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  1. Does Size Still Matter? Playoff Team D-corps Analysis

    you want to go after the jets model of big fast mean we dont need more softies like tanev or hutton or stecher. I want a dcorp with bite and offense dahlin would help
  2. hoping for sharks vs jets  caps vs lightning round 3 hope it happens

  3.  Lotto is friday right hope we  get into top 3  dahlin petersson gaudette demko juolevi and  maybe dahlen  all making team would be crazy  it be the super rookie 6pak heres hoping

    1. canuktravella


      tanev and baertchi for a blue chip defensive prospect like jake bean  or a top ten pick 

    2. Pears



    3. bree2


      what time?

  4. Finland Ends Universal Basic Income

    welcome to canada lol
  5. doesnt matter if hes not muslim he was inspired by past isis people hitting other with cars its a trend and in his messed up mind he went for shock and awe
  6. lol so funny hope guy lived it up with the fajitas money
  7. me to caps or lightning vs jets for final hopefully would love ovi winning cup the guys an unreal talent
  8. Bring back Gully?

    he was fired for a reason. lets bring back bure, linden, benning, pat quinn, the sedins, naslund, rickley, eddie lack, the olson twins, harry neal, gino, garth butcher, messier, dave nonis and cloutier as well. be great making canucks great again
  9. we know why it happened its called an ideology of extremist islam that people flock to through propaganda and social media.
  10. wateves i doubt he has any conspirators looks lone wolf to me should have shot him anyway one less nutjob walking around is good
  11. your assuming a lone wolf islamic terrorist cares who he kills its to get mass casulaties and to inspire more lonewolf sympathizers. If the media didnt feed this stuff out to people the crazies wouldnt get inspired but until they shut down isis propaganda sites and terror stuff on social media it would go away
  12. not really bud read his posts sorry if i dont think terrorists deserve rights.
  13. just raid his house and look at his cell data and waterboard him for few days then shoot him in the head. Your assuming this guy knows anyone it looks to me like a lone wolf style inspired isis attack.
  14. da in canada we kill the terrorisms da
  15. ya blah blah blah youd probably wanna give this guy a participation medal for hitting the pedestrians