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  1. Personally i think this is not a good move for the oil. Too much for a guy who could amount to a middle 6 forward long term. Right now he is good, but 3 years from now if he gets slower or has a small injury or if the game gets faster he might be in trouble. If I was them I would have used that cap space to try and aquire a 50 point center and another solid winger. Trade Drais and get a couple great players on ELC's who can contribute for 2 or 3 years.
  2. What's done is done. Our job is to help people who have law breaking issues recover. I say we should just give him a river where he can fish and go from there. Time to forgive our pint sized prospect for a small offenese.
  3. 1. Eriksson 2. Henrik3. Horvat 4. Granlund 5. Daniel 6. Baertschi 7. Boeser 8. Gagner9. Rodin 10. Sutter
  4. 1- Exceed everyone's expectations? A- Wiercioch 2- Be the greatest disappointment? A- Boucher 3- Get traded soonest?(any player in org) A- Subban 4- Get dealt(Canuck, not farm-hand) at TDL? A- Gudbranson 5- Heroically, save a crying bambino from a 5-alarm fire?! A- Stecher (It's just what he does) 6- Make undoubtedly, the most BEAUTIFUL, memorable play of the year? A- Goldobin
  5. Will he be known as The Eel? He has a way of slither and sliding his way past guys.
  6. If we want to summarize it, I guess we could say his play without the puck needs some work.
  7. Peeps are sleeping on Gadjovich. I wish Lockwood was healthy so we could see some competition between Lind, Gadj, and Lockwood at the WJC Summer Showcase.
  8. Wait wait wait wait wait..... Has anyone thought about calling Brock... The BB Gun? Its a natural fit.
  9. My only hope is that they dont send him down to "work on his defensive game" or something. That is always a creativity killer. If he gets sent down it should be with the mindset to score as much as possible and earn a top 6 call up. Will he have a learning curve in the NHL on the defensive side of the puck? Of course, but as a franchise you need the guy to be a 60 point player with decent 2 way game in about 3 years. Let it happen naturally while he uses his best assets to take him where he needs to go.
  10. Agreed. If players dont pick up what hes putting down they might get sent down!
  11. The only thing I am worried about with Guddy is that if and when we trade him we get good value back. If he plays here for 2 years or 6 years, or anything inbetween we just need to get some good prospects or picks when his time is done. While he's here I hope he does incredibly well and leads a physical defence to the playoffs someday. He is fun to watch and I hope we get some good entertainment out of him next year.
  12. Green loved Higgi when he went down to the Comets. He doesnt think less of vets as long as they play the right way effort wise. I'm very hopeful he can help those guys who have been here longest find that magic again.
  13. Using this metric many players will vary in star status from year to year. Next year Bo will probably qualify, not to mention if Loui Eriksson and the Sedins can put together a good season. This is basically telling us in the past 3 years the Canucks have not had any consistant star level players. It is a bit obvious if you ask me considering the amount of roster turn over. Did the Canucks have any stars in the past 2 years? No. Will the Canucks have any stars next year? Probably
  14. Random letter switch Chichael Maput All name team?
  15. Injuries will give him a long look. No point in losing an asset who is a flexible bottom 6 player with good defensive acumin for nothing. If he starts to score then great!