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  1. [Report] Alexandre Burrows suspended 10 games

    1 game is plenty. It's hilarious watching people get so worked up about Burrows for things he does that don't even injure people. I miss that old dragon slayer.
  2. [PGT] Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I enjoyed that one, can't be too upset losing to the Bolts they have a really good team.
  3. As someone that thought they needed to be phased out after the 2012 playoffs I don't consider this anywhere close to fast. I'm happy for what they brought to the team but I'm not gonna let nostalgia cloud the current decision making process, this is beyond overdue.
  4. Tragically Hip Gord Downie Passed away

    They really are Canada's band, I especially liked their hockey connections for obvious reasons but the stories told in their songs were really good. I remember getting the Up To Here tape and loving it, it always meant a lot to have all the songs be good back then since fast forwarding was a hassle.
  5. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    Canucks are in a unique situation with the Sedins being twins that play together, people have tried to spin that as a positive but it's really a negative to be all but forced into having to play 2 extremely similar players on the same team and line all the time since their weaknesses become double the issue than they would be with just a single player. I think once they are out from those contracts it will unshackle the team and give it a lot more options.
  6. Tom Petty Passes Away

    He was a real classic musician, an authentic guy that wasn't overly trendy but still felt like he always fit in. I remember when Last Dance With Marry Jane came out it didn't really go along with the trends which was nice to see him stay true to his sound. I think of him as a Steve Yzerman or Patrice Bergeron of music, a really consistent and quality example of the profession done right. A really fantastic voice too that he used well.
  7. Watching Kesler fail never gets old, what a total choker. He can't even Chris Bosh his way to a ring. Too bad, so sad cryin' Kes.
  8. People freaked out because they didn't understand how good Chicago was at the time. Now through hindsight losing to Chicago and giving up goals to Kane is pretty understandable for any semi-reasonable person.
  9. Too late, Phil Kessel already won The Cup.
  10. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Damn end of an era, Burrows may be my favorite Canuck of all time. ECHL to the NHL, full effort, all heart, squeezing out all the offense he could muster, being a pain for everyone who aren't the Canucks and of course slaying that dragon baby! I love that the vast majority of Canucks fans always loved him and everyone else hated him. I wish him well for the rest of his career but he'll always be a Canuck.
  11. That's the way it goes, you can endlessly work but you can never make yourself have that natural ability. Sucks when you have a drive or passion for something and you can never match those that can can do it easily for free. As far as I know Wellwood always seemed like a nice guy so I wish him well in whatever he's doing, plus he was entertaining to watch. I wouldn't expect Wellwood to mesh with many NHL coaches so that's no surprise that AV didn't want him on the team. Gretzky is the guy that surprises me the most post playing career. He seemed to be really into hockey while playing but post playing career he seems uninterested and just tells the media what they want to hear. I think a lot of people think Gretzky is aching to get back into hockey in a more serious role but I bet he never does. I'm curious if he burnt out from playing or if he just had a narrow focus where playing drove him in a way that coaching and other stuff just doesn't fire him up. I could see Gretzky being a control freak that can't handle not being on the ice controlling the game himself.
  12. Ryan "The Whining Quitter" Kesler goes down like a clown again. HAHA just a thing of beauty that never gets old. If only they gave out cups for diving LOL. Bye bye Kesler.
  13. What the hell is assault on a female, What difference does gender make? I guess men don't feel pain so it's more acceptable to hurt them. Hello equality anyone home! What a sick world.
  14. Watching Kesler lose is fun, but it also brings back nice memories of watching him lose to Canada in the Olympics.

  15. More Golden domination for Canada :)