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  1. u fergot to put in ehhhh
  2. no hes not
  3. rodin is not being waived watch him light up the lamp
  4. i see rodin goldobin boeser and virtanen and juolevi doing really well at camp if they do watch out for benning making moves
  5. johnny gaudeau one day hes gonna get hit mid ice and make stevens hit on kariya look like childs play
  6. alex jones is a hack tries making money off selling iodine pills and crapp so brain dead preppers to bad hackers dont empty all his bank accounts cant stand his pompous amsrican loser attitude
  7. talked a buddy from high school 22 yrs ago  tonight out of killing himself    that was stressful  geez  didnt help  trying to call cops  in canadato try deal with situation in washington state i really hope the cops found him   but he seemed ok when he went off fb   thanked me for  saving him  

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    2. canuktravella


       ya  i think his son  says hes sleep so thats good 

    3. Stamkos


      Beastmode, you may be right, but I feel that it's his decision and really none of my business whetehr he should or shouldn't post something like this. 


      Travella, if he doesn't commit suicide, then you saved the dudes life. That's meaningful for everyone who ever knew him and you as well. You were there for him in a time of need and tried to help him. Whether it worked or not is up to your friend and you should feel like you did everything you could either way.

    4. canuktravella


      thanks stamkos i believe hes ok which is good 

  8. id love to know whats taking signing hirvat so long shoukd have been done months ago   sit with agent  off him a 6 yr deal 6 mill or 5 yr 5.5 

    need this kid locked up  stop being cheap benning in 3 yrs horvat at 6 will be cheap  hell draisatl might get 10  

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    2. Alflives


      Bo's deal will be announced near the end of August or early September to jump start interest for the coming Prospect's camp and main camp.  

    3. Cramarossa


      @smithers joe Can a RFA have a NTC or does it not matter? Thought I read only UFAs can sign those?

    4. Beary Sweet

      Beary Sweet

      I believe it's only a matter of time he puts a deal on pen to paper. He's the face of the franchise right now and he loves playing for our Canucks and plays with heart and soul while putting everything on the line. These things take time. By the end of summer, he should be locked up

  9. always try to score goals
  10. give horvat 6 mill per for 7 yrs bit above what his value is at moment but it a steal in 2-3 yrs locks him up prime yrs granlunds comparables arent comparable he got 19 goals these other guys are 4th liners
  11. then gijoe transformers gummi bears and muppet babies now naruto rick and morty
  12. hopefully my knee will be fixed from car accident the surgery didnt fix it but in ten yrs hopefully i will have seen giza easter island turkey and hiked everest basecamp have some land with a cabin all off grid maybe wife kids and live minimaly and still play hockey and work on my photography and more art
  13. last few days
  14. some new shots of northern lights this week and some light painting in winter fun times hope u enjoy