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  1. Brandon Prust on the Olympic desicion, I quote "Way to ruin the sport of hockey even more gary" 

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    2. Nuxfanabroad


      A blast from the past; thrust from ol' Prust

      Old books on the shelf, slowly gathering dust

      No patience for tale

      Nor bobblehead-fail

      He blew outa' town, at the first windy-gust

    3. Boeser6


      Prust is an Idiot - this isn't Bettman's decision people its the OWNERS


      1. Owners care about winning a cup and playoffs 


      2. Players get fatigued whether we admit it or not (and risk injury) 2 months before the playoffs


      3. The players going are also the very best players on their respective club teams so not only are you tiring them, you're tiring your stars


      4. Insurance issues as well - no owner wants to see a crosby or ovie hurt for the season or worse playing games they are not paid for


      Gary just delivers the news people - Prust is an idiot for suggesting such things but we already knew he was an idiot

    4. Stelar


      Prust should stick to carrying around Maripier's purse.....