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  1. He's been elite this year. Still 2 years of WJC eligability too. Good time to have one of the best Canadian jumior goalies. Should at least make the team, if not be the #1
  2. I started laughing when I read this. Totally was thinking the same thing when he took that slapper. Reminded me of Dahlen in the shootout at prospects camp on Demko. I was like huh. When's the last time you saw a guy use a slapper on a breakaway. That was weird. And his face was weirdly, angry or frustrated, even his body language after he scored. Didn't think anyone else was thinking that, until I read your post haha. Funny to know others were thinking the same thing.
  3. Boeser said he didn't have his legs at the end of the preseason. Sitting him obviously helped him get his speed back, and he is playing well. What is the problem here?
  4. It's a "sign" hah. Haha
  5. Probably for the best at this point. He can learn the game in the SHL and come over if he progresses well.
  6. Ganger, Baertschi, and Vanek have looked a bit lack luster. Burmi has a lot of hussle, but not a lot of finish at the moment. Jake should stay in. His rushes are a bright spot every time he gets the puck. If he can keep building on that and start getting some sustained pressure in the o zone, I could see him earning some more minutes from coach TG.
  7. 4-2 Canucks Vanek Baertschi Granlund Ganger
  8. Corsi is often subject to score effects making it unreliable as a score based metric (Better corsi doesn't mean winning). In fact a large part of the league could actually use Corsi as a way to measure defend a lead. Teams with decent Corsi while winning probably have a better chance of holding a lead till the end of a game. It also depends on style too. Counter attacks often produce more high quality chances, but less shots overall. Depending on the make up of your team, it may be more beneficial to have one or the other, regardless of which has higher Corsi. Scoring chances are a pretty good stat that coaches often track, but it's very subjective. If we want to see if a team os playing better than another it would be great to look at High danger shots Shot Assists Multi Passing Plays that lead to a shot Passes from below the goal line Which ever team has more of these during tie games is probably going to end up on top. Which ever team is best at limiting these while ahead is probably going to win, and which ever team is best at creating these while behind could come back. You could also track this real time to see what your most effective line is during a game offensively and defensively in different situations
  9. Boeser needs to be in a position to succeed which includes powerplay time and guys who can get him the puck. I'm fine with him sitting here and there if he's not going to get that for a game.
  10. Oh lol. Well that was lost in translation. I think there is a chance he could be a home run. A lot of people forget that some players play much better in certain systems than others. The good news is Pouliot played well in Greens system in the past, and Greens system fits the current NHL unlike Willie D's.
  11. We need more offense from our D group so if both become 5/6, but Pouliot creates more scoring I still call that a win for the Canucks in terms of getting what we are missing. Your right though Pedan is likely to be a #7, but could be a number 6 by the end of the year given the Pens start haha. I see the logic, but the 4th rounder hasn't done anything yet. Forsling was a WJC allstar. Imagine if we still had him though. Tough to swallow that deal. Clendenning only had 4 games of NHL experience when we acquired him, Pouliot has 67 so he is more of a known quantity. It is similar to the Clendenning deal though.
  12. Pouliot is such an interesting case. He is closer to Baertschi in terms of Canucks trades than Granlund or Vey. Both he and Baertschi were traded after regressive years in the AHL and NHL, although Pouliot is a year older than Bae was at the time. Both obviously played for Greener in Portland too, and had successful junior careers. They also both had some early success in the NHL. Baertschi ended up playing in 124 AHL regular season games, and Pouliot has played in 114 to date. Both players are also known for their skill and creativity, and not for their defensive play, especially at the time of the trades. It's tough to project Pouliot right now as we don't know when he will get NHL games, but if we look back at Bae first NHL season with the Canucks he had a very slow start to the year. 2 goals and 5 assists in his first 27 games during 15/16 for skill player. On top of that he played under 10 mins in 11 of games. If there is one thing we should take away from Baertschi's development it is that offense can come later in development. Pouliot will likely be given a few mins here and there with little power play time until Green feels he can put him in a better position to succeed. Last year Pouliot had a PDO of 96 in his 11 games. The worst of his career and his team had an on ice shooting% of 4.8 compared to 8.2 the year before, big drop. The good news is that if you look at last year as a blip in play Pouliot has these stats: AHL 47 points in 68 games (0.7 points per game is the threshold for likely top 4 D men) NHL 14 points in 56 games (21 point pace over a full season) Plenty of D men have comparable AHL numbers to Pouliot that are on the verge of breaking into the NHL full time such as: Pulock Honka Lindell Carrick Reilly Djoos His best year in the AHL compares well to AHL seasons by: Justin Faulk Tyson Barrie Shea Theodore Paul Postma Mark Giordano Mike Green Brayden McNabb Sami Vatanen The best part is we only need him to be an NHL regular for this deal to be a win. If he is anything more than a #5/6 it becomes a steal of a deal.
  13. So intense... Hearing the gunshots on the radio is heart wrenching. Just heard the team yelling at a suspect
  14. Not a popular opinion around here, but I'm on the Boeser should start in the AHL wagon at the moment. Could see him scoring 10G in 10 Games with the Comets and get called up in early November. Jake should stay with Green, and Archie is a better 13th forward. Keeping Pedan and Wiercioch is ideal for our D depth