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  1. -Article- Huge if True

    They added Erickson and Gudbranson. They let Vrbata and Hamhuis walk. Age: Erickson > Vrbata Offence: Erickson > Vrbata Defence: Erickson > Vrbata Age: Gudbranson > Hamhuis Offence: Hamhuis > Gudbranson (similar) Defence: Hamhuis > Gudbranson But only once next season ends can we truly judge whether these were the right moves. Everything is speculation at this point.
  2. -Article- Huge if True

    Trading Tanev is such a terrible idea especially after letting Hamhuis walk. One defensive defencemen did not solve Edmontons issues. How much better will we fare with just one? If we do end up trading Tanev we better be getting a bonafide first liner replacement for the Sedins. Anything else hurts our team and Benning would be a fool to trade Tanev "to try and make the playoffs" while turning our d into instant AHL level. In this case the best move Benning can make is to make no move.
  3. Both sides are right. On one hand you have people saying we shouldn't have let Hamhuis go. If all of CDC looked at and understood the advanced stats for Hamhuis , they might have the same opinion. But on the other hand there is no use whining now as he's the past and has already moved on and signed with another team. In that regard there is no point saying this now.
  4. [SIGNING] Canucks sign Michael Carcone

    Completely forgot about Tambellini. We didn't lose a game with him in the lineup, he always worked his tail off and plus he had a great shot.
  5. [SIGNING] Canucks sign Michael Carcone

    Well regardless we will still have Santorelli's, Bertuzzi's and Luongo's. Our team has a history of Italian players. Some very good ones at that.
  6. [SIGNING] Canucks sign Michael Carcone

    that explains why Sbisa was traded for.
  7. [Trade] PK Subban to Predators for Shea Weber

    By lifting the laptop like that while its on, he is damaging the hard drive.
  8. [Trade] F Taylor Hall to Devils for D Adam Larsson

    They probably didn't want to trade him at all. But like you said they really had no one like larson.
  9. [Trade] OTT/NYR - Zibanejad for Brassard

    Sens got robbed.
  10. Canucks - Panthers history that runs way back

    Lol if you think that shot is a fourth liners shot.
  11. [VID] Pavel Bure - 1992 Playoffs Hat Trick vs. Winnipeg

    Cause this is Pavel Bure we are talking about.
  12. The case for why Chris Tanev is bad for the Team

    Keep in mind though the D looks much better with Tanev than without.
  13. He is a #1 centre on any team but he's not a playmaker. Just like Bergeron he's more of defensive centre but he just has a ton more talent. He's more talented than hank imo but he's not a playmaker. We will find a number one centre but I just believe they won't be a playmaker. Like I said they are incredibly rare. Rarer than number 1 centre's.
  14. I have a feeling we won't be able to find that playmaking center. They are extremely rare. But Chicago won three cups without one. At the same time, our team and San Jose has yet to win one and we had Hank and they had Thornton.
  15. Should Canucks have a joint training camp

    I was thinking he looks more like those Calvin Klein models.