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  1. Victoria Sick! I hope to get tickets so I can take my son!
  2. I am not too familiar with the OHL but that seems like a crazy stat. He’s playing very well! Good to see we have so much goalie talent in the cupboard.
  3. Let’s hope next year we aren’t even in the lottery, it’s not like we will ever win it.
  4. This game could be for the Calder. I don’t actually think it is going to affect it but you never know if Elias scores a bunch and wins he has it locked in but if Binnington gets a shutout that puts it in question.
  5. Case reopened. Ya do you know what would have really gotten us into the playoffs if the name of the team was Orcas, that’s easily another 12 points for the team. Both Orcas and Canucks are associated with Vancouver what is the problem with the team representing both parts?
  6. MT is just another Kesler with an even worse attitude. I personally wouldn't want that on my team if I was a Canuck but I don't know what he is like in the locker room. Olli is young and injury plagued. The injuries have me worried a bit because it could be a serious set back, but surgeries and rehab have gotten so much better even over the last 5 years so I am sure his chances of him regaining pre-injury form is high. When he was drafted it was hoped he would be a 1/2 D but quickly it became apparent that he probably wouldn't, I suspect he is going to be a really good 3/4 D which is still a position that needs filling on our team. We just need another 1/2 D to compliment Hughes.
  7. There is nothing you can't improve. Just look at Jake Virtanen's hands this year. You put in deliberate practice every day and you will get results. No he won't be the best shot but it is naive to think he couldn't make it good.
  8. Hutton maybe but Stetcher that's crazy talk. It might push him down the lineup if Hughes comes in hot.
  9. When does this season start? I don't want to wish Summer to be over but I really want to watch Hughes and Pettersson together