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  1. Still has the nicest goal of the preseason for me from a Canuck.
  2. Jasek is such an interesting prospect to follow. I feel like he and Madden will make up 2 parts of a great 3rd line in the next 3 years or so. Love the speed and compete, and flashes of skill. If he can get a little stronger on his skates, or a more stable base to fight through some checks he could be a solid NHL player.
  3. I've like Brisebois's game as well. physicality is up, but he's not looking rushed on the puck either. He's got a good shot, and plays like a slightly more skilled Ashton Sautner imo. Wouldn't be surprised to see him play 5-10 games this year.
  4. It's interesting to have another SHL player after Petey. I don't know how to measure expectations anymore lol. It's like SHL MVP or just another guy in the mix haha. I think he has done well though. From what I have seen he is getting and creating chances in 13-15 mins a game which is great for a 19 year old in the SHL.
  5. Podkolzin is definitely a playmaker in my opinion more than a shooter. His highest danger moments on the ice are off the rush or great passes in cycle game. Honestly think he will be a force on the top line, and transition into a similar role and style that JT Miller plays.
  6. It's soo interesting to see Juolevi's development path from a highs and lows perspective. Literally draft year, won everything possible. OHL CUP, MEM CUP, WJC GOLD. Most points by a u18 D man. Then injuries, moving teams/leagues/countries, more injuries, moving teams/leagues/countries again, and injuries again. I don't think I've seen such a contrast, but it has likely been a humbling experience which we all need from time to time. I really hope this year the ship starts to right itself and we see him have a consistent, and positive growth year on the ice. I think there has been a lot of growth off the ice though which has been important too.
  7. Cheers for that too. Thought it was his plan to return to the AHL after the Google translate, but I guess not yet.
  8. Yes, I think it is at 8 rinks.
  9. Yes. That was not the goal though. This was.
  10. I will be trying to put out gifs as much as I can, but this game was not streamed from what I could see. This is apparently the moment he scored.
  11. Interesting about his fitness and heart rate. I imagine once his training helps him prepare for those grueling parts of the year a bit better we will see a more consistent player and producer. I wouldn't have thought he was in as rough shape as he was considering his will to win on the ice. Good to know that he has some considerable gains to be made on the conditioning side of things.
  12. Hoglander combined with Bokk for a goal today. Not sure of the exact details. Sounds like Hoglander scored, but the live score, which can be wrong, showed Bokk unassisted.
  13. I think people are sleeping a bit on Aidan McDonough. I ran his numbers through my evaluation tool and his value even as an overager is still around a late 3rd early 4th compared to last year. Wouldn't be surprised to see him turn out better than former teammate at Thayer and first round pick Jay O'Brien. Yes that is a low bar, but the pick value comparison is a nice piece of work from Judd. He was rated #89 by Hockey Prospect for the 2018 draft last year, and he got better this year as a USHL rookie. He scored over a point per game in the playoffs for Cedar Rapids this year too.
  14. ----------- Horvat --------- Boeser --- Miller --- Petey ----------- Hughes -------- -------------- Ferland ------------ Baertschi --- Leivo --- Pearson --------------- Myers -------------- Still have Gaudette, Edler, Virtanen, Goldobin to slot in for different looks. Myers needs PP time for his value to be worth it. I feel like a bit less PP time for Edler, might allow him to play better defensively. He's going to be needed on the PK a lot.