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  2. Consistency is the hardest thing for young players. I don't expect guys to maintain their best scoring rate for a full season. There will be ups and downs, but of course anything is possible. Maybe just not super likely to happen. 35 to 40 is real good 45+ is a surprise to the coaches imo
  3. Don't think that game is going to be televised.
  4. Looked pretty decent in the scrimmage today. Didn't look like he was trying very hard though. I have a feeling he will shine much more once we start playing other teams. He was probably going a little easy since it was intersquad and he weighs twice as much as some of the other players lol. Made some nice plays in small spaces.
  5. I actually was and then I remembered Hansen is literally the banger for Team Europe and was torn as to which was worse lol. Sad for the Swedish team, but honestly very happy for team Europe. That goal shouldn't have counted though. Kick in and right before that Tatar pulled the stick out of Forsbergs hands and chucked it. That's how he got so open lol. Cheat to win I guess in the World Cup.
  6. This is a clear blind side hit very similar to the one Virtanen got suspended for. Only difference was Virtanen didn't put somebody into the boards. In terms of the hit Angle and proximity to the glass, and the player being in a vulnerable position, I would call this a 4-5 game suspension. Bad hit from kid trying to get noticed the wrong way.
  7. Trade coming? Didn't he get traded to the sens this year too? Way to make an good impression... naat
  8. WOw woder where he'll end up? Canucks should avoid as he would most likely get claimed in the expansion draft.
  9. I don't think JB can move Sbisa right now. Because of that Stecher should probably start in Utica. He can easily be first call up if needed
  10. Apparently he's getting 2nd line LW spot so his 28 points in 69 games or 928 minutes should go up. 82 games at 15 mins would be 1230 mins on the year with 1.81 points per 60 held over from last year for a total of: 37 Points If he gets up to 17 mins per game for a total of 1394 mins on the year he would score 42 points in a full season. The 30th - 60th best scoring LW at points per 60 score between 1.75 and 2.13 points per 60. His floor should be 35 points and his ceiling should be 50 points for next season over 82 games
  11. His shot rate in the NHL and point projections from the AHL say otherwise. It's not a perfect predictor, but it was accurate for Guys like Hoffman, Nyquist, B. Nelson and Lindberg for example.
  12. If Gauncer plays a full season he should score about 11 goals and 18 Assists. That's pretty good for a bottom 6 forward in his first full year.
  13. His AHL scoring rate projected him as a top 6 forward. Just cause he's not there yet doesn't mean he won't get there. 170 NHL games is not that much. Especially between 3 teams. Look for him to hit 27-30 points in 82 games this year.
  14. Do't let this guy go JB. Keep him on the roster, get him games as a d man, and let him develop properly at the NHL level. He's still raw and putting it all together, but he has the build, smarts, and work ethic to be a great bottom pairing guy with some time. Guys who can fight, hit, skate, and shoot are pretty handy on the backend.
  15. As much as I'd like to see him on the Canucks, I would prefer he plays in Utica and we give guys like Pedan a chance to get some minutes. They've put time in the AHL to get a shot with our organization. No one from Utica has really graduated after 2 years to the NHL. Only Marky and Sven who played 1 season and half a season in the AHL. Need to start seeing what the 2 and 3 year projects are before it's too late. Grenier, Gaunce, Pedan, and so fourth.