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  1. I dont condone violence, Rajoy should have left yesterday. Nobody likes him here. I am just saying not sure that kind of referendum is real democracy. They have to vote, but not like that.
  2. Lol I guess you didnt see children voting, people voting 3-4 times on different places... I don't support violence, but yesterdays referendum means nothing. Considering people were voting more than once, children were also voting... less than half of people able to voted.
  3. Simeone vs Conte tonight, it cant get better on the benches than that.
  4. COSTAAAAAAAAAAA! And just in case any of you wanna see some pics of our new stadium
  5. I am an Atletico fan haha still, he has always had great rosters.
  6. Why would you forget to include the best coach in that mix? haha Conte and Allegri >>> Carletto imo
  7. Griezmann, third best player of the year (lol), out of the best team. FIFA is the worst joke ever.
  8. We are the only team with 4 wins in the Champions League!! :_) Not sure finishing on the top of the group would be the best option this year though
  9. Yannik Carrasco extension until 2022!
  10. Dont waste your time at Camp Nou
  11. Can't believe we did it again!! What an atmosphere and what a team we have.
  12. I dont want to offend anyone, but how can people overseas be a Real Madrid fan. They are the worst.
  13. I was with Cholo and the team yesterday. They looked ready for Bayern.
  14. Filipe Luis' foot after Luis Suarez tackle