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  1. Pretty poorly constructed story. Someone commented that you have included nothing about the season Kessel is having. All you've done to try and prove a point is make an assumption (Toronto will finish in the bottom five overall) and go back on previous draft years where bona fide superstars have been drafted. What you should have done is mention the players that will potentially be available in the next couple drafts. It's pretty obvious that they were thinking that they locked up a 40 goal scorer - and it looks like they've done just that right now. Their number one problem is goal tending. Kessel is far from a problem.
  2. Rain rain rain for Victoria.
  3. big jaw = big _____
  4. Mike Fisher is banging Carrie Underwood wtf.
  5. I just watched Slumdog Millionaire. Absolutely fantastic.
  6. frack Victoria. I wish school was cancelled.
  7. Wait until I get this hair
  8. It's really coming down in huge flakes now.
  9. Coming down pretty good here. Breeze is blowing it sideways.
  10. the side roads here are like skating rinks
  11. Oh sweet my truck is facked so I have to walk to the arena with my hockey bag tonight. This wind is ridiculous.