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  1. ICBC Situation.

    ya maybe take the bus ive gotten 1 ticket in last 15 yrs for a seat belt. If your getting tons of tickets u get on icbc and cops radar and that wont help your situation
  2.  hughes descision to go pro  will probably happen but it means hutton will be odd man out  maybe benning can get a b level prospect for him

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    2. J-23


      Anyone know the deadline for Hughes to make that decision?

    3. 'NucK™


      Pearson (U of Michigan coach Mel Pearson) says by the end of next week is when he thinks Hughes will make a decision.

    4. Type R

      Type R

      May be longer, JB is on holidays until the week after no?

  3.  who wants benning to make a trade any of these guys  tanev gaunce gagner sutter  for a center with offense and a right d with offense 

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    2. nuckin_futz


      I'd rather he get draft picks back in trades. He's pretty good at the draft thing. :ph34r:

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      sutter should do until elias is ready for that spot. 

    4. coastal.view


      yeah sure

      have jb make trades to acquire 2 higher value assets

      for a collection of weaker or oft injured players

      and include no high end prospects or picks


      i can tell that will work for sure


  4. Next yr canucks will suprise some teams  i hope the super rookie group of juolevi hughes gaudette petersson dahlen demko shut the twitter haters up while gaz lind goldobin  push for spots  making benning make few trades i love our new signings its  only 4 yrs for roussel and beagle and they will play hard we have tons of cap not sure why people are freaked out.  Can see hutton nilsson  gagner traded before season and tanev sutter edler at deadline. Lots of competition is good  just please sogn virtanen to a decent bridge contract please jimbo 

    1. Fateless


      I think you answered your own question though. People are freaking out because Benning supposedly brought in these new veterans to provide leadership and guidance to our young guys and rookies, but as it stands, there's basically no room for those rookies to even play in the starting line-up. Four years is a long time when you consider that those players will still be taking up spots on the team when Horvat is leaving his prime and when our recent draft picks will be in theirs. How are we supposed to load up for playoff/cup runs when we've got 36 year old anchors on our team?


      Sure, if the people you suggest are traded at the TDL, then the worry is for nothing, but I have a hard time seeing Benning shipping out upwards of 6 people prior to the next TDL.

  5. [Signing] Canadiens sign Michael Chaput

    woot woot go have go when eillie coaching there
  6.  time to trade a few forwards and dmen out  lets  get a offensive second line center   


    roster as it stands 


     petersson bo boeser

     baertchi sutter virtanen

    roussel gaudette eriksson 

    schaller beagle granlund 


    edler guddy

    hughes tanev

    juolevi stecher






     nillson, hutton, gaunce  are trade bait 

    1. canuktravella


      leipsic motte lind gaz dahlen goldobin  all knocking in door as well 

    2. Blömqvist


      William Nylander

  7. roussel beagle and maroon mean a bunch of other players need to be traded which im ok with make a few trades gagner sutter gaunce motte baertchi tanev hutton in trades for a offensive right dman and some picks or prospects let the kids play and move out sone clutter
  8. i say yes to beagle especiallyfor faceoff wins id go hard after reider as well we need more offense flip suttertanev hutton for a offensive right dman and we are laughing
  9. [Proposal] Dallas-Van

    id rather keep baertchi and retain half or eriksson contract sutter for 2nd rounder pits tanev at midseason for first and prospect louie eriksson hutton and nilsson for spezza honka spezza contract is up this yr and we could trade him at deadline with edler goldobin spezza boeser petersson bo baertchi leipsic gaudette virtanen gagner gaunce granlund lind/gaz edler pouliot hughes guddy juolevi honka delzotto stecher marky demko
  10. edler pouliot

    juolevi tanev 

    hughes guddy 



    as mix and match pairings  this yr 

    del zotto, biega coukd be odd guys out 

    1. Type R

      Type R

      Pouliot is 3rd pairing guy, which I don't mind paired with Guddy.  Juolevi will probably start year in Utica, and may be brought up if/when Tanev is traded.  They seem to really like MDZ, so expect him on that second pair chewing up minutes.  Stetcher will be there too, not sure where.  Hutty will be shipped out if he doesn't show up for camp dominating.

    2. Baer.
  11. Jett Woo | D

    good draft so far keep finding the gems benning
  12. Boqvist or bouchard heres hoping one fall to us. Trader Jim work your magic get us a mid to late pick for any of tanev sutter nilsson baertchi. ty smith  wouldnt be a bad late grab as well 

    1. Fateless


      I'll be shocked Boqvist is taken before 7 OA and quite surprised if Bouchard goes prior to 7 OA.


      I bet they're both available when the Canucks draft, but quite frankly, I'd rather us stay away from both if possible (although Boqvist > Bouchard in my mind).

  13. ovi first ballot hall of fame  entry with this win the guys unreal  so happy hes finally won the cup 

    1. Honeydew


      For sure, he HAS to be the first ballot on his hall of fame year.

    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      He's been a first ballot HOFer for several years now. This was the moment where he permanently erased any doubt of that.

    3. canuktravella


       ya  totally  i think he will play out contract for 3 yrs and retire to play in next olympics   hes gonna chase the gold medal as cap in feather on career.

  14. if im canucks i trade tanev to oilers for 10th, baertchi fir late first, sutter for a second trade eriksson anywhere with 3 mill retained hutton for a draft pick nillson for picks frees up 19 more mill sign tavares11/8yrs and carlsson 8/8 reaves 2 yr 2.5 petersson tavares boeser virtanen horvat goldobin leipsic gaudette granlund reaves gaunce gagner edler carlsson del zotto guddy juolevi stecher biega marky demko draft a ton of dmen with the picks and we shoukd be set