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     another loss to playoff drive  another win towards tank for top 5 pick 

     all west teams gained ground on us tonight other than preds and wild  oilers and ducks are gonna surge up the standings   if this continues we might be drafting top 5  but time will tell at least we got a point so far tonight
  3. Sedin Donates All Star Winnings

    tell daniel il  prep his gear if he  shoots me a couple benjamins  sweet deal  sedins really are nice guys 
  4. Why is Dorsett here?

    because willie thinks hes real good  lol real good haha
  5. legend jagr with a 3 point night  unreal with play like that he should play in nhl til hes 50   

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      jags has more career points than his all of his current teammates combined !

    2. canuktravella


      legend lol   if he hadnt played 3 season in khl and missed 3 season lockouts  hes have at least 400-500 points  maybe even hit 1000 goals   he will pass messier next yr in points  howe this yr  should pass brett hull in goals in next few weeks as well 

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      He's gotta clever bonus clause, of a vivacious young model for every point he earns...Who're subsequently tattooed with a jumpin'cat-logo.

  6. Benning Talking To Media

    free agency, european pros, the draft theres other options
  7. Benning Talking To Media

     you can put 5 pounds of muscle on in 2 weeks  which helps depending on diet and everything  regardless he will be in better shape cant hurt 
  8. Petition to dump Mike Milbury from NBC gaining steam.

     mehh who cares milbury calls it as he sees it hes better than healy  and a bunch of thoughs clowns.  I for one hope john scott is finished in nhl hes  had  maybe 10 career points just because he got 2 points i allstar game doesnt mean he should be in nhl  hes justa goon with out much skills in anything else   to bad rypien isnt around to knock him out 
  9. Benning Talking To Media

    smart ass lol
  10. Benning Talking To Media

    38yrs, 11months 11days 17hr 45min 
  11. Benning Talking To Media

    hey if we  trade vrbata and hamhuis and prust and higgins and burrows at deadline for picks  retain half of higgins and burrows contracts   some contender teams trying to unload a few expiring contracts  we would have 17 mill   to add a vet of two to help teams unload some cap we might even get a few draft picks that way as well 
  12. Canucks D Hamhuis nearing return [article]

    biega just signed two yrs 750k cap hit  for 2 yrs  brings more to table than hammer ihope benning trades him  for max value   guys so overrated tho brings no offense or grit  not sure why hamhuis gets all this love 
  13.  why would van want schultz hes garbage   he won be in nhl next yr off to europe hes soft and garbage. If im edmonton  id build around mcdavid hall draisatl nurse reinhart talbot yakapov but id  trade eberle and ryan nugent hopkins and their first round   for a Young good dmen ( hamonic and oliver ekman larsson)    hall mcdavid plug  plug  draisatl yakupov  plug plug plug plug plug plug nurse hamonic reinhart ekman larson klefbom  plug  talbot  would be a decent core to build around  sign a few free agents and find a few europeans that could be decent signings for rest of roster
  14. [Signing] Canucks Re-sign D Alex Biega

    cheap 6th to 7th dman for next 2 yrs or possibly  he could be packaged in a trade   lotsa options regardless hes better than weber 
  15. Daniel Sedin: The real All Star Game MVP

    regardless how many points has he has 3on3 all yr maybe 1or 2 points  in like 10 games