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  1. So I did a tally of the games with over 6 mins of ice time. There were 23 including playoffs. All his 10 points came in games with over 6 mins of ice. 0.44 P/GP 2.22 P/60 1.48 S/GP Averaging about 15 shifts per game in those 23 contests Averaged 11:15 of ice time over those 23 games.
  2. He was 2.09 P/60 in his 32 KHL games this year. So if he played 16 mins a night and scored at the same rate: That would be 18 points in 32 games. That equates to .56 P/GP u19 Tarasenko was .57 P/GP Panarin was .45 P/GP
  3. This guy is a sleeper right now. I think he could take a big step next year.
  4. Podkolzin is 10th all time in combined regular season and playoff P/GP by u19 in a single season now. Pretty amazing considering his first point didn't come until January.
  5. He's going to be a good player in my opinion. His skating gets him out of trouble right now though, I've seen highlights of him chasing behind the net leaving the slot open. He just needs to simplify defensively and stick to a system where he can use his skills to win his battles, and transition from there. The tendency is to try and do it all because for a long time he probably has been able to do that. He could be a 40 point dman in the NHL. 1 more year in college probably makes the most sense.
  6. Quinn Hughes is a fan of Jack Rathbone. Nough said.
  7. He could play. Whether or not he is ready is another question. Personally I think he should get games this year with Utica or the big team.
  8. Risto, Still not good by the numbers, but playing hard minutes. Upgrade on a third pairing, but the cost to acquire won't match the increase in ability.
  9. I've kind of seen him as a Roussel type player. Brings sand paper, speed, and some skill.
  10. Wish he was coming to help the playoff run too!
  11. Juolevi for a rental doesn't make much sense.
  12. Glad he's back. Nice to have some C depth again.
  13. Still not a fan of that move if it happens. Adding 31 year olds form terrible teams is just not a look I want to see personally. Jesper Fast though. I would be okay with him.
  14. Canucks need this one. It's heating up in this race to the finish. Gotta find a way to get another 25 points. This is a winnable game, but against a solid team.
  15. I think he will likely play in the SHL next year. Karlskoga is looking to win the Allsvenskan and gain promotion. He has played well though.