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  1. I was just going to say I'm still your AGM what are you talking about, then I realized I'm looking in the wrong league.
  2. Aaron Rome wins 6th Stanley Cup ring.
  3. thanks, I love this and i would be so sad if you left ):
  4. Why does it say that the NHL 13 Create a player stats sheet say it's in your trash?
  5. ): back to the AHL Ben Douglass is upset, he put up good numbers for a rookie in his draft year in the NHL playing only on the 2nd PK and 3rd line.
  6. I thought Kevin Bieska said he could play with a cigarette in his mouth.
  7. Gentleman Translator
  8. Hey there guys Been busy as a bee
  9. " Just because he's Asian doesn't mean you have to hate on him. "
  10. Do our junior career awards go on our stat sheets?
  11. With the images, and speeches, you are hilarious
  12. Wow, Only the 3rd line and I'm on the penalty kill, I can tell I'm going to be chilling on the third line for another couple years until carter and all those other guys retire. Then I can't wait until I'm line mates with Kopitar. I wish I got sent back to the juniors
  13. none of us got a cup in the first year I guess.
  14. 25th pick....Just like Patrick White...Please don't let me be Patrick White.
  15. La Kings...Oh boy....Big team to live up to, Hopefully I get some ice time behind those all stars, hopefully they treat me well and I get some good seasons and learns some stuff from the big kids, I'm glad I went in the first round too