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  1. I wasn't knocking on Lu I'm just saying Miller was better than him in the 2010 Olympics. Which he was. He was better than all the other ones as well.
  2. You mean the MVP of the entire 2010 Olympics that carried his team to the gold medal game? Who was definitely better than the gold medal winning goalie who had a smorgasbord of superstars in front of him? Yes.
  3. Well that's the thing, you're in LA. Of course you're going to come across every type of Kings fan there. Believe me I know the feeling, I'm from an area where I don't cheer for any of the local sports teams. When they find out you cheer for another team then they rub it in your face whenever their team does good. It's like that anywhere not just LA.
  4. I understand what you're saying, but I don't really feel that way towards them. I have A LOT more spite towards the Bruins than I do the Kings. There's no denying that Brown has dished out dirty hits, but I wouldn't say he's done it excessively in his career, especially this series. Granted I didn't watch every game of this series but from what I saw Brown was too busy leading the team out of a 0-3 hole. I do remember Doughty doing a bit of trash talking towards the Canucks, but I mean c'mon it's hockey, you shouldn't be too surprised that it happens. Also he said no worse than what the Bruins were saying after they won the cup. Honestly, the only reason I say I like them is pretty much because of Quick lol. I think he's been possibly the best playoff goalie in recent memory. Especially after what happened last night.
  5. Just wondering, why so much hate for the Kings on here? Just because they beat the Canucks on their way to winning the cup? I really like the Kings, and now that Giguere is officially retired Jonathan Quick is pretty much my favorite current goalie.
  6. Wow I was not expecting this. After all the drama that happened with Luongo and Schneider and in the end both were traded away. Also, how weird that Luongo and Tim Thomas are now teammates.
  7. I agree, especially since what he was feeling then was what we were all feeling at that particular moment.
  8. The thing with that is in the U.S. it goes through the schooling systems, especially NCAA. There are usually quite a few foreign players on the university teams. So just because the state puts money into their hockey programs doesn't necessarily mean it's going towards producing American players. I think there are a few Finnish players as well who are currently on American College teams. Then they go to the NHL or other professional leagues.
  9. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about when people constantly bring up the 300 million without taking into account just how much of that 300 million plays hockey. Now I'm not good at math but I'm pretty sure 66k out of a 5.4 mil is a higher percentage than 500k out of 300 mil. I could be wrong but whatever.
  10. Population isn't everything. Minnesota is the biggest hockey state yes but bottom line is that the U.S. never had a huge hockey tradition. I don't know why it only surged when the MoI happened since it was in the country for like a century before that, but that's just how it went.
  11. I think you and everyone else knows which one I am talking about lol. (U.S. just incase someone really didn't know) One other thing about population is that it doesn't matter how many people you have in your country, in the end there can only be 23 players on the roster. If it was truly about population then China and India would have all the medals, and both of them barely have any as far as I know.
  12. #Truth
  13. Russia had Bobrovsky in net who's a Vezina winner, so I'd say that was actual goaltending. There really isn't any excuse though for them to be shut-out in their final two games. I'm still baffled with Kane's performance, he had a few assists but he was suppose to be the superstar of the team and didn't score one goal even with multiple penalty shot opportunities. If you saw a few U.S. previews and interviews before the Olympics just about all of them said that it was "gold or bust" so it is understandable that they weren't in high spirits this game.
  14. And how much of that population plays hockey? Or is even in a cold weather area?
  15. I feel bad for Kes and Quick. Moreso Quick though, he played a really good game against Can but his teammates couldn't even score 1 goal for him and now they can't score one in this game and are giving up in front of him with Finland going to town on him.