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  1. Kenya please explain why you called Chad a Niger? You Congo around using words like that or all of a Sudan you Ghana have no place Togo.

    1. Phil_314


      Especially after you get cornered by a Burkina Faso.

  2. Papua New Guinea lives to be first.

  3. Don't mess with Papua New Guinea

  4. Hey Nathan McKinnon/UMB the First/Lungfish, turn off the damn computer.

    1. Lil B From The Pack

      Lil B From The Pack

      I thought it was Chun-Li?

  5. Congrats to -Vintage Canuck- for passing Wetcoaster for the highest CDC post-count! What a glorious day this is!

  6. I hate when I'm watching the porn thread and it cuts off before the finish.

  7. And the girls are pretty

  8. Just put on a clean shirt and some new shoes.

    1. Caboose


      Get your silk suit and a black tie while you're at it, hell you don't need a reason why.

    2. SkeeterHansen


      Take Chins advice.'Cause every girls crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.