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  1. The goals in this game are damn sick. That's gotta be one of my all time fav Horvat goals.
  2. What did Bieksa say about Luongo? He said something about blowing his cover when he was talking about guys getting injured kicking the soccer ball around pre-game.
  3. Nice movement. If you're gonna shoot on a PP might as well do it early. Good keep by Petey too.
  4. I saw the wild Canuck come in and belt that Wild player and saw a 2 on the jersey and assumed it was Roussel, I was shocked when they showed the replay and it was Sutter.
  5. The level of excitement is ramped up for this one. Playing a mediocre Minny was more about making sure Vancouver could do what they were supposed to. This on the other hand is going head to head with a big dog capable of winning a cup. I can't wait to see the boys pushed and seeing how they respond.
  6. St Louis were extremely punishing last year, I'm a little worried about how brutal this series could be.
  7. Minnesota were a great team for the Canucks to play, they gave us an intro into playoff hockey but in the end we won.
  8. I can't believe there's still and entire Canucks game left to be played. Today has been a wild ride.