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  1. Is this a good time to quote you directly so I can rip on you?
  2. Unfortunately some people lack analytical and critical thinking skills. what they see is an injured player and think the player is injury prone. Doesn't matter if they bent over to pick up a cracker, got hit by a bus walking to the pub, pulled their groin for the 5th time or got hit by a puck in the face. welcome to the intertubes
  3. You make a lot of assumptions.
  4. All things being equal (or close) who do you go with? If both players play the same position, one is Canadian and the other is from any other country in the world... I say Canadian. it's our game and it's in our blood. (Hypothetical... Not referencing any players with this post)
  5. Bure came out and scored goals. Linden lead the team.
  6. My first try today. I would be very happy with this as no Calgary, Edmonton and no Toronto in the top 3!
  7. Haha ps: that's about 9,300 too many
  8. So where's draw #2 or is God still resting?
  9. Is it that time of the month again already so soon?
  10. Sure they would. this is something similar to what I imagine.
  11. The orca is my least favourite. Would like to see a stick in rink jersey with Johnny Canuck for home and away. And a flying skate third jersey. Black with some blues and greens might be nice.
  12. http://footballcoachessite.com/why-athletes-should-not-bench-press/ Gunna have to say your dead wrong on this one brosky... Anyone who is into fitness for "purpose" knows this... (just for the record I didn't say "Upper body strength doesn't mean anything" I said bench press... upper body strength means something just like reading comprehension.
  13. It wasn't 400 lbs... he's was not a friggen body builder... And i was just saying bench isn't a good factor for fitness, but bure was a very strong powerful player so agreeing with you... (just not the 400lbs part) It was 200lbs in training camp... when he was a teenager.., when he was older he could have very well benched 400
  14. Why waste so much time on here arguing silly things? Last time I checked Stecher was a prospect... Maybe, just maybe stechers play translates well to the NHL game. If this ends up being the case prospector JB struck gold. Anywho, instead of arguing foolish things try being a constructive contributor; that way I don't have to waste my time hitting the ignore button.
  15. I think you mean 200 pounds... bench press doesn't mean anything anyways. There are better ways to test strength. But yes look at Crosby 5'11 195 lbs. pretty much same as me but I may be 1/2" taller and he's most likely stronger than I am.