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  1. [Draft] VAN selects Jake Virtanen 6th Overall

    For anyone complaining about Jakes injury... he played.most of the season through it and scored 45 goals in the defensive whl.. imagine him at 100%...
  2. Jake Virtanen (Updated)

    Buddy. Virtanen has over 40 THIS year already. Has probably the best shot and skating of any forward in the draft
  3. Jake Virtanen (Updated)

    im truly not understanding where this logic is coming from. on css he is ranked 9th which is a bit of a drop, but youd think that would still be a first round pick. keep in mind jake after tonights game now has 30 goals!!thats tied for 2nd in the entire WHL, the only guy that has more is 20 years old. this kid has unbelievable talent and any team would be foolish to pass him up. I truly believe his upside is higher than even guys like Reinhart, with all the tools in his belt that reinhart will never have
  4. Jake Virtanen (Updated)

    To reiterate, since my last post he now has 25 goals, good for 6th in the league. Only guys ahead of him are all older. The kid has every tool.. shot, speed,size, hands.. the only thing including his game you could say is a flaw is positional play but that has improved miles since last year and that can be coached. We need to pray to get him mid first round
  5. Jake Virtanen (Updated)

    Guys. He will not be a second rounder. There will be no trading down. If we want him we will trade up. Kid scored his 20th goal tonight. If uve never seen him play he is the second coming of rick Nash. Speed, hands, size, shot.
  6. Jake Virtanen (Updated)

    Craig button is on crack. Jake won't be slipping past the top 15 let alone the first round. Big Bob had Jake ranked 5th overall on his early mock draft. He has 18 goals so far and is on an incredible run right now. The canucks would be phenomenally lucky to even get Jake with their first round pick. This kid is going to be a superstar