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  1. tanev sutter sbisa hutton erikksson off books opens up 21.5 mill in space plus 18 mill already freed means we could throw money at a top d pairing of alzner and shattenkirk without losing any youth depth
  2. we should trade hutton and bluejackets 2nd for puljujarvi and if we win lotto draft hischier boeser horvat hischier baertchi puljujarvi goldobin sedin sedin granlund dorsett virtanen gaunce alzner shattenkirk edler stecher juolevi guddy markstrom trade tanev for top 5 draft pick trade sbisa and sutter for draft picks let eriksson be expansion bait if not he will rebound from last yr hes not as bad as willie made him if picked we free up 6 mill. offer alzner shattenkirk matching 3 yr deals 7mill per only needs are 4th line c and a backup youth is future look at oiler and leafs they are beating top teams with speed
  3. dont get your hopes up we probably draft 4th i have a feeling
  4.   hope caps bury pens tonight i want caps to win a cup 


     perfect world semi finals  sens vs caps  blues vs ducks or oilers

      im hoping caps can win this yr. oilers are doing way better than id ever thought possible  draisatl and mcdavid are unreal.

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    2. debluvscanucks


      Crosby show is underway

    3. Smashian Kassian

      Smashian Kassian

      Not looking too good so far :/ 

    4. J-23


      I read this so wrong. I thought it said "Hope Carey bury pens tonight i want habs to win a cup."

  5. in all reality we dont really know the purpose of the pryamids yet not sure why theres not a proper scientific team trying to figure that out instead they have this theory that slaves build it in 50 yrs hell w cant even build obe today let alobe do it in 50 yrs so laughable
  7. no but it shows they were there alot earlier than mainstream science has said
  10. regardless if we get rid of tanev and sutter even if we keep a mill of suttes contract that frees up 8 mill more giving us 29 mill to resign guddy horvat a backup goalie and a 2nd and 4th line center and a ppqb dman tons of space to do this
  11. hopefully a team that needs a shutdown center that can win faceoffs even if we retain a mill in cap or we can just let vegas take that contract off our hands its 4.5 mill freed up id rather sign a top unsigned center from a european league at 1-1.5 mill a yr with a bit of offense
  12. fire and bone evidence 150k in caves in mexico was covered up by archeolists google it
  13. the mainstream archeology theories are soo outdated just lust egyptologists theres tons of evidence that the mainstream covered up bout humans being in mexico 150000 yrs ago so this doesnt suprise me. Evidence on giza pyramids being pharoahs resting place is one pharoahs graffiti inside a chamber thats it. Way more evidence that it was used as a energy generation machine but the lame unscientific archeology world cant except that the pyramids were made by someobe more advanced than us its crazy.
  14. draft hischier trade sutter and tanev for younger versions wity more offensice upside sign a pp qb dman resign horvat guddy gaunce team should be a ton more fun to watch. let sedins and edler play out contracts and retire because their contracts suck we are stuck with them
  15. your assuming we dont trade tanev for a sniper and assuming we dont get a stud like hischier. team might do ok