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  1. they are notgetting 4 mill id give em 1 mill bade max with points bonus if they score 40 points 3 mill 50 4 with salary
  2. im 40 ya 27 is a kid
  3. pat w wil help our d woes hutton should be sitting or traded
  4. 2nd lol
  5. ya world champ such a bottom level tourny maybe if olympics
  6. not gonna agree that tanev is much better wats his max points 20 in a season he doesnt win us games hes a mediocre dman hes a 5th dman on a contender
  7. we will be lucky if they score ten each lol
  8. even if we draft tenth overall il still be happy if we an beat oilers sens means we can beat a few other teams so we arent coyotes who this yr are a guaranteed win like avs last yr
  9. if canucks end up a .500 club i will be happy or at least make it hard to play against. Bunch of vets will be gone at deadline. Bennings draft this yr was a plus hopefully he gets a bunch of draft picks for vets and turns next yrs into his best draft. Demko will be close to ready next yr hes dominating ahl so far .949 save percentage is pretty awesome he might get a game or call up this yr if we get injured. lind, gaz, petersson will play ahl next yr maybe even stealspot at camp. I hope we somehow draft dahlin this yr
  10. good signing now get lind, dipietro, petersson signed the future looks good especially when we willget a top ten pick again this yr hope benning aquires another first rounder or two at trade deadline
  11. I actually think canucks will play better with goldobin up and gaunce as 4th line center. Give the kids the team louie injured sutter may be as well

    Split the sedins 


    sedin bo boeser

    virtanen sedin goldobin

    baertchi burmistrov vanek

    gagner gaunce dorsett


    pouliot tanev

    del zotto guddy

    hutton stecher 





     trade deadline trade tanev, vanek, dorsett, sutter, louie even if u have to retain half his salary  that contract is abborent. Play out edlers contract if he wont waive. And please dont resign the sedins they are at best 4th liners these days.

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    2. Baer.


      When the Sedins signed it was believed they took a big discount to stay together in Vancouver. Be glad we aren't paying them 8.5M each

    3. Dazzle


      All the terrible fans that talk $&!# about the Sedins after everything they've done for this franchise and this city should just go cheer for some other team. Just an embarrassing, classless group of fans.

    4. canuktravella


       ya no just because they had 2 amazing yrs 2011-2012 doesnt mean  we should resign them they are shadows of their former playing days  and no they arent worth 7 mill   sedins would fit nicely on a contenders 3rd line tho. i hope a bunch of vets are gone at deadline  we can sell off a bunch  dorsett, sutter, guddy, tanev, vanek, eriksson  with half his salary retained  maybe edler and sedins  will  be like burrows and give canucks a few draft picks for future. Tons of teams wanting to get  ahead of pens in playoff runs give us some draft picks please

  12. good to see boeser and pouliot played ok last night. Wonder when the vets we signed show up to play  gagner, vanek  need to start putting up points as do sedins i prey benning doesnt resign these guys they should retire 

    1. canuktravella


      please put virtanen back in 

    2. Alflives


      Dump Bunistrov, Vanek, and with Loui injured we should see Boeser, Virtanen, and bring up Goldy.  

  13. ovi is lighting it up  guys unreal 

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      I hope this is Ovi's year. 

    2. Coconuts


      Dudes a machine

    3. Stelar


      Regular season Ovi. Be nice to see this when it mattered. 

  14.  feel like canucks  are taking hard look at landeskog

    my off limit players  are boeser, virtanen, juloevi, lind, petersson, demko, horvat, chatfield. make up a package benning 

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    2. PhillipBlunt


      You can do better than that, slappy. I get it though, you're sensitive and I pushed your little buttons. 

    3. zzbottom


      I'm dead inside so if you found a button, let my mother know. 

    4. PhillipBlunt


      You still can do better than that. Or maybe this is your zenith. Only you and your empty soul know for sure. 

  15. hes a bust and cant do a pull up lol