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  1. some new shots of northern lights this week and some light painting in winter fun times hope u enjoy
  2. no just no its not happening
  3. naslund as gm salo as offensive defense coach wille m as defensive coordinator no other past players tho in general i dont think its a good idea bringing past player into spots but these 3 are smart
  4. racerocks today
  5. im not sure the canucks rationale behind some moves like why are u signing 16 forwards it seems overkill i know training camp willl be competitive but do you really think the team will be better than last yr with megna or chaput on this team even if they beat other players to a spot id rather lose with virtanen and gagner and burmi than these echl hacks wouldnt it be better to sign a european prosfessional player out of finland or sweden or khl with talent im just thinking benning and linden are way to loyal bring in guys they have history with but dont bring the results maybe benning should ge our head scout and bring in a gm that does a combo of old school hockey and analytics
  6. im gonna put more i to my photography and travlling may as well do what i enjoy
  7. i worked my ass offf this yr knowing i was gonna be off work 2 months for knee surgery i have 2 grand saved for a trip to nepal and turkey and 6 grand saved up for camera and lens plus im going to turkey and nepal for 3 months i april or september next yr soo il be able to save a bunch more once im workingg again ya im gonna buy a sigma 50mm that was like 840
  8. signing chaput and megna means we will be horrible again like you cant tell me theres no other free agents with more skill than these two just seems like a waste of cap
  9. my camera takes decent photos for a akmost ten yr old camera
  10. depends on your budget for a new camera you can get pretty good nikons for 500-1000 or u can get mid level cameras 1500-2000 or more expensive ones up to 4500. my camera cost me 1500 9 yrs ago its indestructible ive dropped it so many times. pretty impressed it still works. I wanna do more travel and night time photography and one with high resolution im either saving up for a canon 5ds which is like 4500 or im gonna wait for nikon 820 to be released or a fuji xt2 we will see or maybe i will go mirrorless they would be better for travelling smaller take very good photos. As for lens i would buy some thing like a 50mm and a 70-300mm lens good lens make even cheap cameras look great it just depends on what you wanna do with your photography and how much you wanna spend
  11. use manual and use manual focus helps u really learn to use your camera proper way
  12. time we had a good photography topic lets share our photos and chat bout them
  13. thanks it was nepal and laos vietnam lol fair nuff