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  1. What happened with the first GDT? Something wrong with it? Canucks 8 Oilers 1. 8 different goalscorers.
  2. Yes. There is usually a nhl out clause though so it wont matter much exept for Forsling being paid for playing in SHL rather than being considered a junior player.
  3. Edit: crap, messed something up, oh well youll figure it out :D
  4. Dont worry, he is getting alot of icetime and is on PP1. However he is not looking that good and I expected more from him.
  5. Anyone know the starting limeups or where I can find them? Looking forward to watching the game!
  6. Got some PP time too I believe. Listened to the last period on radio
  7. Yeah I'm Swedish and watch it in person from time to time oh and 15.48 starting on the second pairing tonight no points and -1. edit: stats
  8. Im not sure beacause there are not very many camparables the last 2 drafts but if he can keep actually contributing offensively and play over 15 minutes it will be very rare for a player outside of the 1st round. If he can play just well enhough to make the WJC I would call it a great success
  9. Based on just this tournament I agree with KassianBeastMode. Points aside i thought Horvat was way better and that Gaunce did suffer from a lack of grith that horvat( and Manny) posesses. A mean streak, even though unlikely to occur, WOULD put Gaunce at another level and he STILL coasts a bit too much. You cant blame this on hockey IQ. Horvath is just as smart and is always skating. This is why Horvath can keep up with fast thinking players like Shinkaruk. However I do believe all this can be explained with just a slow start to the season and I expect Gaunce to be better at main camp. I do believe he will play for the canucks regularly in a couple of years. a 4th line C that plays a few hundred games is a big win for a late 1st round pick.
  10. Looks like Forsling made the big club so far. he played both of LHC regular season games with an avarage icetime of 15.50, has 1 assist and plus 3. Ans is now listed at 6'0. If he can keep this up he will be likely to fight for a spot at WJC http://www.shl.se/statistics/profile/gamelog/2729/2014
  11. Sorry guys but its not like in the old days when NHL could do whatever they wanted regardless of contracts. This contract will need to be honoured unless there is an NHL out (Wich I believe is very uncommon or even impossible in the KHL). There has been cases where players have been able to buy themselves out of a KHL contract but I believe that requires the club to actually let you. KHL and NHL has that agreement in place to honour contracts
  12. I am also not very surptised he ranked high. In addistion to the previous stats Fiala is currently holding his own in the WC at the age of 17. Even if it is for Switzerland it is still pretty good. Also he dominated both wjc 18 and 20.
  13. I would be fine with trading the pick. Even If we win the lottery. There are always stupid GMs and someone would overpay to have a little fun at draft day. I believe in Nylander but he would be a couple of years away from making impact and we need a top 6 scorer faster than that.
  14. I Hope we draft him. I agree it is a risky pick but in a somewhat weak draft I consider Nylander to have the highest potential and he is the only one I can see as a future firstliner. We have a bunch of two-way players coming up so I say take the risk.
  15. For how long can he play in the AHL without having to pass through waivers? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head aound the rules