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  1. Our AHL lineup didn't do too bad. Jake didn't have his best game and we really missed Brock, but all in all not terrible.
  2. Been really liking Chapfeld's game this presesson.
  3. He needs more development and to improve in areas. He is still very young. If he works hard on the areas that he is lacking, then he will deserve a chance. That chance will most likely only come when there are a bunch of injuries to our defence like every year. The NHL is a super tough league to play in. Even the lowest rung player is an extreme athlete who has a lot of talent, just now there is a huge pool of global talent vying for very few positions.
  4. That goal was on Bachman not Subban.
  5. This is not Bachman's day. He doesn't look confident.
  6. That was a really fun game to watch. The first and the last half of the third period was when they played their best. It seemed to me that LA iced a far more experienced team and our younger guys didn't look out of place. It is still the first game of preseason but I thought there was a lot of positives to take away from this game, especially thinking of how the Canucks ended last season.
  7. I like it but hard to picture what it will actually look like in a game
  8. I like Molino's tenacity. He looks fast out there.
  9. One period was all it took for the negativity of Boeser, wow that's laughable. To me It seems like he knows his offence is already there and he is trying to show management he is ready in the other aspects of the game.
  10. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise that Rodin was injured all last season. If Rodin can rebound and be productive in the next couple years, that's a big if, then maybe having no value during the ED turns out to be a good thing.
  11. I think they better start building a wall to keep those damn mongols out
  12. You made so many assumptions right there based on nothing. I heard he was doing coke on a rocket filled with gnome strippers headed to Mars what a lazy ass. You know nothing of what his workout routine is. He could just as easily be training with a top athletic trainer everyday. If high level ball hockey is intense and can keep his fitness on track from the end of the Utica season until training camp then that is a hell of a lot better than last year.