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  1. Let's finish last!
  2. Bud, the only joke here is you.
  3. could someone tell me who our top 5 at 33 should be
  4. kostin gone fo sho
  5. i would join you
  6. nucks need to send 33rd and 63rd overall to the penguins for 31st overall and snag kostin or tolvanen
  7. Imagine if we get 1 of tolvanen or kostin
  9. Says that the draft coverage is starting at 3:30 PM tomorrow, won't be home till 4:30... Anyone know when the first pick is announced?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. cdubuya


      The clock is what it is it would just be nice to watch an NHL event that starts on time when they say it is going to start.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Three things TSN does better than Sportsnet:


      World Juniors.

      NHL Draft.

      Trade Deadline.


      Not sure how long Bob Mc is going to continue for. But he's always worth listening to. He really needs to find and groom a successor. 

    4. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Rather watch NBC draft coverage they got all the TSN guys. Once again US gets better treatment than Canada hockey fans.

  10. Steal for us
  11. What happened
  12. Worse teams usually don't have as much depth as the presidents trophy winners do.
  13. very fun, seasons mode actually gives you rewards now... you can be a pretty mediocre player while still getting a new gold card every season, if you are above average you could potentially be in the world series class where you receive a diamond every season end.
  14. edit. NVM
  15. and we tie it as i grill pillar