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  1. If you think your life is going to be happier after the Canucks win the Stanley Cup you are in for a world of pain. It will be exciting and happy in the moment but on Monday you will be back working the same job coming home to the same pace doing the same routine. Then the next year the Canucks start back at 0 points. You have to choose to be grateful and happy despite anything going on around you. It’s hard but worth it.
  2. Ya you are right but I guess it was easier to ignore a few years ago. Now I am excited to watch the games win or lose and the negativity stands out more maybe.
  3. The negativity on these boards has become toxic. I can barely come on here anymore with on the negativity stank leaching onto me. I enjoy watching the games along with the forum but it isn’t worth it to me anymore to be around the negative people. I probably will still be around because I am addicted to the forum but I am definitely going to try to distance myself from it.
  4. Friedman's moustache looks like it was drawn on with a crayon.
  5. I think he should be removed from the NHL. He was clearly trying to injure the other player. If this was a regular place of work that kind of maliciousness would never be tolerated. Someone who lashes out like that over a penalty call doesn't deserve to play hockey.
  6. There is a way and they did it and the Canucks will do it again the next time they play. Why is there so long between games!!
  7. I thought the Canucks played pretty good. They didn’t look quite as ready as the Oilers but it was their home opener they were clearly hyped up. If you look at the way the Canucks played this game from last year it appears to me to be a huge improvement. I didn’t like the results but I liked the direction this team looks like it is going.
  8. Sven missed a lot of games last year. I don’t think this is the last we will see of him on the Canucks. He won’t get claimed and he will be back up in a month when someone gets injured.