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  1. I was there and personally I didn't hear what GMJB said because of the cheering after the shout out to the draft party. I had to wait for them to show who we picked on screen before I knew
  2. You wonder why we never came close to going over before, yet before this past season how often did we have young players as a constant presence in our line up?
  3. I don't think so. I believe they clarified it so only when you hire someone employed by the team, not someone under contract. As much as we're paying torts, why should a team be forced to give us a 3rd round pick for a guy not coaching? If they wanted to hire an assistant coach or our AHL coach it's worthy but not a guy who's on payroll
  4. Millionaires jersey, Henrik 40th anniversary jersey, Burrows home jersey with cup final patch, Naslund away jersey, Horvat 3rd jersey, Naslund and Sedin twice framed picture, signed Luongo picture, 1993 team pictures and a couple hats
  5. The second round pick we gave up was originally ANAs and the 3rd round we get was originally BUFs, so a late second for an early 3rd most likely. Not sure I like the fact we gave up clendening, but with us getting sutter it seems to me like Bo will be our second line centre next season
  6. Met Shane O'brien when he was with the Abby heat, served him at the restaurant I work at
  7. I had horvat put onto my 3rd jersey at the pat Quinn game, they do a heat press at the arena, they send it away for stitching which takes about 4 weeks, I dropped my jersey off before puck drop and had it during the 2nd intermission
  8. You know there divisional rounds in playoffs now right? We're guaranteed to play either Calgary or LA, there's no way of a final 4 with just Canadian teams. Anaheim plays Winnipeg, we play Calgary. St. Louis plays Minnesota and Nashville plays chicago in the opening round If they started today If say us Winnipeg Minnesota and Chicago win we'd play Winnipeg because of the wild card cross over and Chicago Minnesota. It's mathematically impossible for Winnipeg to jump into the top 3 of their division So this would be the only route
  9. Savard was added because they argued he would have been playing if he could. As for getting names on there they only put the names of players and workers of the organization on the cup. There's been a couple times where they've scratched names off because someone put their dads name on instead of theirs
  10. have the canucks said anything about wearing them this season? They practiced in all their millionaires gear this morning
  11. The west will probably end up Central Nashville Chicago St. Louis Pacific Anaheim Vancouver LA Wildcard Winnipeg Calgary The canucks have gsmes at hand on every team in our conference, if miller returns to early season form I don't see second in the division being a problem at all, especially with the contributions of our young guys