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  1. Rave Killer till he's 41. Give it up for Ronald Kenins.

  2. We are all Horvat at heart

  3. Cup or Bust, this is the year. We either win it now or never.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. goalie13


      Never is a long time.

    3. Darkstar


      With my boy Sven Baertschi in the system, the Canucks got several years to win.

    4. Gross-Misconduct
  4. Vrbatas goal today went through the legs of a tall player. If that guy is a little shorter, ouch...

  5. Was Bo Horvat injured last game or was the guy in the PGT lying?

    1. Rick Grimes

      Rick Grimes

      He blocked a shot late in the game that didn't sound good, but I have heard nothing about him being "Hurt"

  6. Not that ours is bad ,but the flyers have such a great goal horn. As do the ducks and sharks.

    1. S N Y P E R S 7

      S N Y P E R S 7

      The Sharks have always had a great goal horn.

  7. Kings basically won their game against the rangers at this point. We really need to win today or next game against LA they could pass us in the standings.

    1. jdatb


      captain obvious to teh rescue

    2. Ronalds.Kenins41


      Not captain obvious bro. Captain Kenins. I'll "Ronalds" you up if you say anymore.

  8. Hey guys, look at my name now, its fixed.

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    2. -AJ-


      Grats man. I'm proud of you.

    3. Mathew Barzal

      Mathew Barzal

      It's like I don't know you anymore. You used to be original...

    4. thejazz97


      You could put an S on the 41 and it would be even better

  9. Kesler decided to help us out since he is best friends with Burr and Juice.

    1. Gstank29


      i'm pretty sure Juice hates his guts, and Burrow is his friend. Soooo this makes no sense

    2. Ronalds.Kenins41


      No, Juice, Burr and Kess are all great friends with another.

    3. Gstank29


      I'm pretty sure your thinking of Luongo Burrow and KEsler

  10. Watch the kings win it in OT

    1. Ronalds.Kenins41


      you know its bad when our only hope for us to stay second is for the team that's chasing us to mess up

    2. The Magician

      The Magician

      It’s actually not bad and we don’t need them too lose, it would be helpful

    3. The 5th Line

      The 5th Line

      That's normally how standings work, yes.

  11. Was watching the Boston game and noticed a TON of empty seats. Makes you wonder how attendance is doing this year around the league.

    1. Ronalds.Kenins41


      Even our seats are emptier than normal

    2. BanTSN


      Maybe they should have more fights.

    3. Phil_314


      Our seats haven't been full for awhile; all those years of early exits and the $$$ of tickets

  12. Welcome to my humble abode.

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    2. HerrDrFunk


      Where the Canucks always lose.

    3. Phil_314


      CDC's a crappy place to live... *flame shield up*

    4. Odd.


      ^dont forget your bulletproof vests on.

  13. No lead is safe in this league Flames erase a 4-0 deficit in a span of 7 minutes just crazy

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    2. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      Ronalds cuz there's more than one of them.

    3. Ronalds.Kenins41


      Ronalds is the kid name. Ronald is the name of a man. Fittingly so cause kENINS is a killer physically.

      In all honesty though, I didn't know it had a s :P

    4. -AJ-


      Indeed. Ronalds, not Ronald.

  14. Vintage Canuck is beating the trade centre guys to the deals. No one can beat VC even the media. Proud to have you vintage.

    1. Mr.53


      I was thinking the same thing.. How does he do it?

    2. Ronalds.Kenins41


      he must work full time at this stuff.

      Whatever the case, if he wanted he could get a job at Sportsnet or TSN lol.