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  1. tryamkin is gonna be top 2 guy in two yrs just needs to work on fitness if he gets jacked and faster he will be a force be fun watching him eat 29 mins a game like chara and destroy forwards with hits i hope he has drive to be that good in shape and not eat to many perogies like in summer
  2. pretty sure seeing juolevi is 18 next yr he has to play nhl or another yr of junior only can play in ahl if your 20 isnt that right so its bigs or nine game stint then back to ohl which might be ok winning three memorial cups and 3 world juniors would be decent:)
  3. ya they pay 250k per yr on that contract not as bad as aossible 4 mill-8mill 1-2 yr cap hit thats a minor league contract so cheap they got aslap on wrist
  4. any coach developing him other than willie is a good thing the guys clueless watch green turn this guy into a pro so he has a long good career for us
  5. gross no thanks brown and purcell are washed up no way in hell canucks go for that benning would be fired real quick
  6. id offer millera one yr 2.5 mill contract otherwise let the rookie demko come in a backup markstrom if he cant sign a cheap backup no way miller will get 4.5 mill contract next time unless stars offer him it
  7. if miller is injured marky gets most of starts but demko is pretty solid i coukd see him thriving like murray did for pens last yr hes gonna be good i have full confidence this kid will do well in bigs
  8. im not sure the nhl will be able to guve canucks a cap penalty on his contract because they approved it before last cba and changed the rules on contracts im sure vancouver canucks would take this to arbitration and actually have a case against nhl. Especially when the nhl voided kovalchuks capp circumvention contract with lil repercussions and ended up lowering the penalty to devils
  9. jagr has the best work ethic in nhl since his rookie yr guy used to work a hr after practise on his shot and skating and running stairs the guys a machine. Rodin will be great for this team once hes back we are gonna be more offensive and go on a run when we get healthy this team isnt a contender but its much better than 28 th overall. if we unload vets at deadline i can see younger team finishing between 16th-24th overall regardless we will get another decent prospect Next yr hopefully this is our lineup baertchi horvat boeser sedin sutter eriksson rodin sedin virtanen burrows gaunce granlund edler guddy juolevi stecher hutton tryamkin pedan markstrom demko trade tanev, hansen, miller, sbisa, burrows at deadline for max value frees 21 mill in cap plenty of cap to sign guddy, tryamkin, horvat, rodin. if we get a sniper for tanev and some decent draft picks for the other vets our young core will be even better. dorsett neck surgery could be career ending you never know biega, dorsett, sbisa are expansion bait if benning doesnt trade sbisa before losing him. id be open to resigning burrows next yr at a cheap 1 mill contract if he wants to help mentor youth
  10. cool story
  11. what did hamhuis mentor in the last 2-3 yrs how not to be offensive how not to clear a crease or be physical or how to get passes picked off by opposing forwards instead of clearing crease. He was mailing it in making way to much salary good riddance elder at least eats minutes puts up offence.
  12. well im happy benning isnt trading any draft picks. There will be a ton of trades before expansion no team wants to lose a ton of value. benning could trade sbisa, tanev, one of gaunce, baertchi or granlund rather than lose them maybe miller and burrows to a contender look for a few draft picks coming back. Plus resign tryamkin guddy horvat
  13. ya thats a brutal contract wow snow needs to be fired
  14. ya guddy is any nhl top four dman whos 24 and played 340 nhl games mccann might maybe be a top 6 forward in 2-3 yrs maybe
  15. shows how much better panthers were last yr