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  1. If Bennett is included - and I hope he is - I think Hansen goes the other way too. Maybe an additional, lower draft pick to the Nucks as well. Something like... Kesler Hansen for Sutter Bennett Pouliot 1st and 3rd Adds quite a bit of depth but the stretch drive would be rough.
  2. I wonder if the Sens made an offer for Weise too. The announcement that Ceci won a spot on the team for the rest of the year left the Sens with extra D. And now it's being reported GM Murray thought he had a minor deal in place for a forward but that it fell through either yesterday or this morning. Were the Sens offering Corvo or Gryba but Gillis opted for Diaz instead? Or did Gillis use Ottawa to negotiate a better deal if, for example, the Candiens originally wanted a pick along with Weise? Timing and players seems to fit.