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  1. Malcolm subban played his first game in the NHL after spending the year before in the AHL, pretty crazy to think that demko could get his first start in first pro year.
  2. Yikes I completely forgot about that
  3. 2 teams interested in the sedins... ACCORDING TO BOTCHFORD, so technically this article is irrelevant and doesn't mean anything.
  4. Part of me wants demko to play tomorrow so that we can save markstrom for the capitals offense on Sunday... the back to back is 24 hours apart, I highly doubt markstrom plays both and risks pulling something; getting injured.
  5. Should've called up gartieg and let demko stay in Utica getting play tiem
  6. We better do this again next week
  7. Sign majic (best name) Trade living (2nd best name) Waive Metcalf Erik Karlsson, Brent Burns, Kris Letang
  8. i beg to differ
  9. Pulled the new konecny card today, INSANE SPEED he has like 95 acceleration
  10. Is there a page that you can check who won the day for the past month or something?

  11. Sounds GREEAAT
  12. Just a quarter into the season and already seen 2 stretchers brought on the ice. 

  13. Yeah, I didn't see stecher for the last 3 or 4 minutes