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  1. thing is we arent the states and bc has 4 people in icu not a 1000. im pretty sure virtanen is fine he can do as he pleases hes not there for fans to bark orders at. No difference in quinn hughes going to restaurants give me a break
  2. tre mac and guntrix no offense but people have lives and can do as they please they arent here to be your lil slaves all these covid people spewing rules and stuff going to a bar is no different than going to a grocery store or restaurant. If it wasnt safe they wouldnt be open we arent the states where covid is outta control id worry more about alaskans vacationing in bc than a kid having a brew at a bar stop acting like control freaks its pathetic.
  3. ballard was the man love that guy screw av garbage playing favorites
  4. who cares jake can do watever he wants he still will drive play and chip in like he did all yr
  5. if we do lose the play in round and win lotto  alexis lafreniere we get a stacked   top six  especially if we resign toffoli  


    lafreniere petey boeser

    miller horvat toffoli 

    macewen gaudette virtanen

    ferland beagle  sutter 


    we can trade pearson for a first rounder and  get a good d prospect 

    plus it frees up 3.75 mill in cap not to bad

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    2. canuktravella


      zucker and pearson are almost identical in stats this yr and over their careers   only dif tanner having a better yr and makes 1.75 mill less  soo ya not sure hes worth a first 



    3. I.Am.Ironman


      Zucker has scored 20goals in 5/6 full NHL seasons, he's had a 30 goal year, plus he is signed for 4 more years, plus he was traded at the deadline where prices are disproportionately high. This was Pearson's 2nd 20 goal season of his career and only has 1 year left on his deal. If Pearson scored 25 goals in 2020/2021 and was signed for 4 more years and/or we traded him at the deadline (wouldn't happen bc we would want him for playoffs), as was the case with zucker, then maybe. But as it stands, you will be hard pressed to find a GM willing paying a 1st round pick for 1 year of Tanner Pearson, imo.

    4. Phil_314


      If his play keeps up at this year's level (which, if he stays with Horvat next year I wouldn't be surprised if it did), then I could very much see him being in demand IF  we end up selling on him next year (which could happen if any of Lafreniere/ Hoglander/ Ferland are knocking on the door for a permanent top-6 role).

  6. ya but juolevi can still have a good career dmen breakout later if hes a decent top 4 dman im happy
  7. Petey Hughes boeser gaudette demko virtanen proves that hes way above average in drafting young talent with macewen tryamkin lind lockwood brisebois juolevi podzolkin hoglander dipietro all pushing for spots in next 2 yrs remember when shinkaruk hutton horvat and gaunce were our only prospects. Seems to me that's a great turn around
  8. I think we should have given goldobin more of a chance should have waived eriksson in sept and actually given him make top six and perform or at least a opportunity to up his trade value. I hope he owns khl and maybe comes back
  9. petey is never being traded gtfo hes gonna get us a cup
  10. no way we are trading pod to get rid of a contract are u kidding me if anything they can bury eriksson in the minors til his contracts over. Sutters contract can be traded if we retain half his salary its one more yr teams will bite at sutter at 2.17 mill a yr also can retain half of baertchi contract trade a ahler a teams interested in as a sweetner this clears 4.5 mill in space
  11. id sign markstrom and trade demko at deadline next yr not to worried we have dipietro on the way as well
  12. that means demko gets traded out before expansion no way benning wants to lose him for free could see a trade demko and stecher to sharks for a first possibly
  13. more like miller petey toffoli pearson bo boeser roussel gaudette jake ferland beagle sutter mac gets in physical games motte leivo if hes healthy our forward depth is crazy 16 forwards with eriksson fighting for 12 spots change happens next yr who do you think stays on team ? who goes ? in 21 i see eriksson -one of boughtout retired waived sutter roussel pearson traded for a dman or picks resigned motte mac virt toffoli gaudette tanev stechers rights traded for picks tryamkin signed miller petey toffoli hoglander horvat boeser macewen gaudette virtanen ferland beagle motte hughes myers edler tryamkin juolevi rafferty benn brisebois youth is ready time to let some of the vets go