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  1. About time they used these. BEST JERSEYS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I believe my tenure as a Canucks ONLY fan, rules me out as a Bandwagon'r. If you so kindly look at my post count ( most of which are in the gaming section ) and my join date you may get a indication on how often I feel so frustrated with this team that I need to vent on here and voice it. But you and yourself with that 17k post score must be a model fan who has never spoken ill about the team even once eh? What my entire point is, they are just playing bad hockey. Bad hockey sense, bad hockey positioning, bad fore-check, bad back check, bad team work and bad work ethic. It is in know way a dig on any ones ability out there, well besides maybe Weber and Bartowski. When I call for the heads of the guys like Burrows, Higgy and Vrbata it is more to the point of the locker rooms culture needs a culture shock to break the complacency and bad habits that are being shown out there night after night.
  3. I dont think those years made me feel as sick to my stomach as what we are seeing out there lately. But yeah thanks for reminding me it was almost as bad at one point and got better :D
  4. I see the biggest issue is the culture around our team being based off the Sedin's. JB has already stated they will retire Canucks and that is how it should be. But for some god forsaken reason every player who wears a Canucks jersey believes they gain super Sedin play-making powers as a result of wearing the same jersey. Tort's tried to change that culture which we all know failed miserably with the players we have/had. WD just seems to be lead around by the players and not lead them himself. There needs to be a shake up in that room or our high potential rookies will be raised in a culture, where they feel sub par performances and shoty D is an acceptable way to play hockey. They need some fear and hard work instilled in them before they forget what its like.
  5. I have never been so ashamed to be a fan of the Canucks! Willie needs to bag skate the f@#* out of these pillions that we pay millions to each year. Do not mistake me, I am not down on the rookies who although struggling are not the ones choking out there. Weber is this year's Vey but with a ton more turnovers, Bartowski is no better. Hammy ( get well soon ) was playing sluggish, unmotivated, cough up hockey all year. Edler has cost how us how many behind the back pass turnovers? Burrows is slow and takes us off the PP every time he steps a foot out there. Higgins is doing a lot of nothing. Vrbata is doing a whole lot of nothing. Prust and Dorsey are both having identity crisis, neither one knows if there a soft handed superstar or a bruiser. YOU ARE NOT SUPERSTARS, HIT SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOVE YOUR REAR'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SKATE TO THE BENCH, DONT GLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINISH YOU BLOODY CHECKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. That was the most bone headed move they could have made. Miller is a washed up hasbin that never should have put on a Canucks jersey. Lack got us to the playoffs and played great in horrible situations. YOU TRADED HIM FOR NOTHING AND LEFT US WITH UNPROVEN AND WORTHLESS NETMINDERS!
  7. Bacon and players like Bacon are the sole reason I dont bother even playing OTP HUT or EASHL any more. I dont surrond myself with people like that in real life, so why would I want to get on a game thats supposed to be fun and have my time wasted by some one like that in my down time. The abilty to cheese , trash and just plain out troll a game with no consequences at all is ludacris. If your goalie on your beer league team acted like Bacon, he not only wouldnt be your goalie come next game he probly would physicaly be run by his own team with the intention of seriouse injury.