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  1. BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! #BringBackLack
  2. June 1st I think they will show the lottery during HNIC
  3. They should 100% give him a PTO for the fall. No reason not too in my opinion. He can come into camp and compete hard for a coach he knows and push everyone else to be better or push his way into a contract. Id rather have Archie on the 4th line than Megna.
  4. Dont have tweets right now, but according to Van media the Canucks have this as their top 4. Hischier Patrick Mittlestadt Heiskanen/Liljegren/Makar (Not sure which D it is) Glass (some speculation he is at 5 too.)
  5. Honestly the smart move this draft is to trade down if we get pick 3, 4, or 5. 1 - 2 Patrick Hischier 3 - 7 Mittelstadt Glass Heiskanen Vilardi Necas 8 - 12 Liljegren Makar Suzuki Pettersson Tippett 9 - 15 Tolvanen Rasmussen Kostin Valamaki Andersson Vesalainen Foote Moving down to 9 or 10 probably still gets you a shot at a top PP specialist, or and undersized super skilled forward in Suzuki or Petterson. On top of that we probably get a second round pick, and maybe a B prospect. For instance let's say Dallas really wants Heiskanen, we could trade them 3rd or 4th for 8th, and pick up their second or maybe the first they would get if Anaheim makes the conference finals, potentially even a prospect like Jason Dickinson. We should follow in the Seahawks footsteps! + If Liljegren or Makar go in the top 7 then there's a chance Mittelstadt, Necas, Vilardi, or Glass is there at 8, 9 or 10!
  6. Where is the love for MC 58? This guy quietly had a great first year in the pro's. His 5v5 stats were very good compared to his peers, and we should definitely thank JB for getting him under contract. I know Green has seen this guy play a lot, and I imagine he will be pushing to make the team out of camp this fall, because of his work ethic. Here's some quick 5v5 numbers for you (Min 20 games). 14th in primary assists per game (0.15) for 19-21 year olds. (Better than Svechnikov, Roslovic, Mangiapane, Kapanen, Fiala, Connor, Hunt, Chartier, Meier, Virtanen, Tuch, Gurianov, Amadio, Vrana, Cornel, Kempe, De Leo, Timashov, Bittner, and more) 8th in primary assists per 60 (0.86) for 19-21 year olds. (Better than all the guys above + Barbashev, Debrusk, Milano, McCann, Greer, Dal Colle, Kamenev, Fischier, Goldobin) 9th best GF%Rel at 7.78% (The only guys better than him were Shawn Ouellette-St. Amant, Fiala, Mandat, Tuch, Vrana, Bunting, Kamenev, and Connor.) 14th Best GF% at 55.56% (The comets were a better team with Carcone on the ice than with him off. I expect with a bigger role, and more special teams time next year he will be one of the Comets best all round players.) As you can see at 5v5 this guy is producing assists and goals for his team at an equivalent rate to a lot of first and second rounders. Although he didn't pile up the points this year, he was more effective than most people probably thought he was going to be. A nice bonus is that he had 3 points in his first 26 games, 4 in his next 13, and 8 in his next 11. He finished the year with 3 points in his last 11 games, but the Comets were struggling to make the playoffs at that point. Also of note he only had a shooting percentage of 5.7%. If he can improve his shot volume and shooting percentage next year we could see him jump from 5 goals to 15. Solid year from a guy that looked good last fall.
  7. I don't know if he's french actually. I think he grew up in Ontario, not sure about his parents though with that last name.
  8. Jake had 6 points in his first 13 games in the AHL playing a lazier type of game. He then had 3 in his next 24 games, as he was focusing much more and being deployed much more as a checking winger. Following that he had 7 points in 16 games as his game was rounding into form. He only had 3 points in his final 12 games, a tough stretch, but that also included his first 2 goal game since junior. He's been inconsistent, but has shown flashes of putting up close to .5 points per game in the AHL. As I've said before Jake should be able to score at a similar rate in the NHL to the AHL, as he's not relying on inflated shooting percentages, or ridiculously talented linemates to put up points.
  9. What would Don Cherry say though... Patrick is a name he would just cling to over Hischier lol.
  10. I do think the Canucks should put a call into Mike Johnson and see if it's worth it to grab Glass at 4 or 5.
  11. He'll probably get some NHL games this year which is the best we can ask for. It's up to him to improve though this summer, and show that he's ready to take the next step. Once he's in the lineup he needs to make sure he can stay in it just like Stecher. However, I don't think Green will be pairing him with Edler in training camp.
  12. Yes this is true. My brain needs sleep!
  13. If Green gets this team to win a cup in the next 4 years I think BC will become a Green Party Province. Tortorella = Pie - rella Desjarden = Of the Garden Green = Green (He knows what he is, and players will too)
  14. EXCITED! Green already sounds like he is ready to take this ship and make it go fast towards the right direction. Really glad Goldy got a few games under him at the end of the year.