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  1. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Thanks for posting @AlwaysACanuckFan for context, here's a description of how I got these comparisons:
  2. Well it alternates, litre on a practise day for his European heritage, and gallon on game days for his American roots. When he's on the flying sky boat it's pizza all the time. Pretty elite stuff if you ask me.
  3. Lols Thanks for the feedback everyone. Some solid posts in there. I'll try to be different from the norm i some capacity. Maybe running a beer comparison for players would be a good idea? This player is like this beer. IE Dobson is the Alexander Keiths of this draft. Pretty much acceptable in all situations, and from the maritimes. Wahlstrom is the Pizza Port, thick, hearty, a little American, with a little European. 1 really special ingredient in his game.
  4. Hey Everyone! I'm running a poll on Twitter to see what kind of draft content people in Van want to see more of. It would be awesome if you could share and vote so anyone who is making something can have a good idea what people actually want to read about. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  5. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I think it's been said, but someone who compares to Pettersson in the NHL right now as a young player is Sebastian Aho. They both play a similar skill game, with Aho being a little more direct. Neither are real burners on the ice, but are above average in skating. Both have elite hands, and a good variety of shots in their arsenal. Aho had 49 points in his rookie year, after a big year in Liiga and a solid World Championship with Finland. Pettersson could follow suit.
  6. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

  7. Can Benning nail the pick?

    Imagine we trade down to 9 cause someone loves Wahlstrom, and then we still select Dobson, and get an extra second round pick. DREAMSSSSSSSS!
  8. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Wahlstrom missed an open net to tie the game in the u18 final. It wasn't an easy shot as it was a slap pass, but you gotta put that home. Either that is going to be motivation for him to improve even more, because he never wants to do that again, or it's going to give him the yips in high pressure situations.
  9. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Thoughts on his game today for Sweden vs Finland
  10. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    They did a mock draft where they had him at 10 going to EDM post lottery. Here's Button's Mock: 1. Dahlin 2. Svechnikov 3. Zadina 4. Tkachuk 5. Hughes 6. Bouchard 7. Dobson 8. Kotkaniemi 9. Wahlstrom 10. Boqvist 11. Hayton 12. Wilde 13. Smith 14. Farabee 15. Veleno
  11. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    My mind is telling me the Canucks will take 1 of the following: Hughes Dobson Wahlstrom I'm not sure who they have where though. If you want the big shot on the powerplay, might as well take Wahlstrom over Dobson. If you want a defensive defenseman who has good offensive skill and a high ceiling take Dobson. If you want a rover who will control the pace of play and create space for your forwards while joining the rush take Hughes.
  12. NHL 2018 CDC Top 10 Draft Challenge

    Username's: DERP... 2018 Top 10 Draft Selections! 1.) Dahlin (Buffalo Sabres) 2.) Svechnikov (Carolina Hurricanes) 3.) Zadina (Montreal Canadians) 4.) Boqvist (Ottawa Senators) 5.) Tkachuk (Arizona Coyotes) 6.) Bouchard (Detroit Red Wings) 7.) Hughes (Vancouver Canucks) 8.) Wahlstrom (Chicago Blackhawks) 9.) Dobson (New York Rangers) 10.) Smith (Edmonton Oilers)
  13. So this is really: Baertschi Tanev Edler and a 5th rounder for Svechnikov or Zadina. I like those wingers, but I think you can probably get more team value packaging Baertschi and Edler, and trading Tanev separately. Could end up with 2 decent first rounders. Alternatively if we could move up to #2 by trading 7 and a player and then trade down to both NYI picks, I would probably do that.
  14. CDC Consensus #7 Overall Pick Poll

    Fairly confident we will take Hughes, or Dobson.