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  1. ya guddy is any nhl top four dman whos 24 and played 340 nhl games mccann might maybe be a top 6 forward in 2-3 yrs maybe
  2. shows how much better panthers were last yr
  3. guddy for bust mccann and a second was highway robbery stupud analytics gm is clueless.
  4. tryamkin was plus 2 with an assist not sure thats slipping but il take it over larsen any day
  5. soo the nhl has a serious injury problem this yr every day many stars are injured with 4-8 week long term injuries  has the safety of the pads not followed suit with the speed of the game?  galchenyuk stammer johnny canukk edler crosby have been out games this yr and a ton of others  its pretty bad

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      So playing the fastest, most physical, and thus most exciting game is a problem?


      Galchenyuk, Stamkos, etc, etc.. should've signed up for badminton instead.

    2. canuktravella


      didnt say it was a problem but your superstars are getting massive injuries in regular season which isnt even close to playoff roughness theres a massive problem with the players equipement not enough money is being put into protecting  the teams main investments 

  6. benning needs to trade tanev before his ntc kicks in for a scoring winger as for hansen he could be traded for a overpayment at deadline. burrows and miller at deadline for picks and a chance at a cup. Maybe edler and sedins at draft will say to management we want a cup trade us to contenders. We can resign burrows miller to cheap contracts next yr if they want to return up to them its win win for canucks getting bunch of draft picks to load up on more prospects gives vets a chance to win cup
  7. massive overpayment for pacioretty seriously not a chance in hell benning moves 3 pieces for him. hansen at deadlines worth a late first edlers worth more at their cheap salaries. Virtanen is a 20 yr old stud whos developing in utica hes going nowhere.
  8. mind boggling what runs through this coaches mind its so bad
  9. mind boggling what runs through this coaches mind its so bad
  10. hall should get ten games for blindside predatory glide in hit to head that was totally dirty
  11. no i wont join dark side the guys a warrior with a serious injury and your saying good riddance big deal hes paid 500k more than he shoukd we have tons of rookies on entry levels it isnt a big deal he probably will retire because of this or claimed by vegas
  12. hopefully the surgery is a success good luck hopefully its not career ending
  13. labamba take your time we dont need you
  14. beautiful thing about living in a free country is not giving a flying f about your opinion i dont particularly care about a whiner who plays the victim card becase his life was hard and blames a province city and team for being mocked by burrows maybe move on with your life and i dont really feel much for tsn hiring wife beaters like aaron ward either i think hes a coward like any one that hits a woman.
  15. coolstory bruh tell it again