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  1. Burrows for Hayley Wickenheiser. Make it happen.
  2. Buying a Millionaires jersey, who's should I get??
  3. All teams around the NHL are checking their calendars for an easy 2 points against Vancouver.
  4. Anyone else feel like they don't know the team they're watching right now? Nothing feels right, and this doesn't feel like the team I've loved for so many years. It's depressing.
  5. They're good enough to beat the Yotes. We witnessed their potential in December. There's no heart out there.
  6. I was kind of hoping Vrbata scored that, would've been quite the spectacle. I'm done being bias for this team, they don't deserve anything.
  7. Your sarcasm radar is off.
  8. Weird how we're down a goal with 2 periods left to go, and I feel there is not enough time for us to catch up. When I watched the Stars vs Blue Jackets game earlier, there was 5 minutes left and I felt there was too much time left. Canucks need to do meditation drills and yoga and find themselves again.
  9. Anyone remember about a year back when the Canucks held that hockey tournament for the people of Vancouver, and Kesler said: "Why did we sign you?" I laughed at first... but yeah, why did we sign him? He's gotta go.
  10. Demand it free. Mine was right on time for the Boston goal, I tipped nothing.
  11. Chicken caesar with boneless hot wings.
  12. A win tonight would be a complete turning point. The Canucks will realize if they can beat their kryptonite twice in a season, nothing is impossible. This will spark a different mentality. Of course this is just wishful thinking.