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  1. Ryan "The Whining Quitter" Kesler goes down like a clown again. HAHA just a thing of beauty that never gets old. If only they gave out cups for diving LOL. Bye bye Kesler.
  2. Finally my time has come, I knew I'd get my chance I just had to wait for it to be official. A piece like this is too good not to be appreciated a second time. I apologize, but I just can't resist bumping this.
  3. It's awful the abuse security guards are allowed to get away with. Because sports teams are so popular the security can act like a bunch of thugs and get away with it, they can beat people up and throw them out for just about any reason the want. It's much like police abuse although even the police have higher standards for employment than security guards. Sadly too many fans don't give a care about there fellow fans being abused by security as long as the beatings aren't blocking their view.
  4. It's a combination of things. 1. The team is past their prime and haven't had new young blood to get excited about in a loooong time. The team aren't as boring as they could be, but watching the same old thing over and over again and the repeated playoff disgraces have worn thin. 2.. The lack of goal scoring league wide is hurting the product. You have to have physical play(which they've drastically reduced) incredible intensity or exciting offense, when you don't have any of those the games get boring. I still think there is good hockey being played but it's not enough. 3. Sportsnet's coverage. When they are showing Messier stuff to Canucks fans it really makes you wonder. The NHL's decision to exclude TSN from national coverage just keeps looking worse and worse. 4. Online streams are probably making an impact. The Canucks will eventually get some more young talent, hopefully the talent is exceptional and it comes soon. The league I think is feeling some heat to get more scoring back, if they can somehow get back to where goalies have to make saves instead of just being big blockers I think that would help.
  5. This was worse in the sense that the player made a mistake. Stefan did nothing wrong he just had the worst luck imaginable.
  6. Maybe Prust is waiting until after the game, then he'll let the Ducks have it...on twitter.
  7. He's not only a good player, he's fun to watch and sets a good example for the young guys with his work ethic. Nice to see him get some credit.
  8. Good riddance, Paterson was so full of himself it's great to hear he's gone. I mean don't even bother hosting a call in show if you're just gonna be a jerk to the people that call in. Plus I hated his constant droning on about where people were calling from. Baker was ok I guess from the little I've heard but he seemed way more into football, I generally want to have a hockey focus the rare times that I tune in.
  9. All the brainless stuff he would do was just infuriating. His mouthing off and not backing it up in the playoff before 2011, his tunnel vision on the ice especially earlier in his career. Other players would get to him so easily. Then of course the diving, all the diving. Of course he keeps up the idiocy last playoffs, yup Chicago sure couldn't withstand all those hits right Ryan?!
  10. He concussed himself on Weise's elbow. The Bruins are becoming pretty pathetic.
  11. *shrug* Good for them I guess. With all the good young talent they got they better be selling tickets.
  12. What the hell is assault on a female, What difference does gender make? I guess men don't feel pain so it's more acceptable to hurt them. Hello equality anyone home! What a sick world.
  13. Paul Stewart trying to make it out like Messier is a better guy than Lucic?! Don't make me laugh, Messier is fermented dog crap. As long as Lucic is producing it doesn't really matter much if he throws a temper tantrum here or there.
  14. That's awful, I hope Zac Dalpe is alright.
  15. Good old Grabner, he would have been more fun to watch than Hodgson and Kassian combined. i wonder how much more he's got left in him at the NHL level.