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  1. AHHAHAHAH who would've called a game in which stroman and maile both homer??? The battery is going wild.
  2. Nope, lonzo is a humble kid his dad was the one that said he will only play for the lakers. Honestly don't hate on the kid because of the stupid $&!# his dad says.
  3. People love watching the games, I don't see why they would switch to smaller capacity arenas.
  4. Tied with the cards for best record over the last 10, (8-2).
  5. Pretty sure he wanted to play college and the AJHL would give him a direct route to do that.
  6. This was a good reply except it had nothing to do with what I quoted and bolded you on... Anyways I agree with you, sometimes the longer route is the better one.
  7. Entertaining game
  8. Wouldn't mind it if it's like our 1st plus a 2nd and something else, especially for a chance to solidify our future no 1 centre position.
  9. I mean I played the bass clarinet and saxaphonr in highschool haha
  10. We miss you in the bluejays thread

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Cerridwen


      Me, too, RNT :(

    3. Roger Neilson's Towel

      Roger Neilson's Towel

      I've been thinking about it for a while actually. To be so active at CDC and then to not sign in since February 18th... I hope I am worried for nothing. 

    4. Salmonberries


      I've been wondering about it for a couple of months now too @Roger Neilson's TowelI have tried alerting him a couple of times already. He went from being a rather prolific contributor here to completely inactive seemingly overnight which is what worries me. Typically when someone tires of it at happens gradually over at least short period of time. I'm hoping for the best here.


      On that note it's good to see @chon derry back!

  11. Maile gotta step up now since Russ is out
  12. Did u just suggest Horvat and 2nd Rd pick for eberle, RNH, and poolparty? Haha