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  1. NHL 18 Thread

    PS4 Beta codes: FR6N-J8N7-N5R7 D6DH-LKNE-5HNL
  2. Nintendo Switch

    There is a rumor going around that a new game called Pokemon Stars might come to the Nintendo Switch. It will be like the third entry to Pokemon Sun and Moon with updated assets, like Crystal version was to Silver and Gold.
  3. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Yup, mods disable trophies.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    Hopefully the battery life is somewhat decent and the price isn't crazy high, if so I'll probably get it.
  5. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Yup, it was only the open beta that didn't require plus.
  6. PlayStation 4 Thread

    I'd just keep the original ps4 for now and see if the improvements the pro provides for games you like are large enough to warrant buying it. I'm taking the wait and see approach but I also have PSVR so if the improvements are drastic I might cave.
  7. PlayStation 4 Thread

    PSVR works with the original PS4 so you wouldn't have to get rid of the original PS4, and it's good enough to provide an immersive experience, but I do believe the Pro was created to improve PSVR. Of course a PC and Vive will be a superior VR experience due to better fidelity, room scale etc. It's just Vive costs over $1,100 and if you don't have a capable PC that can be an additional $400 + depending on your current PC (graphic card, cpu) or more if you don't even have a PC.
  8. PlayStation 4 Thread

    PS4 Pro comes out November 10 so that should somewhat help improve PSVR capabilities, but that's another $500 in Canada which would add on to the cost of an already expensive PSVR.
  9. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Anyone else here getting Playstation VR? Comes out on Thursday, October 13 but is quite expensive.