*green RW prospect for Gaudreau 85 + Schultz 85 + Honka 76 + Dorsett
  9. CGY offered WPG as well I think..? NJ, DET and MTL as well..?
  10. CGY got the following players locked up Daley LD 4.5m Byfuglien RD 5.2m Monohan C 4.1m Gaudreau LW 2.6m Looking for a Top Pairing D Anyone have a D they are interested in moving?
  11. CGY lost to CHI in game 7. 3 minutes to go Mark MacNeil scores (playing only 9 min) and CHI wins 1-0. Keith and Sharp were injured for CHI Datsyuk and Nyquist for CGY Best of luck to the DET GM. Beat that CPU GM for us Humans will ya ! : ))
  12. Ha, I was scouting all of my youth before making trades to make big trades to go for it this year. I forgot to switch the Roster back before the SIM. Hopefully Datstyuk and Buff can help the drive...
  13. Hi awalk (DAL) I (CGY) replied back to your trade offer. SKYPE GMing If you want to come on Skype simply friend request me at 'PureGM' (Berlin). 80-90% of all trades have happened there. It makes GMing simple and you are in control, being able to snooze, log out of your account at any time. It's a GMing dream, easy, quick and still private. You can also have multiple accounts, so you can create a GM only account so you don't need to use your personal Skype. DET EDM NJ MTL CGY WSH are all there. Friend request me and I will connect you to the others. The Forum then acts as a League news and update page plus a Trading Block station.
  14. Mason Raymond 84ovr 30 (94 spd) He plays 3rd line and is 2nd in team scoring. No PP. CGY is doing well in the standings but has a way to go before being a true contender. Looking for a prospect or pick + a 3rd or 4th line player. RHD would also do nicely.
  15. Hi Boys, Ference 82ovr is available on the cheap if a team is looking for a solid veteran 4-5 D man. Mid to late round pick. Can also retain cap. Smid is also available 29yrs old 82ovr. Middling prospect and or middling pick is the ask. Stajan is a solid Vet C with dynamic EA speed (not in real life..) also looking for a middling prospect and or pick.