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  1. Chris Tanev out 2-3 weeks with groin strain

    maybe hockey god let us finish 5th but we win lotto that be tight heres hoping. At deadline i hope we get some assets for vanek, edler, sutter, tanev. Maybe even sedins
  2. [Value Of] Boone Jenner

    ya i like goldobin id rather offer up someone else hutton and lockwood would also free up sutter to be trade bait at deadline for a first and d prospect trade tanev for 1d prospect edler for 1st vanek for 2nd our center depth would be crazy next yr marky to isles for a 2nd trade a bunch pics for1st overall draft that swede dman frachise dahlen kane petersson boeser dahlin bo eriksson baertchi jenner virtanen gagner gaunce gokdobin lind/gax/goldo delzotto guddy juolevi tryamkin pouliot dahlen nilsson demko team has grit speed and offense
  3. [Proposals] Three Trade Ideas

    id take a first from tampa all day. tanev for a ufa and a second not a chance first and a grade a defence prospect 20 other teams would overbid your price on leaf deal we need a offensive right hand dman and ppqb watch us get bowey or liljegren at deadline tanev would consolidate leafs or caps in east not sure it would stop tampa winning cup the are hard number 1 fav in east ducks in west if kess getzlaf get healthy
  4. [Proposals] Three Trade Ideas

    1. no thanks we have to many left d already and i like jakes jam he is gonna develop into a hard hitting scoring forward. 2. if we trade guddy i wanta first and a prospect for him. Granlund is worth more than b level prospects 3. bellows is a good prospect cant see markstrom getting this kid. heres 4 trades at deadline and 3 signings in summer that revamp team 1. tanev for 1st and liljegren 2. edler for detroit 1st rounder 3. vanek for a 3rd 4th at deadline 4. hutton for a winger prospecf resign tryamkin, guddy and kane july 1st for freee kane bo boeser baertchi petersson eriksson virtanen sutter goldobin gaudette gaunce dahlen mcewen del zotto guddy juolevi tryamkin pouliot liljegren stecher nilsson marky
  5. [PGT] Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    ya thats pathetic when do we play preds next put mcewen and guddy in and smash Hartnell out hopefully im sire jake will crap kick pk that guys a totall sally nowonder hes not in montreal gutless
  6. Kole Lind | RW

    i like comtois’s game and ya having 2 wingers on team canada is awsome benning finds gems every draft
  7. Will not hurt this team to miss the playoffs and draft well

    sorry i still think we might make playoffs 6 weeks for baertchi and bo isnt that long i still have faith. Sutters back soon as long as we try hard il be happy no blow outs and boeser keeping scoring pace up please guys a stud
  8. ya scraps will get us landeskog lol right
  9. theyve made their money if they want a cup sign a mill each lije selanne and kariya otherwise they can retire we can sign cheaper players in free agency that will do better
  10. tavares is a hell of a hockey player u at least make a offer on him if he goes to free agency
  11. i can see canucks suing nhl over cap recapture on loungo as nhl changed cba rules after the fact that they approved his cobtract a yr before cba expired devils did a similar move and the penalty was reduced
  12. if cap goes to 80 we have 39 mill next summer i got hard after tavares 8 yrs 12 mill per center depth sedins resign one yr 1 mill each center depth tavares, petersson, bo, sedin, dowd, gaunce. sign kane 7 mill per for 2 yrs trade tanev, sutter, edler , baer, vanek at deadline for draft picks and prospects sell for max highest bidders at deadline resign guddy stecher boeser draft that stud number one dman (dahlen ) even if u trade all picks aquired in tanev sutter baer vanek edler trades. plus russian giant comes back petersson tavares boeser dahlin sedin kane sedin bo eriksson virt gaunce granny lind/gaz/gaudette del zotto dahlen juolevi tryamkin pouliot guddy stecher hutton marky nils demko if only the stars alligned so this happened our 2018-19 cup champs
  13. Run Edler Out of Town: A Big Head's Take

    shut it edler is a decent dman
  14. virt dowd gaunce best 4th line ever let the hitting train start maybe dowds the john leclair to the virt lindros time to wreck flames and oil
  15. Horvat out up to 6 weeks with foot fracture

    gives gagner, granlund, burmi, and the 3 youngsters virt , gaunce, goldobin more playing time in bigs. I think everyone will step up and we wont miss a beat green has us as a plsyoff darkhorse watch out we beat preds pens leafs thats great for this team keep it up boys make the horrible nhl media eat crow