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  1. whats your current 5 worst benning contracts and 5 best 



    1. eriksson 5 more yr 6.0  to long term  should be 3 yrs if ur paying him

    2. sutter 4 yr 4.375 to much for 3rd line c  at least theres no ntc whew

    3. dorsett 2 yr 2.65  to much for a 4th line grinder 

    rather a comet like labate or gaunce  do job at 1/3 price

    4.687k megna  waste of contract spot 

    5. 675 k chaput same 



    1. granlund 900k steal 200ft player 20 goals maybe more 

    2. burnistrov 900k upside could play up line up 

    3. boeser 2 yrs 925k  guy could be best goal scorer

    4. horvat 5.5 for 6 yrs  gives horvats best yrs at decent deal 2 yrs from now he will command 8 plus 

    5.  vanek 2mill 1 yr no ntc  if he doesnt work out hes getting a decent pick at deadline or we make playoffs win win 

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    2. I.Am.Ironman


      Boeser is on an ELC so there is not much Benning had to do with that. I don't believe benning signed granlund to his deal. Bo Horvat hasn't proved he is 5.5 worth ... yet. If Megna and Chaput are in Utica those contracts are fine. Dorsett's contract is a little heavy but he is an NHL vet and he may be overpaid by .25M - not big deal.


      I do like the Burmistrov and Vanek moves. Obviously Eriksson has a lot of making up to do as well.

    3. canuktravella


      benning traded for and signed granlund so yes your wrong 

    4. I.Am.Ironman


      Yeah I wasn't sure about that one. So on that point then I agree, that is a great signing by JB