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  1. shes at the miley cyrus stage of her life
  2. so thats what an iphone X screen shot looks like.
  3. [PGT] Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    still staring at the TV in awe of that pass by vanek, and the game entirely.
  4. With how the weather looks to be for the next couple of weeks will we see any frozen ponds?

    1. goalie13


      I don't think it will be quite cold enough.

    2. chon derry

      chon derry

      +6 a week before Christmas  up here , although the second and third weeks of January are usually the coldest.

  5. TIL Vrbata plays for the Panthers.

  6. This Team Has No JAM!

  7. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Nashville Predators

    I mean we do have space for them both so why not keep em
  8. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Nashville Predators

    Last time I missed a game Mr. Golden Hair Solid Flow scored a hattrick, today I miss the game and the Peanut Butter licking low life Sedin gets his 1000th AND Goldie Locks scores 2!!!! Maybe I should just cut the cable.
  9. Dorsett not returning to active roster

    Oh man, this is one guy I'm gonna miss watching... Best of luck in the future Does thanks for everything you have done for us.
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. New York Islanders

  11. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Philadelphia Flyers

    Love green but don't agree with not putting Boeser out for the empty net
  12. This League Makes Me Sick

    I really do hate the flames but I also really don't want them to move.
  13. How do things go SO wrong and SO right both at the same time? 


    Life has confused me today.

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    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      its ok, most things wash off 

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      @Mr.DirtyDangles That works, especially if he runs into the arms of a better (better for him) woman.

    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      @Jimmy McGill I have a %100 perfect example of something that doesn't wash off, but I might get banned for posting it. It would be a fine wallpaper for the Mr. President thread though.

  14. [PGT] Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Just got home to see that Boeser score a hatty and the BBB line combined for 11 points.